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Humidifier series features electronically monitored water levels with a capacity range of up to 48 lbs. per hr. Units come with controller-operated drains and flushes and removable shrouds, providing access to the tank, water-level control assembly and electrical connections. (VT Series by Dristeem) RS#1 Direct-drive, rotary screw compressor delivers 297 cfm at 125 psig and is available in pres...


Humidifier series features electronically monitored water levels with a capacity range of up to 48 lbs. per hr. Units come with controller-operated drains and flushes and removable shrouds, providing access to the tank, water-level control assembly and electrical connections. (VT Series by Dristeem) RS#1

Direct-drive, rotary screw compressor delivers 297 cfm at 125 psig and is available in pressures from 80 to 217 psig. It reduces noise levels and is fitted with a redesigned, high-efficiency separator system for low oil carryover. (BSD 60 by Kaeser Compressors) RS#2

Hand-held vibration meter features sensitivity as low as 0.04 mils and a wide frequency range of 0.4 to 5,000 Hz. The meter can be used to monitor and quantify vibration levels in compressors, fans, motors, ductwork and structural support beams and foundations. (Model 205 by Balmac Inc.) RS#3

Rooftop HVAC adapter for replacing equipment allows larger units to take the place of smaller ones. Where an original unit weighed 15 tons, the adapter can accommodate units 25 tons and larger. Existing ductwork is utilized for additional savings. (Retro-Mate by ThyCurb Corp.) RS#4

Mini-pleat air filter is available in two ratings: 90% to 95% MERV 14 models and 60% to 65% MERV 11 models. The filter's fine, depth-loading micro-glass fiber media and water-repellent binder allows it to maintain high efficiency under humid conditions. (Variflow II-M by Airguard) RS#5

Lighting switch station is LonMark-certified and designed for use in virtually any space. Available with one to six buttons, each switch station features programmable buttons with LED pilots. If required, units can be programmed in an active or inactive state, allowing the device to be automatically secured and eliminating the need for lockout key switches or locking covers. (Simplicity LX by Hubbell Building Automation) RS#6

Electric actuator is compact and specifically designed for small dampers and valves. The 40 in.-lb. series sports new and improved features and is available in five models to satisfy a variety of requirements. The actuators are 2.6 in. wide by 5.3 in. long and weigh slightly more than 1 lb. (MEP-4000 by KMC Controls) RS#7

Control cabinet I/O extensions are IP67/68-rated sensor/actuator junction boxes to safely extend control cabinet functions out into the field and locally on the machine or process. The units are available in 4, 6 or 8 ports per box with either 4 or 5 poles per port. Five-pole versions allow two signal lines per port. (by Wago) RS#8

10-GbE cable meets increasing bandwidth requirements for evolving applications, such as enterprise data centers, and is billed as a cost-effective twisted-pair solution to fiber. The product meets the proposed Augmented Category 6 new class E specifications, which will become TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10, to support the operation of 10GBase-T over 100 meters. (GigaLAN 10 by Mohawk) RS#9

Frictionless centrifugal chiller features magnetic-bearing technology that is oil-free and operates as low as 0.375 kW/ton IPLV. Full-load performance is as low as 0.62 kW/ton—about 32% more efficient than screw compressor chillers. The frictionless, magnetic-bearing compressor design also significantly reduces sound levels, because the magnetic bearings eliminate the metal-to-metal contact noise of conventional bearings. Sound-pressure ratings are as low as 77 dBA per ASHRAE Standard 575. (by McQuay) RS#10

HVAC controllers are non-communicating, electronic devices with a large LCD display to view set point, temperature and output characteristics. The units are said to be ideal replacements for old pneumatic HVAC control systems. Each controller has pre-programmed applications for quick setup of parameter settings for optimum and reliable energy conservation. A special feature is the ability to use 1,000-ohm nickel, 1,000-ohm platinum or a zero- to 10-volt DC input sensor for application flexibility. (RWD by SBT)

Separator systems for chilled- and hot-water filtration systems are said to have been created in response to increasing demand for ultra-clean water systems. The systems can remove particles as small as 0.35 microns from hydronic heating and cooling loops, improving water clarity, helping maintain heat transfer performance of equipment, reducing the risk of Legionnaires Disease and under-deposit corrosion, and improving the effectiveness of chemical water-treatment programs. (SideSteamClean and TowerCleanPlus by Lakos) RS#12

CFL high-bay product line has expanded to include two new compact-fluorescent lamp models: a prismatic high bay and high bay with spun-aluminum reflector. The two new CFLs are offered in 4-, 6- or 8-lamp configurations of 4-pin 26-, 32- or 42-watt lamps. A 57-watt lamp fixture is only available with four lamps. Lamps are available in various color temperatures for ease of retrofit color matching or visual design intent. (BBL by Beta) RS#13

Non-metallic fluorescent lighting fixtures are for adverse and hazardous locations, with a seamless, one-piece body and an impact-resistant lens. Key to the success of the fixtures is an elastomer-type gasket bonded to the housing that creates a positive seal around the lens to offer defense against water ingress, dirt and moisture. (NFR, NFD and NFZ Series by O-Z/Gedney) RS#14

Gigabit power over ethernet module provides PoE management functions embedded within an RJ-45 connector. The multi-port module integrates magnetics that support Ethernet 10/100/1000 and high-performance power management silicon To maximize customer design flexibility, the module's fully shielded connector is available in multiple port configurations, including 2 × 4 and 2 × 6. (HyperJack by Molex) RS#15

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