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Building management system supports an range of security and access devices for access control; user and card administration; and event and alarm management. The system offers Ethernet-level access control, software-powered security workstation, web/client software that acts as the Web server and a digital video management system.



Building management system supports an range of security and access devices for access control; user and card administration; and event and alarm management. The system offers Ethernet-level access control, software-powered security workstation, web/client software that acts as the Web server and a digital video management system. (I/A Series with Continuum by TAC) Input #1 at


Automatic transfer switches meet the requirements of emergency standby power applications. The open-transition and closed-transition switches are UL 1008 listed and meet applicable national rating requirements and standards. The switches also meet National Electric Code articles 700, 701 and 702, are available from 100 amps to 2,600 amps and are specified with NEMA 1, 12, 3R and 4X enclosures. (Automatic transfer switches by Generac) #2


High-volume, low-speed ceiling fan uses hybrid airfoil technology to redirect airflow away from the floor, creating a widespread air pattern that passes over obstructions. Instead of pushing air down, hybrid airfoil technology pushes air out at an angle, due to the upturned length at the end of the airfoil. This helps air pass over floor obstructions and delivers cool air straight to the occupants. (Powerfoil Plus by Big Ass Fan) #3


Check valve is now offered in sizes ranging from 1.5 in. to 12 in. It eliminates the requirements for glue or installation tools—the check valve is inserted between two standard ANSI flanges. Centering eyelets provide fitting. For horizontal mounting, the check valve is equipped with a spring option for application flexibility. The model's design incorporates a swinging flap-type door that is less restrictive than a ball check style, providing enhanced flow characteristics. The device is available with a PVC body, and a specially designed Q-ring makes it compatible with flat or serrated flanges. (Type 369 Wafer Check Valve by GF Piping Systems) #4


Water disinfection system has received certification for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Ultraviolet Disinfection Manual protocols. The system provides an ultraviolet dose of 30,000 #5


Electric forced-air explosion-proof unit heaters provide primary or supplementary heating for comfort or freeze protection in areas that are classified as hazardous locations. The series of heaters meets both CSA and UL certifications. The heaters feature an immersion heater, fan and motor assembly, 14 ga. steel cabinet with epoxy/polyester powder coasting for corrosion resistance, dual high limits, large control enclosures with extra ports and enclosures O-rings. (EFX1 series by Hazloc Heaters) #6


Printed circuit board terminal blocks are RoHs compliant. The terminal blocks feature spring-and-screw clamps, fixed and pluggable wiring, single and double levels, and industry compatible pluggable versions. The line is available in a range of sizes from 3.5 mm to 10.16 mm. (ASI PCB by Automation Systems Interconnect) #7


Cable bundlers secure wires to cable trays and eliminate pinching and over-tightened ties. Built-in teeth snap the bundler around the loose wires and hold them firmly to the cable trays. The bundlers are available in four sizes from 0.5 in. to 2 in. and it is UL listed and meets both EIA and TIA requirements. (Cablo Snap by Cablofil) #8


Coating suppresses the growth of microorganism and resists the accumulation of soil on HVAC equipment and products. This exclusive coating is ASTM Method G 21-96 certified and has passed the New York State Antibacterial Test. (Anti Microbial Soil Resistant coating by Carnes) #9


Variable frequency drive designed for plug-and-play control of AC motors up to 3 hp. The device eliminates the need for an external controller and offers side-by-side mounting. An automatic energy optimizer function allows the drive to consume less energy, while the automatic motor adaptation feature leverages the motor's full operating potential. The drive features a smart logic controller to integrate the drive and motor, and also AC and DC brake functions. (VLT Micro Drive by Danfoss Drives) #10


Sewer guide and utility lead hose provides abrasion protection for sewer jetting hose and camera equipment. The guide hose is constructed from crush-resistant polyethylene copolymer hose with double-profile construction. It is offered in 1.5 in., 2 in. and 2 in. widths in standard 3 ft. lengths. The hose also features two leak-proof polyweld cuffs and functions at temperatures between -40°F and 140°F. (Tiger Tail Guide Hose by Flexaust) #11


Modular power distribution units connect directly to the facility input power. The control units have three-phase input, six single-phase branch circuits, extension bars and six IEC C19 outlets with the option for 42 total outlets. (3-Phase Modular Power Distribution Unit by Hewlett Packard) #12


Switches deploy Ethernet-control systems directly onto a machine, process or factory floor. The line includes both an unmanaged and managed version. The managed switch supports VLAN, QoS, port trunking, port mirroring, SNMP, DHCP, auto/crossing/auto negotiating and is able to perform self-healing connections. These switches feature eight 10/100 Ethernet ports along with dual power contacts and a serial interface port. (IP67 Industrial Ethernet Switch by Weidmuller) #13


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