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POWER-MONITORING SYSTEM allows Web-based access to power-usage information gathered by the manufacturer's power meters. Includes advanced Ethernet card and software reporting tool to allow web-page development customized to a facility's needs, with multiple meters available from the same page. Electro Industries/GaugeTech Circle 455 AC SURGE PROTECTORS are installed at main service panels to pr...


POWER-MONITORING SYSTEM allows Web-based access to power-usage information gathered by the manufacturer's power meters. Includes advanced Ethernet card and software reporting tool to allow web-page development customized to a facility's needs, with multiple meters available from the same page. Electro Industries/GaugeTech

AC SURGE PROTECTORS are installed at main service panels to protect downstream equipment from transients, lightning and surges. Internal quick-disconnect, field-replaceable protection modules allow fast on-site repair. Onboard monitoring features current-measuring transient-event counter and LED indicators for fuse, MOV and protection module status. MCG Surge Protection

ENGINE RETROFIT PACKAGE for one line of the manufacturer's stationary engines extends operating times between oil changes and provides easier access to many major engine components. Package also reduces engine vibration and serves as a base for 6- and 8-cylinder engines. Waukesha Engine

SURGE-PROTECTION DEVICES help protect connected CATV and SATV devices from transient events on cable lines. Solid-state circuitry can handle surges up to 10 kA, with an operating voltage of 27 and maximum clamping voltage of 36. Plastic enclosures allow outside installation, using F connectors and an external ground point. Meter-Treater, Inc.

TVSS PRODUCTS provide transient power protection for equipment in a range of environments, from retail stores to mission-critical computer installations. Units are designed for applications ranging from 60 kA to 600 kA per phase, from service entrance down to individual branch panels. Power Distribution Inc.

SURGE PROTECTOR designed for easy connection in 66-block multiple-line telecom systems used in commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential applications. LED light indicates continued operation to make troubleshooting easier. Available in five service voltages, from 30 volt to 130 volt. DITEK Corporation

POWER METER now available with optional high-voltage measurement display, appropriate for electric-utility and large-industrial applications. Option allows users to measure electricity in the megawatt/kilovolt range with a revenue-accurate, panel-mount meter. Units are 4-in. wide and 2-in. deep for installation in small spaces. Bright LED display enhances readability. Power Measurement

POWER-DISTRIBUTION UNIT provide power protection and distribution in dense, rack-mounted applications. The modular units can be mounted in zero-U/1U configurations, without consuming rack space. Design reduces cable clutter and allows power outlets to be fanned out along rack's length, with models ranging from 16 A to 40 A, having up to 32 outlet receptacles. Hewlett Packard

SURGE SUPPRESSION PLUG STRIP line has been expanded to include 6-, 7- and 8-outlet nonmetallic models, with 3-, 6- and 15-ft. cord lengths. Non-metallic units have optional fax/modem protection and CATV and DSS protection. LEDs indicate correct wiring and surge status. Hubbell/Kellems

HIGH-PERFORMANCE OUTPUT FILTER is designed to be installed at output terminals of PWM devices and converts square wave shape into near sinusoidal wave form, removing high-frequency voltage distortion. The filter allows a PWM power supply to attain near utility-grade power. Available in 480- and 600-volt versions. TCI

FUSES incorporate current-limiting, time-delay design to safely handle transformer and motor in-rush currents to minimize nuisance openings with connected motors, transformers, service-entrance equipment, and feeders and branch circuits. Units feature manufacturer's patented open-fuse indicator. Ferraz Shawmut Inc.

SERIAL SUBSTATION CONTROLLER incorporates eight digital input points and four controls into small-footprint design. Units are compatible with manufacturer's existing products and can function as a programmable logic controller, a substation local-area network, an IED gateway, a bay-level controller, a power-quality monitor and a fault/event recorder. GE Power Systems

STATIC TRANSFER SWITCH connects applications requiring less than one-quarter cycle transfers between sources, such as dual UPS systems, UPS and utility equipment, and UPS and DG equipment. Units feature front-access design, triple-redundant logic, separated redundant power supplies and color touch-screen display. Liebert Corporation

LEAD-ACID BATTERY is front-terminal and valve-regulated. Through grid and plate optimization, it offers an increased capacity of 165 Ah in the same footprint as previous, less powerful models. The monobloc design makes it suitable for 23-in. racks, with reduced storage requirements and maintenance costs. EnerSys Inc.

