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TURBINE GENERATORS are designed for steam and gas turbine applications. Specifications include the following: a power rating of 3.5 to 8.5 MW; voltage of up to 15 kV; a weight of 36,000 lbs. (8.5 MW unit); and frequency of 60 Hz or 50 Hz (at 5/6 voltage and kVA), three-phase. Kato Engineering Circle 456 MOTOR/GENERATOR uses a patented technology to provide the ride-through of a traditional bac...


TURBINE GENERATORS are designed for steam and gas turbine applications. Specifications include the following: a power rating of 3.5 to 8.5 MW; voltage of up to 15 kV; a weight of 36,000 lbs. (8.5 MW unit); and frequency of 60 Hz or 50 Hz (at 5/6 voltage and kVA), three-phase. Kato Engineering

MOTOR/GENERATOR uses a patented technology to provide the ride-through of a traditional backup system but without batteries. On utility power, the motor drives the generator mechanically. The electrically isolated generator delivers continuous, clean power. During ride-through, inertial energy drives the generator, which delivers constant frequency and regulated voltage, typically 12 seconds at full load. Precise Power

CABLE TESTER is designed for identifying and locating faults on power and communication cables. The handheld unit can detect opens and shorts, taps, faulty taps, bridge taps, splitters, high resistance, water-soaked and wet cables, splices and more. The product also measures cable length and distance to faults and terminations. Electroluminescent backlit display shows reflection profile as an oscilloscope-like trace. AEMC Instruments

ON-LINE UPS is double-conversion and uses a PWM inverter design for continuous power to critical AC loads. Especially suited to the needs of process industries, the design incorporates input and output isolation transformers and a dual-source static switch. Solidstate Controls

SURGE-SUPPRESSOR LINE features three new models for protection of desktop systems, data lines and audiovisual/broadband applications using cable modems. All units feature eight protected outlets, thermal fuses, site-wiring fault indicators, high joule ratings, electromagnetic and radio-frequency filtering and two-year warranties. Liebert

REVENUE METERING SYSTEM is designed for industrial power systems, to allow precise measurement and recording of energy use and demand, along with other power-monitoring and control applications. Units can record single-phase quantities and can issue alarms if one phase drops to zero. Users can customize units based on combinations of system quantities and automatic control options, and to shed loads if high peak demand is predicted. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

TRANSFER SWITCH provides redundant sources of 120-volt power to computer equipment at the point of use. Loss of one source of power is transparent to the load and abnormal conditions can be remotely alarmed. Units are unconditionally warranted for five years. Quality Power Co.

AUTOMATIC CIRCUIT RECLOSERS are pad-mounted, three-phase and intended for distribution systems using underground cable. Units are designed for 15-kV and 27-kV systems that include a combination of both overhead and underground construction on one feeder. Applications include feeder protection, circuit sectionalizing, loop sectionalizing and transformer high-side protection. Deadfront construction increases safety. Terminations within the enclosure are covered with insulating rubber and all internal parts are sealed in insulating oil to reduce maintenance. Cooper Power Systems

TVSS is designed for main service entrances, distribution panels and subpanels to protect facilities from transient voltage damage. The product is MOV-based and is available in typical distribution panel voltages. United Power Corp.

HVAC disconnect pullout is non-fused and features a built-in 110-volt ground-fault receptacle that is designed for residential and light-commercial applications. It incorporates ample wiring space and a rotating receptacle to make wiring easier. Cooper Bussman

POWER-MONITORING SYSTEM now features an enhanced graphical interface, allowing real-time assessment of operations and equipment. Software is custom programmed for each facility and is designed for use with manufacturer's UPS systems, switchgear and engineered products. System is scalable for future expansion and allows multiple-user access. Piller Inc.

ENERGY AND POWER-QUALITY METER provides EN50160 flicker and compliance monitoring, interharmonic analysis, DNP 3.0 level 2 plus protocol, fast downloads and customized Modbus mappings allowing multiple programmable Modbus formats. The units also can be used for revenue metering, with capabilities for load aggregation and transformer loss compensation. Electro Industries/GaugeTech

VALVE-REGULATED BATTERIES are intended for large-capacity applications, including telecom, power generation and distribution and UPS systems. Eight different models are available in capacities from 200 Ah to 1,100 Ah and in either 24-volt, 48-volt or 120-volt units. Systems can be shipped in two business days and all necessary installation hardware is included. Enersys Inc.

