Original air date March 26, 2020

Can you specify CRAC systems to deliver free cooling in a data center?

In this case, yes you can. Learn from the team that designed energy-efficient cooling in a California data center

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One Wilshire building in Los Angeles, one of the most densely connected buildings in the world, houses 450,000 square feet of data center. Organizing the organic growth of disparate cooling equipment was a major concern for its owners, who were working with the engineering team and manufacturers to increase the cooling capacity. The goal was to achieve 4000 tons of scalable cooling, with a target 50% free cooling.

To meet this challenge, engineers for One Wilshire developed a tailored cooling solution that efficiently scales into its data centers, minimizes energy consumption and can provide 260 days of full economization to One Wilshire’s co-location tenants.

Learn from the experts who completed this project in 2018 — about how they achieved the basis of design for One Wilshire tenants and exceeded the energy efficiency goals of the project by 25%, which is 62 times the amount required by California Title 24.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the HVAC challenges the team overcame with this urban brownfield building.
  • Know the options available to specify a computer room air conditioning system in a data center that provides year-round free cooling.
  • Understand how the solution presented was tailored to be site-specific
  • Learn about how you can specify an energy efficient CRAC system without the use of a compressor.

Presented By:
Eric Jensen, Vice President and General Manager, Data Aire, Inc.
Dan McInnis, PE, Manager, Applications Engineering, Data Aire, Inc.

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media & Technology


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