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Control connectors are LED-illuminated for when I/O function needs to be monitored visually. Plugs have a clear overmold body with green light to indicate power and yellow light to indicate signal. As a sensor's state changes, indicators flash on and off. (Mini- and Micro-Quick by Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems) Reader Service (RS) #1 Backup ballasts provide support for HID lamps, which are...


Control connectors are LED-illuminated for when I/O function needs to be monitored visually. Plugs have a clear overmold body with green light to indicate power and yellow light to indicate signal. As a sensor's state changes, indicators flash on and off. (Mini- and Micro-Quick by Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems)

Backup ballasts provide support for HID lamps, which are extremely sensitive to power fluctuations. The device detects line disturbances and assumes control of the lamp arc—all within four milliseconds—and powers the lamp for up to two minutes. (ARC Keeper by Bodine)

Nursecall system is a networkable platform for audio and visual communications in healthcare facilities. With a total network capacity of 3,968 beds—up to 27,776 monitoring points—the system is network-ready, requiring no external hardware. (StaffCallPro and StaffAlert by EST)

HVAC controller can pick up miscellaneous input/output points and perform internal PID control for up to four individual loops without increasing control system network traffic. It can function as a pure I/O expansion, or configured to execute simple PID loop sequences. (Predator by SBT)

CAD software offers a suite of solutions for mechanical and electrical engineering. A pipe-network design module can automatically generate 2D plans, bill of materials and positioning marks. The electrical design module also creates schematics, panel layouts, wire lists and terminal plans. (Software by FTZ)

IAQ protector is designed to eliminate air and surface contaminant problems created by HVAC diffusers. The unit keeps condensation contained, while redirecting airflow to provide an air dam between ceiling and contaminants. (Protector by Ceil-In-Gard)

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Air filters incorporate a synthetic, hydrophobic filter medium and are certified to MERV 11, as specified by ASHRAE Standard 52. The filter achieves an average dust-spot efficiency of 60% to 65%. (MERV 11 filter by Lennox)

CO 2 sensor option is available for unit ventilators to monitor room occupancy and adjust ventilation rates. By delivering accurate ventilation based on occupancy, the sensor optimizes efficiency while minimizing the cost of conditioning outside air. (AAF monitor by McQuay)

Variable-speed controls are used for a variety of air-handling devices, including AHUs, fan coil units and fan-powered VAV terminals. The controls are said to match output to demand, resulting in quieter, more efficient operation. (VSM by Varidig)

Solenoid valve is able to close regardless of the differential pressure across it. The valve also features a coil that rectifies AC current to DC, resulting in a low operating temperature and allowing it to be rated for 100% continuous duty applications. (Valves by Hayward)

Addressable control/communicator panel is designed for combination security and fire detection systems. Offering up to eight hard-wired and 240 addressable zones, the system can divide into eight separate divisions, each with its own keypads and reporting IDs. (DS7400XiV4 by Detection Systems)

Ventilation controller is based on a demand-control concept, utilizing a CO 2 sensor to monitor space occupancy and thereby control ventilation rates. Units are either duct- or wall-mounted and include keypad and display for range and elevation adjustments. (Innovair by System Sensor)

Surge protection devices for panel applications can be configured with an internal or fused disconnect, noise filter, surge counter and remote monitoring. Panel extension units can double as standalone units in a metal enclosure. (ZoneMaster by Wiremold)

Electrical enclosures are offered in a 10-product family with a total 150 possible configurations. Features include interchangeable doors; cover options such as opaque, viewing windows and clear; and non-penetrating harware. (DiamondShield by Stahlin)

Low-voltage AC drives are extremely compact, said to be the narrowest in the industry. Available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures, units range from 6.5-in. wide low-hp model to 600-hp version that measures 13.78 in. in width. (ACS 800 by ABB)

Stainless enclosures prevent accumulation of contaminants by eliminating areas where water can pool. Available in wall-mount and freestanding models, the units feature a 20-degree sloped top and lift-off doors sloped top and bottom. (Watershed by Hoffman)

Access-control device is a standalone, battery-powered unit that is programmable and interfaces with access control management software. The entire system can manage 1,000 users and provides an audit trail for the most recent 1,000 events. (Von Duprin 98/99 by IR Security)

Suspended luminaires feature a nonconventional modular design for indirect ambient lighting. The units have two separate T5 high-output housings and are designed for a high-end architectural look. (Twin-Beam by Cooper Lighting)

Engineered switches are designed to protect elevator circuits, building emergency systems and data processing rooms. With a 600-volt AC rating and ranging from 30 to 400 amps, the product line offers withstand ratings up to 200 kA. (by Ferraz Shawmut)

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