Original air date October 25, 2022

Considerations when selecting voltage sensing on critical medium-voltage circuits


Voltage sensing plays a vital role in the operation of backup systems in critical industrial and commercial medium-voltage power distribution systems. Traditional voltage transformers (VTs) of the core and coil design are at risk of failure due to recent changes in circuit design topologies and switching operations demanded by the mission critical load.

Electrical engineers designing systems employing voltage sensing must be aware of the real possibility of VT failure, as well as the practical solutions available so they can be incorporated at the design stage, including an innovative alternative called ohmic voltage sensing (OVS), which is immune to these effects by design.

Attendees will learn from actual examples drawn from the investigation of several hundred VT failures and the application of successful solutions including OVS.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain an awareness of the topologies and switching operation practices that increase the risk of VT failure and the failure modes of traditional VTs.
  • Learn VTs are exposed to the damaging effects of switching transients, internal resonance and ferroresonance.
  • Review and compare practical solutions available for VTs.
  • Understand OVS is the new preferred voltage sensing option, which by design avoids the limitations of VTs and provides additional benefits.
  • Illustrate the advantages of OVS over conventional VTs especially the need for countermeasures required for traditional VTs and the associated expense.

Presented By:
Tom Dionise, PE, Principal Engineer, Advanced Power Systems, Eaton Corp.
Alexis Wells, Product Manager, MVA/MVS, Eaton Corp.

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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