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Mixing valve facilitates total control of a central recirculating hot water system. It can deliver water at a rate of up to 100 gal. per min. and control temperature +/-2°F at flows as low as 1 gal. per min. A thermostatic return-limiting device monitors returning water temperatures and eliminates overnight temperature creep.


Mixing valve facilitates total control of a central recirculating hot water system. It can deliver water at a rate of up to 100 gal. per min. and control temperature +/-2°F at flows as low as 1 gal. per min. A thermostatic return-limiting device monitors returning water temperatures and eliminates overnight temperature creep. (Rada R Series by Armstrong International, Inc.)

Flexible heat exchanger is all plastic and corrosion-resistant. Its design prevents solids buildup from fluids containing fibers or other particulates. The unit is suited for commercial laundry, dairy, wastewater treatment, heat recovery or other applications where a fluid containing particulate matter must be heated or cooled. (Calorplast by George Fischer, Inc.)

Modular UV lamp delivers UVC energy to the coils, drainpans and plenum to destroy contaminants to an HVAC system, such as molds and bacteria, and maintains the system to virtually original specifications. The lamp is available in 18-in., 24-in. and 36-in. models and can function as either a side access fixturing system or in a traditional built-up bank arrangement. (V-Mod by UltraViolet Devices, Inc.)

Solenoid air valves incorporate upgraded internal wiring, a built-in PCB connector and snap-on installation—with all valve components encapsulated in a half-shell thermoplastic valve body, making additional wiring, connectors or fittings unnecessary. (MOD 3 by Mead Fluid Dynamics, Inc.)

Signal conditioner is intended for automation applications with PLCs and mini-PLCs. Operating from 24 VDC and designed to support any standard LVDT, the unit offers three user-selectable analog outputs, including zero to +/- 10 VDC; zero to 10 VDC; or 4-20 mA current output in a three- or four-wire current loop configuration. (LVC-2402 LVDT by Macro Sensors)

Motors for food processing and other wet or high-humidity environments are available in a power range of 1 to 30 hp. Units each feature two-part white epoxy paint, stainless steel shaft, labyrinth taconite shaft seal, stainless steel nameplate and fully-gasketed, NPT-threaded terminal box. (W21 series by WEG Electric Motors Corp.)

Controller system warns of frost accumulation when enabled and defrosts on an as-needed basis. The system improves efficiency with overall defrost reductions, better product integrity, extended compressor life and a more consistent box temperature. (Beacon II Smart Defrost and Smart Controller by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products)

Pressure-assist operating system for tank-type toilets uses 45% less water than conventional 1.6-gpf technologies. The 4-liter system generates almost three times the pressure of gravity units at 70 gal. per min. For tanks with advanced design, the system provides a push instead of pull, keeping pressure behind the waste and forcing it through the trapway in a single flush. (Flushmate IV by Flushmate)

Tankless water heater provides tepid water (60-95°F) for emergency eye/face and drench shower applications. Microprocessing thermostats ensure over-temperature protection and provide precise power and heating distribution to a capacity of 24 gpm. Relative compactness of the unit allows it to re-side near the point of use. (Series Twelve by Eemax)

Air-to-air energy recovery system is self-cleaning and requires no freeze protection. As air is exhausted from a building or process, two-positional damper directs airflow through one of two banks of aluminum plates whose surface area is maximized to capture energy from the exhausted air stream. The system also works in reverse flow. (Reverse-Flow by bkm Enterprises, Inc.)

Capacitance vacuum gauge offers zero to 5 VDC or zero to 10 VDC output that is linear with pressure and independent of gas composition. It provides an accuracy within +/-0.5% of reading with an optional accuracy of +/-0.25% of reading. The transducer's operated temperature range is zero to 50°C. (Model 720 by Setra Systems, Inc.

TCP/IP programmable fieldbus controller features 100Mbits Ethernet, IEC-61131-3 and the latest open architecture software interfaces and protocols. It comes standard with a 32-bit RISC processor, 512 KB of program memory, 128 KB of data memory and 24 KB of retentive memory. It also features a real- time clock. (750-841 by WAGO)

Recovery ventilation air-conditioner comes in two versions—passive energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and compressor-assisted heat recovery ventilators (CA-ERVs). The latter are available as straight AC or heat pumps. CA-ERVs are reported to save as much as 60% of the energy associated with building ventilation and provide neutral air. (FAX by Heat Pipe Technology, Inc.)

Power strips are 1-1/4 in. deep by 1-5/8 in. wide, and each ships with a 10-in. power cord terminated with a NEMA 5-15 plug and mounting system. Each strip includes staggered spacing on two of the eight outlets to accommodate larger plug-in power supplies without blocking adjacent outlets. (PD815SC and PD815SC-NS by Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.)

Uninterruptible power supplies are made to protect broadcast networks, transmitters and microwave uplinks from common power disturbances that interrupt broadcasts. The technology incorporates a flywheel motor/ generator that stores kinetic energy in its constantly spinning, low-friction steel disc. Stored energy from the flywheel is instantly converted to electricity that powers the critical load during short power fluctuations. (CleanSource by Active Power)

AC variable-frequency drive is now available in ratings of up to 600 hp and can be used for standard open loop V/hz control, open loop (sensorless) vector control or for precise torque/position or speed control where closed loop operation is a requirement. (ALX Series by Motortronics)

Ventilation literature details the requirements of biological containment level 3 laboratories (BSL-3). It also contains an overview of the design issues that are critical to controlling airflow in this type of space, from both a room and device (biosafety cabinet) level. The document is 30 pages. (BSL-3 design document by Phoenix Controls Corporation)

Ventilator controller allows ventilators to be integrated into most building automation systems using standard, open protocols, often without additional gateways. Options include advanced dehumidification and economizer control, demand control ventilation, centralized temperature control and humidity sensing, and tenant override monitoring and control. (MicroTech II by McQuay International)

Ceiling radiation damper units are available in rectangular and round configurations. The one-hr.-rated assemblies are intended for use in most general floor, ceiling, roof and truss construction. They are constructed with a 28-gauge galvanized steel outer plenum box with rolled collar and 1-1/2-in. fiberglass duct board insulation. (Models 50 and 55 BT by Lloyd Industries)

Rooftop HVAC units employ a scroll compressor and thermal expansion valve metering device to achieve 12 SEER cooling. Each unit can be installed at ground or roof level. The three-phase commercial model is available in cooling capacities from 3 to 5 tons with heating output from 90 to 150 MBTUh. (Heil PGAD series by International Comfort Products)

Variable speed motor controller modulates motor speed in fan coil units, fan-powered VAV terminal units, fan filter units and other air-moving devices. It also provides speed control of AC induction motors in response to an analog input signal from thermostats and other control devices. The unit is capable of modulating a fan motor to one-fourth of the rated maximum speed. (VSM-CA3 by Varidigm Corp.)

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