Video June 1, 2022

Video: Stan Everett looks at the future of office buildings

Stan Everett, managing principal of Salas O’Brien’s offices in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina, looks at how new technologies are changing the way we think about office buildings

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Video May 3, 2022

Sponsored video: Trends in cooling technologies

Ankush Kumar, president of SPX Global Cooling, provides details on what to expect in HVAC going forward

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Video April 29, 2022

Video: Electrification, decarbonization in hospitals

Two experts from Henderson Engineers explain how hospitals are setting trends in building electrification

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Video April 18, 2022

Video: How has the engineering of health care buildings changed?

Darren Harvey of Smith Seckman Reid provides insight on how the health care industry has shifted since COVID-19 began

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Courtesy: CFE Media
Video April 14, 2022

Sponsored video: Integrating building electrical systems

Wissam Balshe, Cummins, provides an overview of new technologies in the electrical engineering industry.

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Video April 8, 2022

Video: Hospital electrical system trends

Danna Jensen from Certus Consulting Engineers talks about how global issues affect the design of hospital electrical systems

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Video March 11, 2022

Video: What am I looking at?

Lauren Graham explains what you are looking at when you see the different parts of your chilled water system.

By Southland Industries
Video March 9, 2022

Video: Trends in college, university HVAC systems with John Fleming

Decarbonization and resiliency are core topics for Dewberry’s John Fleming

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Video March 1, 2022

Video: College and university trends with Jennifer Luce

Technology is leading the way on college and university campuses

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Video February 17, 2022

What is machine learning?

Geospatial Analyst Colin Flynn explains machine learning

By Dewberry