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SURGE SUPPRESSOR for overvoltage protection of industrial electronics offers a choice of two technologies: MOV and diode. MOV is an economical way to suppress transients. Computer-matched high-power cell diodes in array provides low clamping with high surge current ratings. Cooper Bussmann Circle 456 POWER SUPPLY eliminates noise from unbalanced AC power lines.


SURGE SUPPRESSOR for overvoltage protection of industrial electronics offers a choice of two technologies: MOV and diode. MOV is an economical way to suppress transients. Computer-matched high-power cell diodes in array provides low clamping with high surge current ratings. Cooper Bussmann

POWER SUPPLY eliminates noise from unbalanced AC power lines. The BP-30 system reduces common mode noise by 60 dB. Maximum power is 1,000 watts with input and output voltages of 120 volts, 60 Hz. A 240-volt version is available. Alpha-Core

SURGE PROTECTOR for data centers offers protection at the main service panel. The 600/800 XT series protects all modes via multiple, heavy-duty surge-current paths, and solid bus bar construction allows minimal impedance and enhances current sharing. Each 40-mm MOV is individually monitored and thermally protected. MCG

SURGE SUPPRESSION DEVICES are available in two models, each featuring all-mode protection, thermally-protected MOVs for maximum safety, EMI/RFI filtration, a NEMA-4 enclosure and a five-year product warranty. The F20 Series features LED indicator light and can handle loads up to 20 amps. Intermatic

MINI POWER SUPPLY is a space-saving solution for supplying power to small electronic circuits in automation, measurement and control systems. The 0.75-in. wide profile allows it to be used anywhere, with capacity to convert a wide range of input voltages to 24-volt DC output. Acme Electric

POWER GENERATION PACKAGE consists of a walk-in, sound-attenuated enclosure with a 2-MW generator set. Also includes an internally-mounted, integrally-insulated exhaust silencer, a floor-standing circuit breaker enclosure, batteries and a charger, as well as a fuel-tank or structural-steel base. The standard electrical package consists of lights, receptacles, heater and low-voltage distribution panel. Caterpillar

ATS CONTROL SYSTEM manages the operational functions of automatic transfer switches, plus offers the ability to monitor key power data. Makes possible remote monitoring through a Modbus RTU communications network or through an Ethernet with a converter. With web-server option, the system can also offer Internet-based remote monitoring and reporting. Russelectric

GAS TURBINE is an updated version of the earlier Frame 6FA model. New model offers 9.2% increase in output and a heat rate improvement of 2.7%. The unit offers an output of 75.9 MW and 35% efficiency in simple-cycle applications, 117.7 MW and 54.7% efficiency in combined-cycle. GE Power Systems

RECLOSER CONTROL can be used in conjunction with TriMod 100 single-phase recloser. PowerMAX controls are microprocessor-based and capable of recording the 20 most recent power events. Contains a lithium clock battery to maintain accurate time and date stamping. Joslyn Hi-Voltage

UNDERGROUND DISTRIBUTION SWITCHGEAR is a manhole-style model with standard three-pole load-interrupter switch. The 29.5-in. cylindrical, stainless-steel tank is completely sealed and insulated with SF6 gas. Cable entrance and exit is via 600-amp bushings or optional 200-amp bushing wells. Available through 15.5 kV at 630-amps continuous. S&C Electric

MONITORING SYSTEM performs insulation power factor measurements on bushings of power transformers, current transformers, circuit breakers and other electrical apparatus. Tests are performed with no outages—at rated voltage with no input requirement—in less than five minutes. AVO International

PRODUCT CATALOG is a comprehensive overview of automation components product lines. It shows the application of IEC terminal blocks, compact power supplies, industrial relays, interface modules, circuit breakers, sensors and marking systems. ASI

HIGH RESISTANCE GROUNDING package features resistor elements that are wound from a special stainless-steel alloy. The system allows a process to continue until its completion and the user to monitor the system and clear a fault at a convenient time. Voltmeter and ammeter are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. Post Glover

