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High-BTU gas connector is designed for large-demand appliances such as tankless water heaters. The connector has a 3/4-in. diameter (1-in. O.D.) that delivers a minimum of 290,000 BTU/h natural gas in a 24-in. length. The connector is also available in 36-in. (255,900 Btu/h) and 48-in. (215,000 BTU/h) lengths.


High-BTU gas connector is designed for large-demand appliances such as tankless water heaters. The connector has a 3/4-in. diameter (1-in. O.D.) that delivers a minimum of 290,000 BTU/h natural gas in a 24-in. length. The connector is also available in 36-in. (255,900 Btu/h) and 48-in. (215,000 BTU/h) lengths. (Safety Shield by Dormont) www.dormont.comInput #1 at

Corner wiring duct makes efficient use of space inside enclosures. The units fit in the unused space in vertical corners of medium to large electrical control panels to route, conceal and protect electrical wiring. The one-piece base design requires no assembly and provides up to 20% savings in the enclosure footprint area or up to 5 sq. ft. of additional sub-panel space. (PanelMax by Panduit) #2

Faucets for bathroom sinks and tubs feature a finish that uses nanotechnology and prevents dirt and water spots from adhering to the surface. The “speed-connect” drain for bath faucets requires fewer installation steps and fewer parts than conventional drains, and can be installed without special tools or putty. (by American Standard) #3

External-mount fans provide a through-the-wall solution for configurations that don't allow for remote-mounted in-line duct fans, and are suitable for ground-floor installations, tight attic mountings, high-rises and basement kitchens/bathrooms. They feature PSC external rotor motors, permanently lubricated ball bearing motors and enclosed motor housing, and are 100% speed-con-trollable. (EXT by Continental Fan) #4

Halogen downlights for T4 installation are available in 6-in. and 8-in. apertures. Lighting optics allow for uniform brightness control and optical cut-off at all visual angles. A single vertically oriented quartz halogen lamp, either 250- or 500-watt, provides 2,000 hours of lamp life. (Architektur by Prescolite) #5

Ribbon cable for outdoor use employs dry water-blocking materials, which have completely replaced the gels previously used, resulting in a 100% gel-free cable. The cable is available in fiber counts of 288, 360 and 432. (SST-UltraRibbon by Corning Cable Systems) #6

Surge-suppression device guards critical control circuits in data lines from lightning-induced transients. The UL-listed series comes in three offerings—light duty, standard duty and heavy duty—and protects up to five wires. (DLP-25 by MCG Surge) #7

Industrial circuit breaker is also a ground fault protector. The device is suitable for humid and corrosive environments, such as water treatment plants, commercial HVAC settings, food processing plants and other industrial applications. (Multi 9 by Merlin Gerin) #8

Automatic transfer switches are designed for 600-volt class applications and are available in 2-, 3- or 4-pole configurations. Units are labeled for use with any circuit breaker instantaneous trip, UL listed through 4,000 amps and SCADA capable, with front-accessible wiring and rapid arc quenching. (RMTD/RMVT by Russelectric) #9

Photoluminescent lighting for security applications is designed to provide an additional 1.5 to 2 hrs. of illumination without a backup power source. Suited for use with CCD video surveillance cameras, the lighting is charged by the luminosity emitted during normal operation. Units are available in several colors and textures. (Acriglo by Acrilex) #10

PIR motion detectors feature sensor data fusion technology, which enables data comparison from all the detector's sensors to significantly reduce false alarms. Up to five different sensors within each unit gather data and via a proprietary algorithm determine whether an alarm is necessary or not. (by Bosch Security Systems) #11

Communications module for BAS now interfaces with third-party devices utilizing BACnet IP to the ControlLogix 1756 platform. The device also provides standard format plugs directly into the ControlLogix rack, BBMD supported 10BaseT IP connection and user-friendly text display, status LEDs and trade port for advanced troubleshooting. #12

Power quality analyze r for three-phase power features on-screen display of trends and captured events, even while background recording continues. The model incorporates new IEC standards for flicker, harmonics and power quality for troubleshooting both three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. (Model 435 by Fluke) #13

Lighting fixtures feature several mounting options, including straight-arm wall-mount, U-arm wall-mount, surface-mount and cord- or stem-hung pendants. Fixtures are offered with a choice of incandescent or energy-efficient compact fluorescent or metal-halide lamping. (Genera by Luraline) #14

Fluorescent lighting system allows each device to listen, think, decide and remember. Sensors and controls are free of interfaces and power packs. The system provides daylighting, occupant sensing, personal control and building-wide control and is built on the ballast, which connects directly to photocells, IR receivers, occupant sensors and wallstations. (EcoSystem by Lutron) #15

High-bay occupancy sensor employs passive IR technology and provides local occupancy control. Designed for high-mounted areas, the device installs directly to fluorescent luminaires or an electrical junction box. The self-contained sensor and relay switches individual light fixtures based on occupancy in the detection zone. (OSFHB-ITW by Leviton) #16

