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Integrated enterprise system for physical and electronic security includes access control, CCTV, fire systems, imaging, photo badging and building management. Based on a cross-platform OPC, the system allows all components to easily exchange data and work together. (Building Integration System by Bosch) RS#1 Energy meter is a direct-communicating, BACnet MS/TP model for industrial and commercia...


Integrated enterprise system for physical and electronic security includes access control, CCTV, fire systems, imaging, photo badging and building management. Based on a cross-platform OPC, the system allows all components to easily exchange data and work together. (Building Integration System by Bosch) RS#1

Energy meter is a direct-communicating, BACnet MS/TP model for industrial and commercial applications. The unit has a patented, industrial-grade split-core CT that eliminates the need to remove electrical conductors, reducing installation time. (by Veris Industries) RS#2

Insulation-testing multimeters combine a 1-kV digital insulation tester with a full-featured true-RMS digital multimeter into a single hand-held device that weighs 1 lb. and fits into a toolbox or onto a tool belt. Other features include AC/DC voltage, AC/DC milliamps and DC millivolts. (Models 1587 and 1577 by Fluke Corp.) RS#3

Calibrated balance valves have positive shut-off, memory stop, drain connection, velocity-head recovery and proportional balance. Additional features include a variable-orifice flow meter, valve calculator and readout valves. (Circuit Setter Plus Calibrated Balance Valves by Bell & Gossett) RS#4

Indirect pool heaters use flexible water-tube technology and have inputs from 350,000 to 8,000,000 BTU/h. They are available in sizes from 16 ft. × 36 ft. to 100 ft. × 150 ft. The heaters include an all-copper heat exchanger, an atmospheric gas-fired and forced-draft gas heater and oil and dual-fuel fired heaters. (by Bryan Steam LLC) RS#5

Flow-control valve is manually operated, features a needle plug and a diaphragm that isolates moving parts, and has a PTFE seal. The valve has no wetted threads or particle generation and is ideal for HP chemical processing and CMP applications. (NVM Series by Asahi/America Inc.) RS#6

Access-control system manages up to 225 different admission levels and entry points, while communicating securely via the Internet. The system is fully scalable to meet the needs of a variety of facilities and has the flexibility to link multiple sites together under one system. (iAccess by Synergistics, Inc.) RS#7

Panel-mounted air conditioner is designed to cool the interiors of electronic cabinets. With a capacity of 6,000 BTU/h, it is said to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Other features include an EMI/RFI suppressor, low-temperature-control thermostat and a condenser-impeller speed controller for efficient and quiet operation. (Profile Series 43 by Kooltronic, Inc.) RS#8

Zone presence sensor has strong detection capabilities because it utilizes optical-image-comparison technology. Features include adjustable settings for the detection zone, setback-time delay, power through DC or AC voltage, mounting in a range of heights and backward compatibility with the sensor's original series. (ZPS200 by Phoenix Controls) RS#9

Cold cathode lamps are available in decorative and flame-tip options, in 3- and 5-watt models. Lamps last an average of 25,000 hours and are recommended for rapid-cycle applications. The lamps replace 15- and 20-watt incandescent lamps and are said to save up to 17 watts per bulb. They are available in clear, frosted, warm white and white. (by TCP) RS#10

Recessed uplights are wall-mounted to provide indirect lighting via a lens system that distributes asymmetric light across a ceiling area. A horizontal diffuser acts as a safety glass and computer-designed, glare-free darklight reflectors provide visual comfort. The luminaire are intended to be mounted above eye level with a minimum offset of one meter from the ceiling to ensure uniformity. (Atrium Uplights from ERCO) RS#11

Closed-cell insulation is described in brochure that explains why avoiding moisture in insulating materials is critical to maintaining an efficient and mold-free HVAC system. The brochure describes the science behind closed-cell insulation and how it performs in moisture control while eliminating fibers from the airstream. (by Armacell LLC) RS#12

OPC weblink acts as a user interface for OPC systems and has been updated to include scheduled refresh and archival reports that export to Excel and real-time web updates from multiple sources, with an unlimited tag count. (by ASI Controls) RS#13

Thermoelectric air conditioner has no compressor, refrigerants or filters. Instead, the 140-lb. system uses a built-in, adjustable electronic thermostat, high-performance nickel-plated heat sinks and an integral condensate drip pan to cool large electronics packages, offering a 2,500 BTU/h rating and suitable for use in operating environments up to 140°F. (by EIC Solutions Inc.) RS#14

Power connectors are said to be 50% smaller and lighter than competitive products. The connectors are designed to provide safe and dependable power interconnects in portable equipment of any type, especially in demanding applications. The product line includes plugs and receptacles from 30 amps to 400 amps at 600 volts. (Neptune by Amphenol) RS#15

HVAC analysis software has been upgraded to include an improved user interface, and pricing for more than 50,000 HVAC parts. The software is ideal for use by design-build contracting and engineering firms who automate their entire work flow. (by Carmel Software) RS#16

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