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Notification circuit calculator is web-based for easy access. Users can perform notification circuit design calculations by entering ceiling strobe candela values and inputting the longest wall and the ceiling height of the room. The tool uses the calculations described in Chapter 7 of the 2002 edition of NFPA 72, which permits the use of a performance-based alternatives.


Notification circuit calculator is web-based for easy access. Users can perform notification circuit design calculations by entering ceiling strobe candela values and inputting the longest wall and the ceiling height of the room. The tool uses the calculations described in Chapter 7 of the 2002 edition of NFPA 72, which permits the use of a performance-based alternatives. (by System Sensor) RS#1

Plastic cooling towers are said to eliminate the corrosion, leakage and maintenance problems that plague metal-clad cooling towers, particularly in the process industries where they are critical to maintaining temperature ranges for every process that creates heat. Constructed of material that is impervious to harsh pH environments, engineered plastic cooling towers are available in a wide array of capacities and airflows. (by Delta Cooling Towers) RS#2

Duct smoke detectors are available in both ionization and photoelectric versions and designed to maximize installation efficiency. Units allow for front or rear loading and removal of sampling tubes, and are listed for velocities between 100 fpm and 4,000 fpm. (SL-2000 by York) RS#3

Computer room air conditioner uses R-410A "green" refrigerant and meets EPA 2010 HCFC requirements. The unit is single-circuit, floor-mounted and available in 2, 3, 4 or 5-ton capacities in either upflow or downflow configuration. The reengineered units come with an "A" or "V" coil and require no clearance on the sides or back for maintenance; all servicing can be accomplished through the front access. (Data Temp by Data Aire) RS#4

All-in-one mixing system combines a variable-speed mixing control, heat source circulator, constant speed system circulator and heat exchanger into a single unit. The combination delivers complete isolation between the heat generation side of the system and the heat delivery side of the system allowing flexibility that can be used in any system combining any type of heat source. (X-Pump Block by Taco) RS#5

HEGA filters for high-efficiency gas adsorption remove hazardous gaseous contaminants from air-handling containment systems. Filter frames are made of high-impact plastic that offers a less costly alternative to metal-framed devices. A V-bed design channels air through multiple beds of adsorbent, reducing resistance to airflow. (HEGA filters by Camil Farr) RS#6

Data-logging system enables users to solve a broad range of energy monitoring applications. System measurements include True RMS AC current and voltage, power demand (kW) and energy consumption (kWh), differential air pressure, pulse and contact closure, as well as plug-and-play sensors for measuring temperature, relative humidity and other environmental conditions. (Flex-Smart by Onset) RS#7

Sensor-operated faucet uses patented RF technology that provides a wireless link between the spout and the battery-powered control module. Unit ships complete with spout, sensor, control module, mounting hardware and either a 4-in. or 8-in. trim plate. Audible signals emitted by the low-frequency, low-power RF faucet provide installation guidance and diagnostic cues such as a low-battery alert. (ERF-885 by Sloan Valve) RS#8

Dry contact interface module provides connectivity to dry contact products such as photo sensors, motion sensors and legacy switches. The FT-10 module enables these devices to function within open system, multi-vendor, interoperable LonWorks networks. (Simplicity LX by Hubbell Building Automation) RS#9

Fire-rated polymer-insulated cables are available in three types—RHW, MC and CI—and are fire-rated against UL 2196 and ULC S139 standards. Applications include wiring for critical fire-alarm and life-safety circuits in high-rise buildings, historic buildings, subways, stadiums, tunnels, airports and health-care facilities. (Raychem cable by Tyco Thermal Controls) RS#10

Plugs and receptacles are now rated to withstand short-circuit currents up to 100,000 amps. This new rating is said to far exceed that offered by competitive pin-and-sleeve or twist-type plugs and receptacles, providing greater protection against arc-flash hazard. The units feature an integral switching mechanism that ensures contacts are dead before the plug can be removed. (Decontactor series by Meltric) RS#11

Access control soft-ware features full integration with the manufacturer's series of DVRs. Requiring only a network connection, the system is able to display video in response to any alarm triggered. The software supports 100,000 fully distributed intelligent access points and unlimited client workstations. (by Millenium Group) RS#12

Finger-proof connector minimizes potential finger access when the connector is unmated and energized. Additionally, the flat-wiping contact system reduces contact resistance at high currents, while the wiping action cleans contact surface during connection/disconnection. (Powerpole 15/45 by APP) RS#13

Breaker panel combines overcurrent protection and digital lighting control in a single package that provides daylight harvesting and distributed controls. The panel seamlessly integrates with relay panel, digital switches, photo sensors and up to 127 digital devices. (SmartBreaker from LC&D) RS#14

Rubber lip seals for use as bearing isolators are highlighted in recently available literature. The product's use with pumps and other types of rotating equipment is described and a detailed discussion of life-cycle cost is provided. (Target Lip Seals by Inpro/Seal) RS#15

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