Original air date April 18, 2023

Data-Driven Success: Streamlining Your Business Operations


Successful AE firms rely on technology to collect and store information related to their clients, projects, and employees. However, once you have this vast amount of complex data, do you know how to leverage it to improve productivity? Or do you feel like your firm is drowning in a sea of meaningless information?

Join Steven Burns, FAIA, Founder of The Well-Designed Firm, as he walks you through how smart technology can help you save time on repetitive tasks and unlock the meaning to your valuable stream of data. During the webcast, Steven will share the lessons he’s learned while working with over 1,300 AE firms and demonstrate how your firm can leverage this mine of precious data to achieve greater organization, efficiency, and profitability by adopting best practices and taking advantage of modern, user-friendly, and affordable computing technologies.

Learning objectives:

  • Enable the cloud to effortlessly collect data for your firm
  • Analyze data from smart technology to create and track meaningful metrics
  • Harness data to automate invoicing and improve accuracy
  • Exploit your historical data to produce and stick to realistic project budgets
  • Manipulate and mine data easily to improve fee proposals

Presented By:
Steven Burns, FAIA, Founder, The Well-Designed Firm

Moderated By:
Tyler Wall, Associate Editor, CFE Media and Technology

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