Original air date June 6, 2019

How to Specify Integrated Automation and Connected Buildings Using MasterFormat Division 25 Specifications

This webinar introduces the concept of achieving a Smart Integrated Building Design using a not well-known American Institute of Architects (AIA) MasterFormat Division 25 Specification.  In today’s world, with data traffic growing exponentially, mobile phones being a primary source of information, and building owners wanting a future ready building that is sustainable and can evolve around occupant/tenant needs, there is an increased demand for more intelligent and connected buildings. With building management systems costing only 1-2% of the building’s construction and lasting 20+ years, we are seeing an increased demand using MasterFormat Division 25 Specification to produce high performance buildings. This presentation is to help Designers, Specifiers, and Engineers gain a better understanding on how they can adapt and adjust to digitization within connected buildings through understanding trends, use cases, and what a MasterFormat Division 25 Specification is.

Learning objectives:

  • Illustrate an understanding on how trends drive connectivity
  • Defining Intelligent Buildings and how they interact with one another
  • Summarize what a Master Division 25 Specification is
  • Analyze use cases affecting energy codes, wellness and workplace efficiency.

Presented By:
Brad Bonfiglio, Consultant Solution Architect Director, Schneider Electric

Moderated By:
Jack Smith, Content Manager, CFE Media LLC


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