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Cable for data and voice backbone applications is available in 25-pair plenum and non-plenum options. The plenum cable, which meets NFPA 262, can be placed in air-handling ducts and spaces without being installed in inner duct. The non-plenum version, constructed with a flame-retardant PVC jacket, is installed mainly in risers.


Cable for data and voice backbone applications is available in 25-pair plenum and non-plenum options. The plenum cable, which meets NFPA 262, can be placed in air-handling ducts and spaces without being installed in inner duct. The non-plenum version, constructed with a flame-retardant PVC jacket, is installed mainly in risers. (SuperCAT PowerSUM by Draka Comteq) RS#1

Fiber-optic converter system allows complete isolation of Interbus, Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet, CANopen, RS-232 and other RS-485 networks by converting the electrical copper-based signals to glass or polymer fiber technology. DIN rail-mounted power supply, power terminal block and T-foot power bus coupler are optional. (PSI-MOS by Phoenix Contact) RS#2

Access-control technology extends the distance between any two access-control readers and a controller up to 2,500 ft., eliminating the need for hardwiring. The device provides immediate feedback from on-board diagnostics and is designed for indoor or outdoor installation. It immediately indicates power or communication loss with the reader at the remote unit via alarm output from the central unit. (DUPREX by Cypress Computer Systems) RS#3

Digital multimeter is a pocket-sized, low-impedance unit with an autoranging function that provides automatic measurement of voltage and resistance. The non-contact voltage detection function identifies live lines without contacting conductors, and the low impedance eliminates stray or "ghost" voltage readings. (PDMM-20 by Greenlee) RS#4

Transient voltage surge suppression for discrete signaling 4-20mA protocols provides protection against any transient voltage that exceeds nominal signaling voltage. Each line is protected against surge current impulses up to 10 kA. Units are configured to work in series or parallel with the measurement/control lines being protected, diverting harmful transient energies and maintaining a tight clamp at the peak voltage. (SST by Meter-Treater) RS#5

Switchgear introduces a 2,000-amp continuous-rated main bus and is available with a short-circuit rating of 25 kA symmetrical in voltage ratings through 38 kV. Four-layer copper bus, dual-air bushings and a taller, wider tank are required to attain the 2,000-amp continuous rating. The dual-air bushings are connected to the bus, which is external to the tank. (Vista UDS/System VI by S&C Electric) RS#6

Generator is built for quiet operation, offers a prime power output of 45 kVA and delivers both single- and three-phase outputs. Three-phase outputs are available in 208, 220, 240, 416, 440 and 480 volts, with 600 volts as an option. Single-phase outputs of 120, 127, 139, 240, 254 and 277 volts are standard. (T45 by Terex) RS#7

Electronic fusing system is designed to enhance the reliability of an automation control panel's power supplies by preventing a failure from affecting the entire panel. The fuses constantly monitor the events delivered to their assigned load and cut off the load's circuit in microseconds when and excessive current flow is detected. (WAVEGuard by Weidmüller) RS#8

Network camera features 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) and requires only a single cable to deliver both communications and power. An ultra-clean 50-dB signal-to-noise ratio for optimum performance with DVRs, 480-line resolution, 1/3-in. CCD imaging sensor and low-light performance down to 0.2 lux at F1.0 with day/night imaging are among the other key features. (IK-WB02A by Toshiba Security and Network Video) RS#9

Security software brochure details a Windows-based package that enables users to manage and control a network of remote paging and signaling devices directly from a laptop or desktop computer. The software can be programmed to automatically signal work start and stop times, break times or any other desired timed event. (MEDI by Edwards Signaling and Security Systems) RS#10

Fire-suppression system cylinder contains 1,200 lbs. of FM-200 agent and can provide 24-hr. suppression protection for areas up to 40,000 sq. ft. The agent is a clean, colorless gas that can extinguish a fire in seconds and is safe for most precious equipment, assets and artifacts as it leaves no residue and causes no water damage.

Exit sounder uses directional sound to identify escape routes leading to perimeter exits—even guiding building occupants up and down stairs—and complements existing fire-detection systems. The sound technology consists of a broadband, multi-frequency low-, mid- and high-range signal. (ExitPoint by System Sensor) RS#11

Electronic ballasts for 20- to 200-watt metal-halide and high-pressure sodium lamps include 70- and 100-watt models that have been reduced in size for increased efficiency and design flexibility. The units include multiple-voltage technology-enabling operation at any input voltage from 120 to 277 volts. (e-Vision by Advance Transformer) RS#12

Metal-halide lamp is a pulse-start device that offers a color-rendering index of 90+ and a high-color temperature of 5,000 K for a color close to natural sunlight, illuminating objects so they appear as they would outdoors. The lamp's ANSI type-O rating allows continuous operation without weekly shutdowns. (MP 310 watt Uni-Form by Venture Lighting) RS#13

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