Videos August 16, 2012

Creating Your Firm’s Design Standards and Quality Assurance Program

Speaker: Brian Rener, PE, LEED AP, Manager, electrical platform leader and manager of quality assurance, M+W Group, Chicago

Videos August 16, 2012

Managing Your Future as a Supervisor

Speaker: Erin McConahey, PE, Principal in Mechanical Engineering, Arup

Videos August 16, 2012

Differentiating Yourself from the Rest of the Engineering Stiffs

Speaker: Peter C. Harrod, PE, Cosentini

Videos August 16, 2012

Networking to Develop Your Business

Speaker: Brian Alcorn, PE, LC, Franchise Owner and Trainer, Referral Institute

Videos August 16, 2012

How To Spin Off A New Consulting Firm

Speaker: Mike Walters, PE, LEED AP, Principal, Confluenc Inc., Madison, Wis.

Videos August 16, 2012

Two Paths: Engineering or Business

Speaker: John Suzukida, PE, Owner, Lanex Consulting

Videos August 16, 2012

Mentoring: Making the Match

Speaker: Amy Smith, PhD, Vice President of Research and Training, The Ivanovich Group

Videos August 16, 2012

Keynote Presentation: America’s Energy Future: Partly Windy, Slightly Sunny, and as Uncertain as the Weather

Branko Terzic, PE, Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Videos February 8, 2011

Video: Building Envelope Commissioning

Discover how the commissioning process is applied to building envelopes using the exterior enclosure technical requirements of NIBS Guideline 3-2006 in conjunction with ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005. This introduction will review fundamentals of building enclosure design and offer insight into commissioning the envelope from the pre-design though occupancy.

Videos January 21, 2011

Video: Integrating Measurement and Verification in Existing Building Commissioning Projects

This presentation will discuss the California Commissioning Collaborative’s guideline for verifying savings in EBCx projects, which informs commissioning service providers on how to design such an M&V program, including the approach, data requirements, calculation methodology, and integration into existing building commissioning.