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Handheld digital assistant can store an estimating database for use on any project site. Data can be gathered at a remote location and sent wireless to the office, assisting with change orders, walk-through screenings and service estimates. (PDA by McCormick Systems) Reader Service (RS) #1 Fittings catalog for 2002-2003 features current information on steam traps, regulators and valves.


Handheld digital assistant can store an estimating database for use on any project site. Data can be gathered at a remote location and sent wireless to the office, assisting with change orders, walk-through screenings and service estimates. (PDA by McCormick Systems)

Fittings catalog for 2002-2003 features current information on steam traps, regulators and valves. Updated product features, construction materials list, product dimensions and capacities, as well as a glossary of terms and warranty information, are included. (HS-900 by Hoffman Specialty)

Lighting control system combines a micro-controller and surface-mount chip technology to control an emergency system. It can signal the failure of a single LED lamp in an exit sign, ensuring that the exit will remain evenly illuminated and meet code requirements. (Xtest by Day-Brite Lighting)

Online catalog offers users easy-to-use navigation features and search engine to view information on electrical and communications products. (E-Catalog Web Portal by Hubbell)

Programming software enables end users to develop PLC applications in six programming languages: Ladder Logic, Function Block, Sequential Function Chart, Instruction List, Structured Text and Cyclical Function Chart. (IEC 61131-3 by WAGO)

Low-profile troffer is three in. deep and designed around an energy-efficient lamp and electronic ballast combination. Seismic clips lock into the ceiling for increased safety. (GP2 by Crescent Stonco)

Security software is web- and Java-based and gives security directors a single dashboard for controlling CCTV cameras, access control and intrusion systems across an unlimited number of locations. (Avanta by Vigilos)

CD-ROM with product information includes data sheets, installation manuals, part numbers, UL two-wire compatibility listings, agency listings and a full-line product catalog for fire-protection and life-safety engineers. (E-Docs CD-ROM by System Sensor)

Medium-voltage motor controller executes 5,000 operations without maintenance. With its main busbar mounted directly onto the isolation switch, the unit has fewer bolted connections with no riser busbar. It is suited for mission-critical applications in water/wastewater processing, data management, health care and power generation facilities. (Motorpact by Square D)

Position and control monitors offer multiple mechanical and proximity switches to meet customers' environmental needs and safety requirements, while the valve positioner comes with a self-calibration standard on all electro-pneumatic units. (Avid by Tyco)

Protective relay for two-winding transformers and other two-port electrical apparatus features additional inputs, outputs and built-in logic to eliminate the need for interposing relays and auxiliary equipment. Operating temperature range is from -40

Security surveillance camera with day/night technology can capture a distant subject with a maximum 220x zoom function. Equipped with a controller that allows for connecting up to 128 cameras, the unit has the capacity to swing 360 degrees horizontally and zero to 90 degrees vertically with a speed search function maximum of 240 degrees per second and picture-in-picture view. (SCC-643 by Samsung)

High-pressure ball valves come with ductile iron or stainless-steel grooved ends. Both types are two-piece, end-entry valves with a floating ball for lower torque requirements. The valves have maximum working pressures of 1,000 psi for 1.5- to 3-in. (40 to 80 mm) sizes and 800 psi for 4- (100 mm) and 6-in. (150 mm) sizes. (Series 726 & Series 726S by Victaulic)

Project management software provides up-to-date information for all projects and helps coordinate all team-member efforts through stages and decision gates. The system allows managers to compare issues in all projects and identify, prioritize and resolve them. (ActiveAEC 9.0 by Framework Technologies)

Power resistor provides high-resistance ground-fault detection with feeder indication. Each feeder on the control panel has its own light, so a light will indicate by name which feeder is at fault. The resistor can handle systems of any size and can be wall mounted or freestanding. Data logging is optional. (The Shield by Post Glover)

Ethernet switch quadruples LAN port connections, enabling users, devices and intelligence to be quickly added to a network. The system mounts inside a standard wall cutout and is compatible with drafted 802.3af power-over-Ethernet standard. (NJ200 Network Jack by 3Com)

Universal drive for AC motors from 1/6 hp to 300 hp features simplified installation and start-up for basic to complex speed control applications. The series includes micro-inverter, basic, variable-torque-rated and vector-controlled models. (Micromaster 4 by Siemens)

Encoding solution for security applications utilizes a processor for real-time MPEG-4 video encoding and decoding, as well as G.720a audio encoding and decoding. The system can support up to 16 channels of real-time encoding, delivering 480 frames per second video compression at 352 x 240 resolution. (DH-DVR1600 by Equator Technologies, Inc.)

Cable-management radius unit for telecom applications is a half-circular, dual- channel unit that can be used in multiple applications for maintaining minimum bend radius for both copper and fiber-optic cables while maintaining signal integrity and avoiding attenuation problems. (Management System by ICC)

Lighting automation system provides automated on/off light switching, full-range dimming capability, precise real-time monitoring and load shedding for peak demand reduction. Building managers can monitor, adjust and automate any area of a building's lighting from a PC workstation. (Digital microWATT system by Lutron)

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