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Variable frequency drives feature open communications and an enhanced user interface and display to provide an English-language menu graphical readout. The HVAC energy box, MCT 10 and USB-port interface enhance the accessibility and use of the product. VFDs are available from 1.5 hp through 600 hp at 460 volts AC and 600 volts AC, and 1.


Variable frequency drives feature open communications and an enhanced user interface and display to provide an English-language menu graphical readout. The HVAC energy box, MCT 10 and USB-port interface enhance the accessibility and use of the product. VFDs are available from 1.5 hp through 600 hp at 460 volts AC and 600 volts AC, and 1.5 hp through 60 hp at 208 volts AC and 230 volts AC in either NEMA/UL Type 1 or Type 12 enclosures. (VLT #1

Basket strainers are low-cost protection for expensive piping system components such as pumps, instrumentation, spray nozzles and condensers. The free straining area is six times the cross section of the pipe area and the basket openings range from 0.5 in. to 40 microns. The strainers are available in bronze, carbon steel and stainless steel and rated to 200 psi at 100°F. (Model 72 Simplex Basket Strainer by Eaton) #2

Auxiliary switch offers unidirectional 90° indexing. Its snap-action rotary design allows lever arm activation and break action time of approximately 10 ms. The switch is available with as many as 24 poles and has a continuous rating of 20 amps at 600 volts AC, and is available with a range of interrupt ratings. (Series 102 Auxiliary Switch by Electroswitch) #3

Flow measurement system for hydrogen, natural gas and other gases in small line processes offers thermal mass flow sensing technology with built-in precision flow conditioning. The device's standard outputs are fully scaleable 4 mA to 20 mA and 0 volts to 10 volts that are user assignable to flow rate and/or temperature and a 0 kHz to 1 kHz pulse output of total flow. The instrument is available with or without a built-in LCD digital display, and in local or remote-mounted electronics configurations. (ST75V by Fluid Components) #4

Portable water circulators are designed for use with portable water systems. Three new models, offered in 13 varieties, include one single-speed pump and two circulators with multi-speed operation. The models are available with a standard union or two-bolt flange connection. The pump performance ranges from 0 ft. to 18 ft. of head and from 0 gpm to 25 gpm. (Water Circulators by Grundfos) #5

High-end coax cables transfer HDTV or traditional video, digital or analog audio and cable television between electronic components. The line of bundled precision video coaxial cables includes Cat 5e cables that provide solutions for internet telephone, networking, IR control, audio/video and automation. The 3-coax has a 23 AWG center conductor that provides higher performance than stranded. (Signal #6

Cooling unit for data centers and small computer rooms places cooling next to the heat source. The unit is able to support power densities as high as 70 kW per rack when used with hot air containment systems. The model's design eliminates the need for constant speed fans, which saves energy and maximizes power. (InfraStrXure InRow RP cooling unit by American Power Conversion) #7

Monitoring device combines network-enabled environmental monitoring with power management. It delivers a comprehensive view of conditions within a small data center to prevent overheating and power overload. The device is equipped with sensor inputs: a built-in temperature/humidity sensor, 10 dry-contact points for door switches, clogged filter alarms and generator alarms and two serial ports. (Liebert vEM-14 by Emerson Network Power) #8

Digital voice system delivers emergency notification by offering digital audio evacuation, paging and firefighter telephone systems. The device allows facility managers to broadcast multiple messages through an entire facility using recorded message phrases. The device integrates with modern fire alarm control panels to provide network-wide audio distribution and paging. It also supports as many as five channels of digital telephone operation for firefighters. (XLS3000 by Honeywell) #9

Multimeter/IR thermometer with a built-in non-contact IR laser thermometer measures surface temperatures ranging from -4°F to 520°F. The device is rated CAT III-600 volts and provides high-resolution measurements, including 0.1 mV resolution for AC/DC voltage and0.1 #10

Fire alarm systems support any combination of 50 intelligent sensors or modules. It offers extensive programmability that cuts alarm response time between manual pull station and strobe activation to as little as 0.25 seconds. The systems feature peer-to-peer, intelligent and bi-directional communication between the control panel and devices, and between the devices themselves. (CyberCat 50 by Fike Corp.) #11

Thermostatic tempering device limits water temperature to fittings for fixtures such as sinks, lavatories or bathtubs. The water must completely pass over the thermal motor before discharge thus ensuring that delivery temperature will be maintained even with water flow far below rated capacity. (Max Line ASSE 1070 Thermostatic Tempering Device by Symmons) #12

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