HVAC duct sealing: How to increase energy savings and decrease carbon footprint

Using a Pfizer Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility as an example, engineers will better understand the need for indoor environmental quality

Original air date November 9, 2019
Climate control is critical in any commercial HVAC application, and the stakes are even higher for Pfizer Pharmaceutical facilities. So when the company was renovating its pill-manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico, it knew the ventilation system must reach exacting tightness specifications in order to control the indoor environment as well as combat the hot and humid outdoor climate. After manually sealing ductwork failed to reach project goals, contractors took a high-tech approach to duct sealing. This webcast looks at how Pfizer quickly repaired leaky ductwork to realize annual energy savings while decreasing the company's carbon footprint. Join us to learn how this technology has become a global best practice for this pharmaceutical leader.