Original air date October 11, 2022

Are intelligent buildings the future of engineering?


Network solutions, new “internet of things” services, open solutions and artificial intelligence technologies are transforming commercial buildings into smart, efficient, sustainable, safe and comfortable environments that intelligently adapt and respond to people’s needs. But how exactly will owners, operators and users benefit in the future? And how can existing buildings gain intelligence? What can the engineer do to help the client?

This webcast will provide insight on how intelligent solutions and new smart building services are transforming commercial buildings into environments that intelligently adapt and respond to people’s needs. Engineers can also design systems that are scalable for automation and energy control of any building.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the intelligent building market, and what types of systems engineers should consider to ensure their clients’ buildings are prepared.
  • Realize how data collected by engineered building system sensors could be used to provide better insight for decisions, as well as to inform occupant behavior.
  • Understand how digitization and connectivity are generating a steady stream of new possibilities for transforming commercial buildings into intelligent, proactive living and working environ-ments.
  • Learn more about optimizing overall equipment effectiveness and improving energy efficiency through building controls.

Presented By:
Matthew Durdin, Building Solutions Americas Regional Sales Leader, ABB

Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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