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TRANSIENT PROTECTION. The CRITEC SLP1-RJ11 for industrial equipment connects to telecommunications lines by a hybrid, multi-stage clamping circuit. Erico Circle 464UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY with all-digital DSP controls is a 3-phase model in sizes from 30 to 130 kVA. The Npower unit is said to be ideal for data centers, because it uses online double-conversion technology for isolation ...


TRANSIENT PROTECTION . The CRITEC SLP1-RJ11 for industrial equipment connects to telecommunications lines by a hybrid, multi-stage clamping circuit. Erico

UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY with all-digital DSP controls is a 3-phase model in sizes from 30 to 130 kVA. The Npower unit is said to be ideal for data centers, because it uses online double-conversion technology for isolation from sources of problems. Liebert Corp.

INTELLIGENT SWITCH allows digital static-transfer switches to provide reliable, seamless power transfers. The new technology maximizes load reliability for mission-critical uses. Cyberex

MICROTURBINE is available in 70-kW model but will eventually range up to 250 kW. The PowerWorks unit has built-in cogen capabilities and a recuperator that captures energy otherwise lost in exhaust. Ingersoll

CURBSIDE GENERATORS are 7.5-kW DC units. AlphaGen line is said to provide nearly 50% more power than previous units but with the same low audible noise. Alpha Technologies

SUBMETERING CATALOG highlights submetering equipment including load profiling, demand meters and records. E-MON Corp.

CONTROL GENSETS have a footprint that is almost 90% smaller than previous options. The 7700 series Power Control System offers digital control of multiple engine-generator sets. ASCO Power Technologies

AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH is available in single-operator and dual-operator versions in 2-, 3- or 4-pole configurations for 600-volt applications. UL-listed through 4,000A and is SCADA-capable. Russelectric Inc.

STEP-DOWN CONTROL TRANSFORMER generates less heat than conventional types, and is also smaller and lighter. Toroid Corp.

PARALLELING SWITCHGEAR parallels one genset with the utility in base-load, peak-shaving, import-export or zero-power-transformer mode. Several can be combined. Encorp

SWITCHGEAR UPGRADES are an alternative to buying switchgear. Turnkey engineering service provides instrumentation, relaying and communication devices. Grand Eagle, Inc.

MULTI-SOURCE SWITCH can switch a single load between three available sources of power—multiple utilities, multiple gensets or a combination of the two. GE Zenith Controls

ULTRA-COMPACT UPS offers backup power for workstations and servers and now comes in packages up to 50% smaller and lighter. MGE UPS Systems

POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT is designed for use with UPS units in data centers. The PDU needs little space and, with front access, eliminates the need for "white space" for maintenance and service. APC

SURGE INFO BROCHURE explains how to prevent electrical surges from damaging manufacturing facilities. Difference between SPD and UPS is also discussed. Current Technology

POWER CONDITIONER is said to be the first such unit to help reduce voltage sags and maintain uptime. The unit is also built to require zero maintenance. Eaton/Cutler-Hammer

BUS SHIELD TVSS provides level-2 protection from voltage surges and spikes before they enter busway runs. Available in 60, 100, 160 and 225 amps. Universal Electric

METAL-CLAD SWITCHGEAR is a medium-voltage model that is the first to be globally compliant. Siemens Power T&D

CLAMP METER can be used as a tester, multimeter or clamp meter. The clean power indictator on the 200-amp 700 series shows green if less than 5% THD is present. Ideal Industries

UPS HELPER works with battery-powered UPS units to correct for all short-duration sags and interruptions. Minimizes battery cycling. SoftSwitching Technologies

ARC TERMINATOR device protects medium-voltage metal-clad switchgear from open arcing faults. Arcs are extinguished within less than one-quarter of a cycle. Square D

SURGE PROTECTION DEVICE is designed for safety and compact size. The Visor Series is said to feature unprecedented monitoring options. Eaton/Cutler-Hammer

DRY-TYPE TRANSFORMERS for hazardous locations is available in single-phase (to 100 kVA) and three-phase (to 150 kVA) models. Olsun Electrics

GAS GENERATORS range in output from 30 to 100 kW. The RZG line of industrial/commercial gensets has an integrated throttle body and can operate on natural gas and LP. Kohler Power Systems

LEAN-BURN ENGINE is a 12-cylinder gas engine. The VHP Series Four L5774LT features a turbocharger that's been specifically matched for gas compression use. Waukesha Engine

12-HOUR UPS uses extended battery modules. The Powerware 5125 unit can provide up to 12 hours of backup time for systems ranging from 1 to 3 kVA. Invensys

PLUGS AND CONNECTORS contain a pre-wired power light that is said to be ideal for any workplace in which quick visual identification of power status will enhance safety or productivity. Leviton Manufacturing

PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT delivers real-time power quality data. Palm PQ is said to be the first software to graphically display recorder data on PDAs. Power Monitors, Inc.

CURRENT SENSORS are single-phase, AC window-current. The ECSW Series has adjustable overcurrent and undercurrent trip points ranging from 0.5 to 50 amps. Entrelec/SSAC

From Pure Power, Spring 2002.

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