New Products

A Molded-case circuit breakers are available in 150-amp H-frame and 250-amp J-frame models and feature common mounting points and handle locations. Compact designs can be modified easily and field-installable accessories such as auxiliary switches, alarm contacts and shunt trips are available. Actuation times include cable-operated handles, rotary handles and electrical-motor operators.


A Molded-case circuit breakers are available in 150-amp H-frame and 250-amp J-frame models and feature common mounting points and handle locations. Compact designs can be modified easily and field-installable accessories such as auxiliary switches, alarm contacts and shunt trips are available. Actuation times include cable-operated handles, rotary handles and electrical-motor operators. Certifications include UL, IEC, CSA and NOM standards.

Square D

Fuses featuring manufacturer's patented open-fuse indicator reduce downtime by making fuse-replacement faster. Award-winning design provides overcurrent protection for motors and transformers, service-entrance equipment and feeder and branch circuits.

Ferraz Shawmut

Power-factor correction and harmonic-mitigation systems replace electro-mechanical contactors and inrush inductors with compact electronic switches. Switches are totally sealed, temperature controlled and feature finger-safe connections. Models are available for both detuned capacitor applications and for scenarios requiring real-time switching.

Staco Energy Products

Static switches are available in 1,000-, 1,200- and 1,600-amp models, as well as in a four-pole design for static switches in the 100- to 800-amp range. Units feature front- and rear-access design, a smaller footprint and new "tri redundant" system. PDUs also have been designed to fit the front- and rear-access models, and are available in primary and secondary configurations, with capacities up to 300 kVA.

PDI, Inc.

Web-based power-management software allows network administrators to oversee popular brands of UPS and power-device equipment, including power distribution units, smart switches, rack-monitoring equipment and environmental-monitoring devices. The software is scalable for small- or large-enterprise environments and integrates point-to-point or centralized monitoring and inventory management. An advanced edition supports five layers of nested groups.

MGE UPS Systems

Isolated step-down transformers are designed to meet needs of machine tools, industrial controls and other automation equipment. Models feature a wide range of lead configurations, including lead wires, terminal blocks, lead screws and other options, and are available in sizes ranging from 0.025 kVA to 5.0 kVA, with UL/C-UL Recognized and Listed configurations. All units feature 240/480-volt, 50/60-Hz primary windings, with an optional 208-volt tap. Dual 120/240-volt secondary windings are standard.

Foster Transformer

Autmatic transfer-bypass/isolation switches come in single and two-source configurations to meet loads up to 4,000 amps. A vertical, space-saving design is available for loads up to 3,000 amps, which places the bypass/isolation switch above the transfer switch. Units are true load-break devices and provide break-before-make bypass operation. Operators can bypass directly to either normal or emergency sources, regardless of the transfer switch's position or condition. If even momentary interruptions are unacceptable, a switch with no load-break bypass operation is available.

Russelectric Inc.

Energy and power-quality meters available in two models and are designed to monitor key distribution points and sensitive loads. Units combine revenue-accurate energy measures with power-quality compliance reporting, high-resolution sampling, expanded onboard memory and enhanced communications. Sampling rates up to 1,024 samples per cycle can capture extremely short-duration power transients and an ANSI optical port allows secure access to billing and historical data from the units' front panel.

Power Measurement

Fuse links feature high surge capacity and incorporate extra-slow time-current characteristics for use in overhead distribution pole-top transformers and capacitor banks, as well as with laterals and taps. Product design lessens probability of operation due to lightning-induced current surges. Units are available in universal and extra-performance styles, in ratings of 3 KSR through 200 KSR amps.

S&C Electric

Relays feature manufacturer's adaptive overcurrent-element technology that improves protective response during high fault-current conditions when current-transformer saturation is present. Dual-filter design incorporates both cosine and peak-detection capability. Applications include generation stations, industrial facilities with multiple power sources or in heavily developed areas and medium-voltage feeders originating from large substations.

SEL, Inc.

Multifunction power and energy meter measures voltage, current, power and frequency and incorporates technology allowing field upgrades without removing the existing installed meter. Units provide 0.2% class revenue-certifiable energy and demand metering, with rate measurement of more than 400 samples per cycle. Communication is via RS485 Modbus protocol, and an IrDA port is provided for remote reading via PDA. Mounting is designed for both ANSI and DIN cut outs.

Electro Industries/Gaugetech

Three-phase power supplies are din-rail mounted and feature universal auto-ranging design, so they can be used with 360- to 550-volt AC inputs and provide a 24-volt DC output. User can select hiccup or constant power protection based on application needs. Units are available in 6-, 10-, and 20-amp versions and can be parallel wired. All models have both output-overload and short-circuit protection, and feature power-loss alarm, front-panel LED status lights and a compact design.

ASI Inc.

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