POWER QUALITY GUIDE is a primer for non-technical audiences. Guide to Power Quality discusses how power quality can affect computers, machinery and other costly assets. It also gives an overview of the protective equipment available. Staco Energy

POWER SYSTEMS SOFTWARE has been released in a new version that features load flow, short circuit analysis, reliability analysis, integrated overcurrent protective device coordination and harmonic analysis. Adviser Reliability Workstation can be used by industrial engineers for system planning, reliability improvement and power quality correction. Cooper Power Systems

GROUND RESISTANCE TESTERS perform ground and soil resistivity tests, and can measure from 0 to 2,000 ohms. Models 4620 and 4630 are direct-reading and designed to reject high levels of noise and interference to supply an accurate measurement. AEMC

SURGE-PROTECTION MODULE features snap-in modular design protection of security, life-safety and low-voltage applications. When the unit has sacrificed itself to protect a device, an indicator light tells technicians that the module needs to be replaced. When a spike occurs, the unit responds in less than one nanosecond. Ditek

STATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR corrects voltage sags in 1/4 to 1/2 cycle or less. The MV-SVR system can boost load voltages from as low as 55% of nominal to above 90% during sags caused by faults in the utility distribution grid or transmission system. Satcon

POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT is a portable model that is designed for generator, emergency power and other temporary applications. Features NEMA-rated breaker load panel with switch-rated receptacles, and a power capacity from 20 to 600 amps. Meltric

POWER LOGGER is a self-contained instrument that can measure both power consumption of a device and the resulting equipment output. The HLP-10 logs AC voltage, current and power-up to 26 power-related parameters. At the same time, the unit allows the addition of standard industrial sensors. Logic Beach

IGBT/PWM UPS has been introduced to the North American market. The modular units can be paralleled without extra paralleling gear, and can be field-upgraded to 225 kVA. Providing 225 kVA/200 kW in 11 sq. ft., the GalaxyPW has a 0.9+ output factor. MGE

ENERGY-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE has new feature that enables users to access power information from anywhere via the Internet. With WebReach, ION Enterprise users can access meter events, waveforms, data logs and real-time information through a standard web browser. Power Measurement

PIPE GROUND CONNECTORS are available for pipe diameters of 5 in. to 6 in. range, extending the CPC series range for sizes from 0.5 in. up to 6 in. Features include quick-connect mounting application and a bi-directional conductor design. The UL-listed connectors exceed direct burial requirements. Harger

WEB-BASED POWER MONITORING now features dial-up server function. In case of an outage or alarm event, the server immediately displays on-screen and voice alerts at the PC workstation, while simultaneously sending out notification via e-mail, pager or phone. Also initiates downloads, logs calls and provides advanced alarming features. Electro Industries/Gauge Tech

GENERATOR RELAY offers utility-grade protection of distributed-generation or utility system connections. The SEL-547 relay protects against abnormal conditions when using a DG generator in any operating mode, including peak shaving, base loading, islanding and emergency backup. The unit provides most protection functions recommended by IEEE standard P1547. SEL

TESTING EQUIPMENT product line offers test hardware, software and accessories for several types of power-storage systems, including newer technologies such as 42-volt batteries and fuel cells. The maker provides in-house training to its customers. Firing Circuits

SURGE SUPPRESSOR features a dynamic clamp technology that is said to provide instantaneous response to surge current and voltage. Available for 120- and 240-volt applications, units come in both DIN-rail and panel-mount models. ZeroSurge

LOGGING MULTIMETER has been combined with analysis software into a single kit. The 189 true-rms digital multimeter has the ability to log standalone measurement changes at any designated intervals for up to three days. Documentation and analysis software creates custom reports for test procedures and results. Fluke

AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCHES function ideally in standby, closed transition soft load and continuous parallel applications. They provide users with the ability to upgrade on-site power systems at any time by simply modifying firmware embedded in the control system. Each of three models features a breaker-based design that helps reduce overall system complexity. Encorp

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