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Intelligent fire-alarm panel can be configured with three different display options. Specifically designed to function within the vendor's life-safety communication system, this scalable system is available with either one or two signaling line circuits, and can be installed with just a few options for small building projects, or several panels can be networked for large campus or high-rise a...


Intelligent fire-alarm panel can be configured with three different display options. Specifically designed to function within the vendor's life-safety communication system, this scalable system is available with either one or two signaling line circuits, and can be installed with just a few options for small building projects, or several panels can be networked for large campus or high-rise applications. The panel also supports applications requiring multi-channel voice-evacuation capabilities. (IFC-640 by Johnson Controls)

Touchless faucet can reduce installation time and costs significantly over standard models. The 6V DC lithium battery-powered, chrome-plated, cast-brass faucet has a life of four years under normal use. (Model C-600 by World Dryer)

Surge-protection system works on three levels, offering protection at the main entrance, distribution panel and workstation. The system protects these separate strategic areas at their distinct voltage ranges, providing protection at the point where it is most needed. (Sentrex by Wiremold)

Radiometer indicates the relative output of ultraviolet light from UVC radiation devices, specifically for HVAC applications. These units are ideal for critical applications, or where 10 or more UVC emitters are used. Economies can be realized through a UV tube changeout schedule based on output drop rather than fixed time intervals. May also be used to monitor other UV radiation devices where wavelengths are within 240-320 nanometers. (Model SA-UVSR by Steril-Aire)

Ethernet adapter, when used in conjunction with cable and DSL modems or LANs, permits a service provider to expand the functions of a data network to include such services as appliance monitoring, alarm supervision, metering, sprinkler control and energy load control. This new product also offers a way for smaller companies to control and monitor lighting security and energy usage over the Internet. (i.LON 10 by Echelon)

Spot-type smoke detector uses a laser diode in place of a standard infrared LED in the sensing chamber. When combined with a sophisticated set of processing algorithms, the unit offers a very low threat of false alarms. Most suitable for telecommunications facilities and clean rooms, the unit is ideal for any environment where there is a substantial cost of downtime or a significant investment in installed equipment. (Pinnacle by System Sensor)

Scalable UPS allows users to purchase only the power they need and scale up as their infrastructure grows. The units have power ratings ranging from 100 to 225 kVA, all with a 0.9+ output power factor, which helps match load profiles. In addition, the units offer one of the industry's smallest footprints—for example, the 225-kVA model requires only 11 sq. ft. of space. (Galaxy PW by MGE UPS Systems)

Building integration platform ties together core building systems and subsystems, including security, digital video surveillance, access control, life safety and HVAC. The newest feature of the system is a web-based user interface that allows access through any workstation with an updated web browser. The system also allows users to create custom screens for different locations that enable tenants to monitor and control their own temperature, climate and lighting. (EBI by Honeywell)

Fastening system is said to cut mounting time for specification-grade downlights by 50% compared with C-channel and EMT installation methods. Sized for compatibility with 24-in. T-bar ceilings, the system can also be used with 16- and 24-in. stud spacing in ceilings. (Quikfix by Cooper B-Line)

Heat recovery ventilator is designed to condition outside air, without mechanical refrigeration, for hot and arid climates. During the summer, an energy recovery wheel and cooling modules provide evaporative cooling. In the winter, the wheel transfers heat from the exhaust to the outdoor air stream. (HRE by Greenheck)

Heat-loss software assists users in sizing heating systems and specifying boilers and baseboard units. Drop-down menus and auto-fill functions speed data entry. Room-by-room heat-loss totals and radiation requirements are tabulated in an easy-to-read format. (Hydronic Explorer by Slant/Fin)

Dimming ballasts for T5-HO fluorescent lamps make 1% to 100% full-range dimming possible. Because the ballasts take their dimming signal directly from the power line, no additional wiring is required, and they can operate with a variety of controls from more than 20 manufacturers. (Mark X by Advance)

Automatic transfer switch control system can govern all operational functions of the ATS and monitor key power data. The microprocessor-based system allows remote monitoring through a Modbus communications network or an ethernet network with a converter. Data can be viewed using software or a Windows-based SCADA system. A web server option allows the unit to be controlled remotely by the Internet for monitoring and reporting. The key power data reported include current, percentage current unbalanced, voltage, percentage voltage unbalanced, real power (kW) and apparent power (kVA), among others. (Model 2000 Plus by Russelectric)

Duplex chillers are available in two new extended-capacity models that can produce up to 3,950 tons of cooling in a single machine at ARI conditions. Nominally sized for 3,000 and 3,500 tons, the units use direct-drive motors, multistage compressors and R-123 refrigerant for high efficiency. (CenTraVac chillers by Trane)

Roof mounting supports for HVAC equipment attain a high loadbearing capacity through a system of internal bulkheads welded along the length of the rails. Three basic styles are constructed of 18-ga. galvanized steel shell, base plate and counterflashing. (TEMS by Thybar)

Meter-based heavy-duty contactor for group lighting applications exceeds 6,000 operations when tested under normal conditions. Features include options for SCADA control and monitoring. (Duraload by Fisher Pierce)

Explosion-proof motors are available in new rating, extending the product line from 0.25- to 300-hp and NEMA 449T frame sizes. NEMA 215T and smaller frames feature industrial rolled-steel frames with external through bolts, while NEMA 143T frame sizes and larger have cast-iron frames and endplates. (Motors by Baldor)