TRANSFER SWITCH is designed to provide small businesses with the same 24x7 protection that mission-critical facilities enjoy. Pre-packaged units can sense an electrical power loss almost instantly. When the utility restores power, it automatically reconnects to the utility power source. The ATS perform a test to simulate a utility power failure every 14 days and are suitable for mounted standby generators rated from two to 40 kW, 120/240 volts, 60-hz single-phase. ASCO

FLYWHEEL UPS product line now includes mid-range models in power ratings from 65 kVA to 130 kVA. Units include voltage regulation, transient protection and harmonic cancellation. The system does not need to be oversized to accommodate high startup current demands of protected equipment. Active Power

ENCLOSURES incorporate thermoelectric air conditioners to protect electronics and electrical controls from heat. Units have NEMA 12, 4 and 4X ratings for indoor or outdoor use, and are constructed of either powder-coat painted steel and stainless steel, aluminum or Fiberglass, available in a range of sizes for wall, pole or floor mounting. EIC Solutions, Inc.

MOLDED-CASE CIRCUIT BREAKERS are current-limiting and now available in a 100-amp frame. They meet both UL and IEC main standards. Units feature high interruption capacity, low let-through energy, high mechanical and electrical endurance, improved calibration accuracy and smaller frame size. GE Industrial Systems

POWER CONNECTORS are designed as a low-cost interconnection between two perpendicular power bus bars. Used in N+1 rectifier, power supply and switching power supply applications, the units provide low-voltage drop and superior amperage carrying capability. It accepts a solid 0.125-in. nickel- or gold-plated rectangular bus bar tab, so there's no need for a mating connector. Anderson Power

INVERTER POWER SUPPLIES are available in seven lightweight models, ranging in weight from 19 to 63 lbs. All come with control panel covers to protect equipment against the elements. Standard features include voltage reduction safety for STCK welding, with stackable construction and full digital controls. Thermal Arc

POWER CENTER combines service equipment and generator-transfer equipment in the same unit, allowing for easier generator installation in multi-panel applications. Units are installed next to exterior utility meters and can be paired with generators ranging from 5 kW to 30 kW and are available in 12- or 16-circuit configurations. Gen/Tran Corp.

TRANSFORMERS are available in sizes ranging from 15 kVA to 750 kVA, in primary voltages of 600 volts and below. The units are designed to meet emerging state standards, as well as incentives for installing energy-efficient transformers. Available options include NEMA 3R outdoor enclosures. HITRAN Corp.

BUSWAY now incorporates manufacturer's trademarked internal transient-voltage surge suppression. The feature is available for both feeder and plug-in busway. The busway is designed for reconfiguration and expansion and is designed to integrate with other equipment the manufacturer offers. Square D/Schneider Electric

ACCESSORY LINE is designed for the manufacturer's digital multimeter products, with kits that include test probes, alligator clips, cases, pincer clips and connectors. Fluke Corp.

EDUCATIONAL GUIDES provide detailed technical information for consultants, contractors and service companies who are upgrading ungrounded electrical systems to high-resistance grounding. Topics range from step-by-step instructions for calculating grounding-resistor sizes, installation issues and grounding product specification. Copies are also available on company website. IPC Resistors

POWER-SYSTEM CONTROLLER is programmable and features an LCD display indicating source availability and allows users to exercise time-delay operations and check a system's source condition. Other features include digital timer and opto-isolated inputs for increased immunity to transients and noise. Also enabled are event logging with date/time stamping and statistical analysis of switch functions. GE Zenith Controls

INDUSTRIAL STANDBY GENERATORS feature outputs ranging from 75 to 500 kW. Units are powered by 4-cycle, direct-injection Volvo diesel engines meeting EPA standards for mobile off-highway equipment. Digital control panel is vibration-isolated and features self-diagnostics to verify power input and output, processing and all memory circuits. Units can be skid- or sub-base tank-mounted, with either weather-protective or sound-attenuated housings. MQ Power

PLUGGABLE CIRCUIT BREAKERS are suited to protection of power distribution, automation and process-control systems. Combining thermal circuit breaker with cage clamp terminal blocks, the units are said to be maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant. Units feature a push-button restart for protecting circuits up to 10 amps. Wago

POWER FUSES with silicone-housed composite-polymer insulators weigh 30% to 40% less than porcelain-insulator-equipped mountings. The UV-resistant, hydrophobic insulators provide reliable, economical protection for transformers and capacitor banks in outdoor substations served at voltages of 34.5 kV through 138 kV. They're offered in maximum continuous current ratings of 100 to 300 amperes, in a variety of fault-interrupting ratings. S&C Electric

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