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Single-lever lavatory faucet features ceramic control components, aerator and single-hole mount. Available in polished chrome, satin nickel or polished brass, the faucet operates at a flow rate of 2.2 gpm and complies with all applicable U.S. and Canadian codes and standards, including ANSI A112.18.


Single-lever lavatory faucet features ceramic control components, aerator and single-hole mount. Available in polished chrome, satin nickel or polished brass, the faucet operates at a flow rate of 2.2 gpm and complies with all applicable U.S. and Canadian codes and standards, including ANSI A112.18.1M, EPA 92 and all known flow rate requirements. (Sereno Suite by Symmons) Input #1 at

External disconnect enclosure isolates the fused disconnect switch or circuit breaker from the main control panel while maintaining the door interlocking requirements of NFPA 79, IEC60204 and SAE HS1738. Power is no longer present in the main control enclosure when turned off at the switch, allowing work inside the main enclosure without PPE. (Sequestr by Hoffman) #2

Cable-management system is both an RJ-45 alternative rack-mount patching and an optimized wall-mount solution. By projecting cords away from the user and into the patching field, the system is designed to make the patch cord plug-end more accessible. The system supports 10Gb/s and 1Gb/s applications. (VisiPatch 360 by Systimax) #3

Wireless lighting controls for large industrial and warehouse spaces eliminate the need for the nodes or repeaters required in traditional lighting networks. The mesh-networked system allows individual units to pass the signal on to other units, ensuring communication across the entire network. If a signal is unable to penetrate an obstacle, the network finds an alternative route. (Semaphore controls by Lighting Corp.) #4

Flame-retardant hoses are for safety-critical air-handling applications such as ventilation, filtering and fume evacuation withstanding service temperatures from -40°F to 250°F. Several types are available, including flexible one- and two-ply polyester neoprene-coated hose reinforced with a wire helix in 1- to 24-in. diameters. (by Hi-Tech Duravent) #5

Wireless access point enclosures are designed for mounting access points in combination with low-profile antennas for various wireless configurations. The enclosures provide protection against tampering and theft with keyed locks. Pre-positioned knockouts accommodate antenna, mounting, LED window and conduit to eliminate unnecessary holes.(PanZone by Panduit) #6

Cooling unit provides air conditioning for wiring closets and server rooms. The 12-in.-wide half-rack units deliver up to 7 kW of localized cooling capacity. Placing units right next to the heat load reduces energy costs by removing heat at the source that would otherwise require greater fan horsepower over longer distances of ductwork. (InfraStruXure InRow SC by APC) #7

Duct gaskets are one-piece designs available in several stock configurations and custom sizes. Innovative die-cut square and rectangular scissor gaskets can be custom- made to fit any specified size opening. Circle gaskets are available from 4 in. to 24 in. inside diameter. The gaskets offer a gap-free seal on ductwork. (by Stik-II Products) #8

Exit sign offers a slim profile in numerous finishes. With 120/277 dual-voltage input, surge protection and self-diagnostics, illumination levels exceed 70 cd/m2 with the use of high- intensity, long-life LEDs. The units are listed to UL 924 standards and meet or exceed performance criteria of NFPA, IBC, NEC, BOCA and OSHA. (Caliber series by Chloride) #9

Notification appliances are offered in several recently introduced models, including wall-mount horns, strobes, horn/strobes, chimes and chime strobes. Features include eleven field-selectable candelas on wall and ceiling products and a rotary switch for horn tone selection. (SpectrAlert by System Sensor) #10

Piping manifold is designed for multi-unit facilities with individual water heaters. Because the unit is designed for dedicated lines from the water heater to each fixture, hot water is delivered faster to the fixture and less hot water is left to cool in the pipes. The manifold accepts a variety of piping material including PEX, Copper, CPVC, and PB. (QickPort by Zurn) #11

Water heaters are high-efficiency and said to offer 96% thermal efficiency for large commercial applications. The units have 130-gal. storage capability and 300,000 or 399,000 BTU inputs. Models are available in both natural and LP gas. (Ultra Force by State Water Heaters) #12

Scroll expander is designed for expansion generators used to convert waste heat energy from the exhaust gases or liquid cooling systems of internal combustion engines, fuel cells, solar collectors and similar devices. With an expansion ratio of 4.6:1 and displacement of 12 cc/rev., the expander is rated up to 1 kW, based on a maximum inlet pressure of 13.5 bar/200 psig. (by Air Squared) #13

AC wall system uses a UVC lamp mounted directly to the outside of the unit so that it does not interfere with any internal parts. Available for 120/240 volt at 50/60 Hertz, the system allows the power supply cable to plug directly into the wall outlet. (Eliminator by American Ultraviolet) #14

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