Water heater and boilers now feature UL-certified two-stage and full-modulation firing modes. Both systems utilize linkageless controls and VFD motors in packages that are said to enhance fuel efficiency and electrical cost savings. (Firing modules by Thermal Solutions)

AC drive enclosure is the standard for outdoor installation of drives serving rooftop HVAC equipment and cooling towers. The NEMA 3R package is free-standing, self-contained and heat-resistant, and features a 32-character LCD digital operator mounted on the enclosure door. (E7 drive enclosure by Yaskawa)

FM multiplexer system transmits eight ghost-free video channels on one fiber-optic strand. Designed for security and surveillance, as well as intelligent transportation systems, multimode units employ 1300/850 nm LEDs, while single-mode units use 1310/1550 nm lasers for distances up to 40 km. (NTK by NewTek)

Educational CD-ROM explains specification of motors and transformers on the basis of energy efficiency rather than initial cost. Premium-Efficiency Motors and Transformers shows side-by-side comparison of premium and standard products and how to perform cost-of-ownership analyses. (CD-ROM by CDA)

Transformer cooling fan is designed to comply with low noise and high airflow requirements. The 850-rpm 1/8-hp motor achieves a sound level of 50.9 dBA and airflow of 5,250 cfm, as measured on the discharge side of one transformer radiator. Fan motors feature totally enclosed, weatherproof housings. (Model F26D by Krenz)

Chiller plant software analyzes a chiller plant and determines the most cost-effective combination of chillers, pumps and towers. The program is able to compare up to three single-chiller plants simultaneously, or evaluate as many as six chillers in a parallel sequence in two different alternatives. (YorkCalc by York International)

In-line ventilation fan can be used for single or multiple inlets. Available in four models, ranging from 1.0 to 2.1 sones and 120 to 440 cfm, the fans use from 36.2 to 132 watts. All fans contain totally enclosed, long-life condenser motors and are equipped with a thermal cutoff fuse. (WhisperLine by Panasonic)

Bypass valve for fin-tube baseboard installations permit zone control of individual rooms using non-electric thermostats, eliminating the need for any wiring. The valve is furnished with compression fittings for 3/4-in. copper tube, and is installed ahead of the fin-tube in the supply side where radiation enters the room. (3-way valve by Enerjee)

Cold plates are designed for high-watt density applications and are said to offer thermal performance up to 80% better than tubed cold plates. Corrugated aluminum fins provide a large heat transfer surface, up to a ninefold increase over the outside plate surface. (High performance series by Lytron)

Duct liner offers moisture-resistant surface improvements that help alleviate moisture that can enter a duct system due to improperly sealed duct joints or poorly installed and maintained systems. The surface contains an EPA-registered agent to reduce microbial growth. (ToughGard by Certainteed)

Fabric duct is specifically designed as a solution for low-ceiling applications. The surface-mounted system can be installed on drop ceilings as well other surfaces and forms a half-round, low-profile air-distribution system. Duct is available in a variety of colors and in several diameters from 14 in. to 34 in. (D-Shape by DuctSox)

Ice storage tank is actually a set of three individual tanks that are factory-assembled into one unit. Featuring modular, internalized main headers under each tank cover, the model also eliminates the need for field installation of insulation, flex connectors, mechanical joints and fittings. (Model 1500C by Calmac)

Type XS fuse cutouts with composite polymer-silicone insulators weigh 30% to 50% less than ceramic cutouts. The polymer cutouts are not only easier to handle, but are also more break resistant. Optional stainless-steel inserts and hardware provide additional corrosion resistance. (by S&C Electric)

Building controller is a building automation component that combines controls for HVAC, sprinklers, lights and security into a single control. Additional capabilities include load shedding, vent-hood and exhaust-fan control and building wake up and shutdown. Units can be switched to occupied or standby modes as well. (L Connection Network by Lennox)

Air system controller provides a variety of tools to manage any system in real time, including in-depth air demand analysis. Able to manage systems with four to 16 compressors, the system combines the benefits of industrial PCs with Internet capabilities. (Sigma by Kaeser)

Access-control software has been released in a new version with a number of added features. Intrusion zones are user-specified inputs, outputs and doors that define a physical area. User has the ability to arm and disarm an entire building or portion of a building. Routing by time of day and door activity enhancements also streamline security administration. (C-Cure 800 by Tyco)

Exit signs are photoluminescent and are compliant with NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. They have also been UL tested and comply with UL 924. Signs are non-radioactive, non-electrical and non-toxic. (by American Permalight)

Energy-efficient T8 fluorescent lamps offer a savings of up to 11% more over standard T8 lamps. The lamps operate at 29 watts and offer an 81+ color rendering index. The TCLP-compliant product is available in 4-ft. versions. (Watt-miser by GE Lighting)

Design guide offers assistance in flexible electrical conduit selection. The guide presents information and diagrams on conduit and jacket materials, specifications and industry compliance. It discusses ways to meet performance levels, temperature ratings, and halogen-free specification for applications such as liquid-tight, high motion, continuous flexing, flame retardant and corrosion resistance. (by Electric-Flex)

Air-handling units are equipped with factory-mounted inverters and starters to reduce field installation time and cost. The units also feature insulated splice joints, bulb-type gasketing and bolted-frame construction, which minimizes air leakage, noise and unfiltered air. (Vision by McQuay)

Zoning systems are designed for light commercial markets and feature built-in fossil fuel kit, eliminating the need for additional controls for duel-fuel applications. Systems work with single-state, multistage and heat-pump equipment. (TotalZone by Honeywell)

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