New Products

MOV-BASED PROTECTOR is designed to protect facilities and equipment from lightning damage and surge-induced degradation. TransEnd is available in low-voltage AC configurations with surge current capacities from 25 to 100 kA per mode. JoslynCircle 460UPS SERIES is a new line of single-phase, 115-VAC line-interactive and off-line uninterruptible-power supplies.


MOV-BASED PROTECTOR is designed to protect facilities and equipment from lightning damage and surge-induced degradation. TransEnd is available in low-voltage AC configurations with surge current capacities from 25 to 100 kA per mode.


UPS SERIES is a new line of single-phase, 115-VAC line-interactive and off-line uninterruptible-power supplies. Strip, traditional, tower-style and low-profile models are available, as well as a commercial-grade 19-inch rack-mount version.


INTERNET METERING is a new feature for ION-series energy and power-quality meters. MeterM@il e-mail messaging enables these meters to send high-priority alarm notifications to anyone, anywhere in the world. WebMeter adds an on-board Web server to the meter.

Power Measurement Ltd.

PARALLELING SWITCHGEAR uses is a new open-architecture. The Entellisys Express offers a smaller footprint and remote monitoring via the Internet. It also includes a microprocessor-based engine-generator controller. GE Zenith Controls

GENERATOR SET is a 1-MW unit housed in a 20-foot-long mobile container. Small footprint enables the unit to be used where space is at a premium.

Cummins Power Rent

TRANSFER SWITCH features a unique non-load-break design that allows manual bypass and isolation without load disruption. The user can also bypass—to any source at any time—with dead-source interlock. Cummins Onan

LINE-INTERACTIVE UPS series is constructed to meet demanding power protection needs. The Encore Series offers protection against brownouts, surges, sages, spikes and other power events.

Staco Energy Products

SERVICE ENTRANCE SUPPRESSORS are modular hardwired surge suppressors for service entrance applications. The UG40A series features integral-disconnect switch, replaceable suppression modules, alarm-status panel and a 10-year warranty.


NETWORK GROUNDING CATALOG describes various systems and covers copper grounding components including copper H-Taps and C-Taps. Panduit

SERVICE PANEL PROTECTORS are designed for ANSI/IEEE C62.41-1991 category C locations. SF400XT building entry/main service panel protectors are useful for redundant protection and extensive diagnostics.

MCG Surge Protection

WAVEFORM RECORDER uses a color LCD measurement display screen, and has been made more lightweight and compact. The 8835-01 Memory HiCorder has a type III PC card slot and a floppy disk drive to ease in transferring data.

Hioki USA

SERVICE-ENTRANCE PRIMARY protection unit features a patented transient-discriminating technology that is intended to ensure long life even under adverse conditions. CRITEC line of surge protection devices also offers an instrumentation and diagnostics panel. Erico

EXPANDED UPS LINE now includes 6- and 10-kVA models. The 4000 series line of UPS units uses advanced bypass circuitry that enables them to withstand wide input power fluctuations without battery backup. Sola/Hevi-Duty

SUBMETERING HARDWARE and proprietary software offers reports that immediately alert supermarket energy managers to excessive energy use by a refrigeration or HVAC system. PowerFocus analytical services also create system profiles.

Danfoss Inc.

BRANCH CIRCUIT MONITORING system enables monitoring of each individual branch circuit. Each unit can provide data for up to 84 branch breakers. Modular design allows wiring in a "daisy chain" or "star" network, to allow for monitoring of an entire distribution system, either locally or remotely.

Power Distribution Inc.

POWER DISTRIBUTION MODULES are UL-listed and available in sizes from 15 to 300 kVA. Features include k-1 through k-30 isolation transformers, oversized neutrals, cabinet expansion to 252 pole positions and three monitoring operations.

United Power

UPS SERIES ADDITIONS include 300 kVA/240 kW, 600 kVA/480 kW and 900 kVA/720 kW ratings in 60 Hertz. Each is a flywheel-based unit that provides uninterrupted transition to a standby generator set. Caterpillar

SCALABLE ENCLOSURE is an adaptable solution that starts out as a durable rack enclosure with the flexibility to be scaled up to a fully integrated mini-computer room complete with power and environmental conditioning. Liebert

BYPASS/ISOLATION SWITCHES are combination automation transfer-bypass/isolation switches in single- and two-source configurations for loads up to 4,000 A. A vertical space-saving design is offered for loads up to 3,000 A. Russelectric

AUTO TRANSFER SYSTEM consists of an automatic-transfer switch and engine controller. The AST3225 unit features a NEMA 3R enclosure.

DynaGen Systems

AUTOMATIC SWITCHGEAR offers a method of operating a single generator set in parallel with a utility power source. The PD-100 allows for starting, stopping and closed-transition paralleling of a genset from 20 to 2,000 kW and from 800 to 4,000 A. Kohler Power Systems

POWER MONITOR AND DISPLAY allows for continuous monitoring of a three-phase power system. The PPM AC handles the majority of low-voltage panel measurements typically found in facility, factory automation and industrial process applications.

Moore Industries

From Pure Power, Summer 2001.

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