COMPUTER-BASED TRAINING PACKAGE teaches maintenance personnel appropriate shutdown, turnaround and outage procedures for use in large facilities. Course units incorporate narrated text and cover identifying needed documentation, defining scope, planning and scheduling.

FLYWHEEL UPS can be used to condition or completely replace batteries in UPS systems. The unit minimizes discharge whiplash that batteries experience with each use. Delivers 2,400 kW-sec. of energy, sufficient to support loads ranging from 120 kW for 20 secs. to 10 kVA for five minutes. Pentadyne Power

TVSS offers DIN-rail mountable solution for three-phase power applications, with up to 40,000-amp surge current handling capacity and low voltage protection levels. Hybrid protection circuit protects against both normal line-to-line mode and common line-to-ground mode transients. Allows quick verification testing. Phoenix Contact

LOAD CENTER designed for outdoor installation is field-convertible, from main lug to main breaker, for greater installation flexibility. Screws are backed out and held securely to enable faster connections. Side-hinged door includes a spring-loaded latch, with a pull ring for easier access for wiring and inspection. Siemens E & A

ENERGY INFORMATION SERVICE provides reports on a range of issues to aid research, load forecasting, planning and marketing, as well as simulation programs to assist designers and managers of commercial buildings. Custom research products also are available, combining various other research services. Primen, Inc.

STANDBY GENERATORS now available for immediate delivery feature sound-attenuated enclosures and come in both trailer-mounted and skid configurations. Protections include water-temp. shutdown, low-oil shutdown, overspeed shutdown and overcrank lockout. Metering, voltage reconnection switch, voltage regulator and receptacles all are located behind a lockable control-panel door. Can be interfaced with an automatic transfer switch to serve as emergency standby system. Baldor Electric Company

DC POWER SUPPLY provides the capabilities of two units in one. The zero to 60 DC voltage, and zero to 1.5 DC amps, are simultaneously or independently adjustable. The model offers four modes of operation: tracking, independent, series and parallel. Extech

WEBSITE now provides expanded content on the topic of neutral grounding and power resistors, in addition to detailed information on manufacturer's products, including manuals, schematics and specification templates. IPC Resistors, Inc.

CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCKOUT SYSTEM provides user compliance with 2002 NEC Article 430, which calls for permanent attachment of locking mechanisms on or at the switch used as disconnecting means. The system attaches permanently to an electrical panel, putting lockout items at point of need. Signmark/Brady

AC SURGE PROTECTORS are built in NEMA-rated enclosures for 600-volt service entrance and interior applications. Tested to withstand all rated surges, including direct lightning strikes without fuse interruption, the units feature integral fused disconnect, field replaceable components through a dead-front access panel. Dehn-USA

MODULAR POWER SYSTEM parallels two or more smaller gensets to offer an alternative to large-engine units. A fully integrated paralleling switch technology eliminates the need for switchgear cabinets. While paralleling of gensets is not new, it was previously limited to large megawatt units. Generac

WALL-MOUNT ENCLOSURE SYSTEMS is designed for low-voltage equipment, for installation into wiring closets and other small spaces. Units can swing out for rear access to mounted equipment. Units include fully adjustable 11-gauge, 10-32 threaded rackrail with 40 numbered rackspaces and are capable of holding up to 500 pounds of equipment. Middle Atlantic Products/DataTel

LOW-EMISSION GENSET produces only 0.08 g/bhp-hr of particulate matter, representing an 80% reduction over what is allowable for mobile, diesel-powered units. The 2.7-MW unit relies on precision-controlled fuel injection and new combustion chamber geometries to reduce both PM and NOx emissions. Cummins Power Generation

GENSET provides a 1,500-kW generator in a 20-ft. ISO container. The 4-cycle turbocharged diesel engine features liquid drain ports and filters that are quickly accessible for easy maintenance. Fully insulated container uses a reactive temperature control with dual fans, as well as a vertically mounted radiator that is shock and vibration isolated. MQ Power

DC POWER SUPPLIES have UL Class II listing, which means that output wires need not be run in conduit. Twelve models are available, ranging from 1 to 15 amps at 12 volts, and 1 to 10 amps at 24 volts. Units are furnished in wall-mount, hinged steel enclosures. Sealed lead-acid battery packs can be added for automatic backup power. Securitron

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