The New Benning Road & Shaw Neighborhood Libraries

Project Profile: The New Benning Road & Shaw Neighborhood Libraries

Firm name: JVP Engineers P.C.

Project building name and location: The New Benning Road + Shaw Neighborhood Libraries, Washington D.C.

Type of building and type of project:Public Libraries, New Construction

Project completion date and project duration: 2010

Engineering challenges and solutions:

This project was completed in 2010, and took two years to come to fruition. It encompassed the design and construction of two new neighborhood libraries; part of an effort to revitalize the two communities. Both facilities were also designed to meet LEED Silver Certification and each feature a Green Roof.

Two major challenges for JVP during this project involved a) fitting the HVAC/mechanical equipment in the space allotted and b) the lighting design. JVP Engineers is a very collaborative team and our attempts to solve a problem tend to start there. This project was both challenging and rewarding, as JVP was able to showcase our knowledge and skills of adaptability to get the project done successfully.

Fitting the HVAC, like many things, required time and patience. We chose products that would fit the available space and went with one (as opposed to multiple) manufacturer for the proper equipment. The lighting design (light control) was one of the first tasks we did for this project. It took time to figure out how to manipulate and accommodate the final design, and after coordinating with the lighting consultant we were able to establish the correct parameters and achieve the goals of the client.


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