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Outdoor lighting is available in post-top, bollard and wall models, in natural copper, zinc-plated copper and cedar. Luminaires use metal halide, compact fluorescent or incandescent lamp sources. Post-top models can be mounted on 8-ft. to 14 ft. poles. Bollard and wall models are for entrances, pathways, courtyards, steps or building perimeter.


Outdoor lighting is available in post-top, bollard and wall models, in natural copper, zinc-plated copper and cedar. Luminaires use metal halide, compact fluorescent or incandescent lamp sources. Post-top models can be mounted on 8-ft. to 14 ft. poles. Bollard and wall models are for entrances, pathways, courtyards, steps or building perimeter. (Outdoor Series by Shaper)

LED signal device is for troubleshooting outdoor pole- or building-mounted commercial lighting fixtures. The device is standard new or retrofitted to lighting fixtures for at-a-glance diagnostics. If a failure is due to the lamp, LED lights or blinks. When LED won't go on, the ballast has failed. (IQ on Board by Beacon)

Emergency lighting is designed for extreme environments. It features a die-cast aluminum housing and clear, polycarbonate shield that is vandal-resistant. Suggested applications include food processing facilities, outdoor parking garages, walk-in freezers and other severe indoor/outdoor environments. Standard features include self-diagnostic system and photocell laser test. (Sure-Lites by Cooper Lighting)

Security control system is a low-cost control and monitoring solution for securing small and remote facilities. The controller hosts eight inputs, two door readers and four outputs. Up to four field controllers can be added for expansion. The controller's software supports IP communication, a built-in web server and SNMP management. (Continuum by Andover Controls)

Radiant Mixing System is a complete piping, pumping, air elimination and control package for hydronic systems. The system can be set for outdoor reset, set point or delta-T limiting control. It handles radiant load demands up to 120,000 BTUs. No special piping is required, and using the system doesn't alter methods for zoning radiant loops. (Radiant Mixing Block by Taco)

Heating Panels are modular, grooved units for underfloor radiant heating systems. The grooves in the panels hold 3/8-in. cross-linked polyethylene tubing, allowing for efficient transfer of heat to the floor. The design offers a low profile to accommodate any type of flooring. (Thermal Track by Zurn)

Rotary screw compressor features a split-cooling airflow design that is said to significantly improve cooling while reducing noise levels. A space-saving cabinet reduces overall footprint and provides easier access to service points. Maintenance features include automatic belt tension and quick fluid change device. Models are available in 20 and 25 hp. (AS Series by Kaeser)

Dampers are said to be the first 316 stainless-steel construction offered in standard products. Available in more than 20 of the company's equipment models, the units offer corrosion resistance in severe environments such as paper mills, wastewater treatment, food processing and laboratories. (Stainless Dampers by Greenheck)

Electric Actuator features extra auxiliary limit switches for end-of-travel indication, along with heater and thermostat for cold or high-humidity applications. A self-locking gear train to prevent drifting at the end of the actuation cycle and manual override are also standard. The units are made to work with the manufacturer's resistant-ball and butterfly valves. (Series EJM by Hayward)

Evaporative condenser is a rooftop system, sized from 75 to 150 tons and designed to save 40% on energy costs compared with conventional air-cooled systems. The condensing temperature has been lowered to reduce compressor work. While water-cooled condensers reject heat to the ambient dry bulb temperature, evaporative condensers use a water spray that evaporates and cools the condenser tubes toward the ambient wet bulb. (RoofPak by McQuay)

Ceiling duct modules provide cleanroom-level air filtration to pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities. All-welded housings are in-spected and tested to 3.0 in. w.g. to ensure that they will not leak under normal operating conditions. Guillotine-type control damper with heavy-duty adjustable linkage for precise roomside airflow is a standard feature. Airflow can be adjusted from 10% to 98% of rated filter flow. (Pharmaseal by Camfil Farr)

Battery system is rated at 2,000 amp-hr. and is offered in a two-cell module with a space-efficient footprint. All bolting is front-access for easier installation and maintenance. The system comes standard with a special catalyst vent that helps the battery maintain a proper float current, especially in higher ambient temperatures, by assisting in the recombination process. (Deka Unigy II by East Penn)

Low-BTU genset is designed to run on the dilute methane gas mixture that is produced by natural decay in landfills, sewage digesters or methane emitted from coal seams. The genset produces a continuous 1,570 kW or 1,750 kW, producing low exhaust emissions. Multiple units can be paralleled. (by Cummins Power Generation)

Earthquake-proof cabinets are electronic enclosures that are rated for seismic zone 4. Cold-roll steel frame with reinforced structural steel corner angles are claimed to make the units ideal for telecom and security applications. Available in heights of 15 U to 47 U, widths up to 1,200 mm and depths to 1,000 mm. The series has been tested with a static load capacity of 2,000 lbs. (by Schroff)

Voltage regulator power distribution unit accepts low voltage or overvoltage, from 105 to 137 volts. Sensing circuitry reacts to the input voltage and adjusts the transformer to output 120 +5 volts. The unit has nine 120-volt AC outlets. Power input is on the rear via a power inlet, allowing several cable and plug options. (TPC2993 by Pulizzi Engineering)

Large-diameter fan is said to provide 35% more cubic feet per minute than the current most efficient fan. In the summer, the fan can be sped up to produce 332,000 cfm to lower the effective temperature in warehouses, plants and commercial facilities. (Powerfoil by Big Ass Fan)

Humidifier delivers air and water atomizing humidification and evaporative cooling technology for induct and space applications. Suited to either commercial or industrial use, the system incorporates automatic, fully modulating controls that allow patented, fine-mist atomizing spray heads to meet the most stringent requirements. (Herrmidicool by Herrmidifier)

Ethernet switch for 10/100Base-T Ethernet accepts any direct current voltage between 10 and 30 volts with surge protection to 3,000 volts DC. One model allows the user to interconnect four copper (RJ-45) and one fiber-optic (SC) network. The other provides five RJ-45 Ethernet ports. Both modules are suitable for production lines, inventory systems and conveyor control. They automatically sense 10 or 100 Mbps speeds and provide full and half-duplex flow control. (ADAM Series by Cyber Research)

Gas-to-steam humi-difier has all components contained inside the cabinet for easier installation and maintenance. With a broad capacity range, indoor and outdoor mounting options and precise microprocessor control, the unit also features integral water tempering, integral controls and single-point source water hookup (GTS humidifier by DRISTEEM)

Air distribution system replaces branch ductwork with a specialized two-level drop ceiling. The aesthetic and median ceilings form the supply airway, while the median ceiling and slab above create the return airway. Air is supplied to the occupied space via VAV diffusers, which can be located anywhere in the ceiling grid. Return grilles, which can be an integral part of the supply diffusers, carry air through the supply airway into the return airway. (AirFixture Dual-Air by York)

Water conditioner controls lime and scale build-up in pipes and water-using equipment without the use of chemicals. Deposits dissolve and settle in a purgable form that can be removed from the system by bleed-off, blow-down or flushing. (by Superior)

Duct boot hanger features a heavy-duty galvanized metal frame with foam gasket and construction debris cover. The design eliminates boot deformation, fastens securely to reduce loss of energy and intake of poor-quality air, improves sealing process for one-hour fire rating and prohibits unwanted materials from entering duct. (Speedi-Boot by Lance-Larkin)

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