Wet-rotor circulators are suited for light commercial heating systems. New models are equipped with three-speed motors, which allow the pumps to cover a wide range of hydraulic capabilities. Multiple settings allow one unit to replace several, resulting in lower inventory levels. The units also feature high starting torque and a unique bearing system. (NRF-36 and NRF-45 by Bell & Gossett) #17

Gas-fired infrared heaters for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications feature coated radiant tubes with slip-fit connectors, highly polished reflector material and an advanced burner design. One product line offers additional operational benefits of two-stage heating. (by Detroit Radiant) #18

Humidifier controller can control steam production of up to 16 humidifiers. The controller anticipates increased relative humidity demand and preheats humidifier tanks as needed to provide a rapid response to demand changes. Automatic run-time balancing ensures that all units in a multiple-humidifier group share duty. (Vapor-logic3 by DRI-STEEM) #19

Electronic diaphragm pumps are designed for injection of a wide variety of liquids. Offered in four sizes from 5 gph @ 145 psi to 20 gph @ 30 psi, units are available with PVC and Kynar liquid ends to handle viscosities to 50 cps; an optional PVC liquid end can handle up to 1,000 cps. (PZiG by Neptune) #20

Bi-fuel generators are natural gas- or LP-vapor-fueled and are being offered in higher-rated models. The flagship of the new air-cooled lineup is a 16-kW model with patent pending technology that operates the genset at a slower speed during its weekly self test, making itas quiet as a car at idle. There are also new 10- and 13-kW models. (QT Series by Generac) #21

Water and gas connection is designed to reduce installation time. The patented indentation on the inside surface of fittings ensures leakage of liquids and/or gases from the inside of the fitting past the sealing element of an unpressed fitting. The indentation is sealed during the pressing process, resulting in a leak-free permanent connection. (Smart Connect by Viega) #22

Hot water temperature maintenance system uses self-regulating electric heating cables and an electronic controller to provide flexible temperature control, water heater sensing, a BAS interface, programmability and a heat-up cycle to address Legionella. (HWAT by Tyco Thermal Controls) #23

Occupancy sensors offers automatic “on” and “off” functions, with a light level adjustment from 10-150 foot-candles. The devices are designed for easy installation, with a grounded strap and screw terminations, and feature a reinforced lens. (WSP200 by Pass & Seymour) #24

Junction box is UL Type 4X that is pre-wired for all common NEMA configurations. The device offers options for a variety of applications. All devices are corrosion, impact and chemical resistant with external mounting feet for greater adjustability. (by Hubbell Wiring) #25

Fire system manager is a PC-based system that works with the manufacturer's intelligent analog/addressable fire control panels. The system provides reset and silence functions for fire control panels when installed in an Underwriters Laboratories compliant installation. A graphical display interface allows users to auto-navigate and locate the device related to an alarm or event based on the priority of the event. (IFP-NetUL by Silent Knight) #26

CCTV cables for pan/tilt/zoom cameras are offered in both riser and plenum versions. In order to accommodate control encoding schemes or protocols such as Manchester, Sensornet and RS-422, they are comprised of the following components: one RG-59 coaxial cable (for video); 1-Pair 18 AWG cable (for power); and one 23 AWG UTP or one 22 or 18 AWG STP (for control). (Banana peel cable by Belden) #27

Fiberglass plenum box with ceiling radiation damper is available in three models: “I” model with sleeveless plenum box; model “J” for sleeve with knocked down plenum box; and the “K” model, which is a sleeve with completely assembled plenum box. Each is available in standard sizes ranging from 8 in. by 4 in. to 16 in. by 16 in., with the “J” and “K” models offered in either a R4.2 or R6.0 insulation thickness. (by Lloyd Industries) #28

Flexible drop system makes installation of fire sprinkler heads in standard drop-ceiling grids easier. The system features braided, stainless-steel flexible piping that is said to bend and hold its shape without creasing or cracking the pipe. A standard, one-piece bracket installs in all 24-in. grids, and the simple, snap-in sprinkler mount slides laterally to the desired position. (FireLock by Victualic) #29

Sensor faucet boasts a self-sufficient power source. The chrome fitting generates its own electricity every time water spins its small internal turbine. Stored in a series of capacitors, this auto-generated electrical energy powers the faucet's operation. For periods of infrequent use, a solid-core manganese dioxide lithium battery serves as a backup power source. (EcoPower by TOTO) #30

Fans that are “whisper quiet” have been added to a product line that includes cooling towers, closed-circuit cooling towers and CXV evaporative condensers. The fans provide a cost-effective solution that reduces equipment sound levels and maximizes energy savings while maintaining CTI-certified performance. (Whisper Quiet by BAC) #31

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