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It's the humidity Staff A free design manual describes microprocessor controlled steam humidifiers that feature LCD digital displays and LEDs for diagnostics.


It's the humidity


A free design manual describes microprocessor controlled steam humidifiers that feature LCD digital displays and LEDs for diagnostics. The humidifiers use untreated tap water and convert it to mineral-free steam in disposable cylinders, eliminating messy, time-consuming cleaning. Steam output ranges from 5-200 lb/hr.

Carnes Co.

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Ways to vent


Free 2001 industrial ventilation catalog helps those involved in dust collection, fume collection, pollution control, HVAC, and other air handling applications. The catalog contains information on de- signing and installing a dust system, and illustrates a variety of components, including spiral pipe, elbows, flexible hose, dust silencers, and blastgates.

Air Handling Systems

Circle 252


Checking IBCs for damage


A free inspection guide outlines specific instructions on how to complete simple, periodic checks of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to detect cracking and damage that otherwise go unnoticed. Information is given on how to periodically measure the degree of stress cracking within the IBC container wall. This evaluation tool helps integrate inspections into safety procedures.

Snyder Industries, Inc.

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Conveyors with a low profile


An expanded, updated 2D CAD library contains more than 400 files on low profile conveyors and accessories. Version 3.1 CAD resource aids plant engineers with system development and component selection. Two-dimensional views are featured in AutoCAD DWG, DXK, and IGES formats. The library has an electronic format with file previews, file selection tools, and individual file saves.

Dorner Mfg. Corp.

Circle 254


Get I/O info


A free and easy-to-use guide outlines a ricos line of remote I/O systems for fieldbus interface applications. The detailed brochure gives an overview of each ricos module, including descriptions, highlighted product features, and schematics. The guide details several ricos modules: buscoupler (Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, DeviceNet, and CANopen protocols), digital I/O, analog, specialty function, compact, and accessories.

Wieland Electric, Inc.

Circle 255


All about flexible couplings


The Coupling Handbook is a 176-p illustrated reference work that compiles practical application insights. It is organized into four main sections. The first two sections discuss basic terminology, evaluation factors, and considerations in coupling selection. The third section explains the types of couplings in widespread use, their characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks. The fourth section explains how to select couplings and mount them, and provides guidance on alignment and balancing.

Lovejoy, Inc.

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This is not a hush puppy


A 12-p brochure covers a complete line of modular electric Hushh pumps. The illustrated brochure provides size and specification data on the pumps designed for bending, pressing, lifting, and cutting. Also featured are the pumps' "plug and play" accessories, which enable easy end-user retrofitting.


Circle 257


Finding a diesel engine fast


Web site helps find a diesel engine quickly and easily by specifying one, some, or all of the following parameters: make, number of cylinders, model number, power, speed, condition, and geographical location. Even partial model numbers are accepted. Access is free; there is no log-in or registration procedure.


Cutting compressed air costs


Cost Savings with Compressed Air System Maintenance is a step-by-step guide for any plant that uses compressed air. This reference manual outlines maintenance activities for each component in the system, including compressors, dryers, filters, and aftercoolers. Contents include checklists, diagrams, rules of thumb, and reference library.

Kaeser Compressors

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Don't get mixed up on inline fans


A free, 24-p catalog provides useful information on the QEI line of mixed flow, inline fans. A unique wheel design combines axial and centrifugal properties to provide increased pressure and low sound levels. The catalog contains performance data for models with capacities up to 75,000 cfm and static pressures up to 5-in. w.g. The publication also compares sound and efficiency levels, illustrates horizontal and mounting configurations, and describes accessories.


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Train for OSHA


The 23-program HAZWOPER videotape training series is available in several packages, including Annual Retraining; Emergency Response Awareness, Operations, and HAZMAT Technician; Supplemental Training; General Training ; and Complete 40-hr Training . Each package contains numerous videotape programs that fulfill specific OSHA hazardous chemicals/waste operations training requirements. The programs are also available individually.

The Marcom Group, Ltd.

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A concrete solution


The 10 Minute Concrete Mender eliminates most of the noisy, dusty prep work in fixing cracked, spalled, and broken concrete, while providing permanent repairs in minutes. The two-part polyurethane boasts a penetrating viscosity of 8.6 Cps that is wetter than water. It penetrates deep into the base concrete and holds bond, even in difficult repair situations.

Roadware, Inc.

Circle 261


This is the nuts


ZipNut quick-change fastening products have unique "Push-on-Threads" which allow them to be slid into place, eliminating tedious spinning. A ratchet-like internal mechanism provides positive holding force. Once snugged down by hand, final torque is applied with regular tools.

Jergens, Inc.

Circle 262


A talking pig


Chat Mat absorbent mat reinforces safety messages while keeping leaks and overspray off the floor. The gray mat contains clean messages; the yellow mat offers safety messages.

New Pig

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Test network cables


Model 230 remote network cable tester is a lightweight, portable, battery-powered unit which can handle all of the wiring faults of 10Base2 (coax), 10BaseTx, RJ45, 356A, TIA568A, and Token Ring cables. It can be used for testing network cables in fractions of a second, and a large, flashing LED displays the fault code.

B&K Precision Corp.

Circle 263


Plastic pumps go vertical


Literature describes a line of thermoplastic vertical centrifugal pumps for handling corrosive process and waste fluids. Pumps have capacities to 1450 gpm and heads to 245 ft for use in sumps as deep as 50 ft. Data sheets cover cantilevered shaft designs, vortex pump heads, and compact designs.

Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.

Circle 265


Do some hazardous viewing


The Series SLEX/NW light/sightglass combination eliminates the expense of a second product normally used in viewing the contents of a processing vessel in a hazardous classified location.

Papailias, Inc.

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