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Digital power meters are available in a range of models, from 1-phase display-only meters to 3-phase communicating meters with panel, wall or DIN-rail mounts. Displays provide context-sensitive menus and all units meet ANSI C12.16 and provide accuracy within 1%. Display-only units are available in two data outputs: kW/kWh only, or up to 26 data points.


Digital power meters are available in a range of models, from 1-phase display-only meters to 3-phase communicating meters with panel, wall or DIN-rail mounts. Displays provide context-sensitive menus and all units meet ANSI C12.16 and provide accuracy within 1%. Display-only units are available in two data outputs: kW/kWh only, or up to 26 data points. Pulse-output units provide three data options: kW/kWh only, kVARh or phase detection, all offering up to 50 data points.

Veris Industries Circle 452

Ferroresonant transformers provide stable power output of typically =/-3% for input voltages varying as much as +/-15%. Standard square-wave output requires less filtering than linear transformers for DC applications. Units are appropriate for industrial automation, machine tools and other applications requiring a stable output with a high degree of isolation from line disturbances.

Foster Transformer Circle 453

Hybrid VAR compensator provides real-time power-factor correction, voltage support and harmonic suppression in networks with highly cyclical load profiles. The system is designed specifically to provide instantaneous support to welding equipment, eliminating voltage sags and flicker. Units provide reactive current compensation for transient or cyclical loads within the first half cycle. Features include heavy-duty dry capacitors, iron-core reactors, IGBT power-electronic technology and 12-gauge steel panels over a 12-gauge steel frame.

Square D Circle 451

Emergency UPS system serves central emergency lighting, with an on-line double-conversion design in sizes from 10 kW to 75 kW and providing computer-grade power to all lighting types. It supplies a continuous 90-minute power supply during outages and protects connected load from sags, swells, harmonics, noise and voltage imbalances. Output voltage is regulated to +/-1% at full load, and the valve-regulated, lead-acid battery has a 10-year design life. Automatic or manual diagnostics are both available.

Staco Energy Products Circle 454

Isolation transformers are designed for servo-drive and small-motor applications. Electrically isolated primary and secondary windings are solid copper and insulation system enables operation in enclosures with ambient temperatures as high as 55°C. An electrostatic shield between primary and secondary windings attenuates EMI by up to 30:1. Models are available in ratings of 0.5 kVA through 5 kVA.

Controlled Magnetics, Inc. Circle 455

Meters now feature master/slave capability in their multifunction LED displays. Managers now can use three multi-line LED displays to provide annunciation for voltage, current and power simultaneously. With up to three displays, users now can receive up to nine LED values simultaneously from a single meter.

Electro Industries/Gauge Tech Circle 456

Surge protector meets IEC 61312 standards and is rated according to ICE 61643. Product line includes a Class I lightning-current arrester, a class II surge-current arrester and a Class III surge protector. All units feature a DIN-rail mounted design.

MTL Surge Technologies Circle 457

Transient voltage surge suppressors include six models with single- and three-phase models with peak capacities ranging from 100 kA to 500 kA, in modular and non-modular panels. Primary applications include automation and control systems, internal protection of commercial facilities where heavy inductive-load switching occurs, cellular and broadcast towers and office equipment subject to surges and transients from nearby equipment. Units include audible alarms, LED indicators and dry contacts.

MGE UPS Systems Inc. Circle 458

Handheld power-quality monitor is designed for use with both 50/60-Hz and 400-Hz power systems. Units incorporate automatic setups and color user interfaces, along with data capture as fast as one microsecond per channel. The product collects data at 256 samples/cycle/channel and is designed for both AC and DC operation. Tracked parameters include watts, VA, VAR, frequency, instability, power factor and load excursions, along with sags, swells, transients and harmonics.

Dranetz-BMI Circle 459

Line-voltage regulators are featured in a manufacturer's brochure that is available in both print and PDF formats. Products are available in for applications ranging from 15 kVA to 150 kVA and are suitable for industrial and commercial facilities, computer rooms, data-processing centers and test laboratories.

Controlled Power Company Circle 460

UPS systems are designed to protect 24-volt devices in international applications. Units incorporate a buffer module and three UPS modules. For interruptions up to four seconds, the buffer module provides required current from electrolytic capacitors. UPS modules call on hybrid lead-acid storage batteries. Models are available with outputs of 10, 20 and 40 amps.

Phoenix Contact Inc. Circle 461

Surge protection system features include 180-kA or 300-kA peak amps per phase protection, Kelvin or parallel connection, surge counter, audible alarm, EMI/RFI filter, external rotary disconnect and 10-year warranty. NEMA 3R enclosure includes adjustable collar for surface, semi-recessed or flush mounting. Applications include digital x-ray, CT scanners, MRIs, linear accelerators and angiography equipment.

Atlantic Scientific Circle 462

Photovoltaic power converter is designed specifically for solar-power applications. The 30-kW grid-tie utility interactive unit provides 97% peak inverter efficiency, 97.5% transformer efficiency and standby tare losses of 25 watts. Night-time isolation feature automatically disconnects transformer from the grid when PV array is not producing power and diagnostics provide detailed text messages. Units come with five-year warranty and is available in models to suit 208-volt and 480-volt grids.

Ballard Power Systems Circle 463

Transient-voltage surge suppression products are now backed by a written performance guarantee. Manufacturer now will replace any specified AC power, data or telecom device protected by its certified products if the protected equipment is damaged by lightning or surge activity.

Surge Suppression Inc. Circle 464

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