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Vacancy sensors meet California Title 24 energy code standards and offer an option in achieving lighting efficiency. The devices handle incandescent, electronic low voltage, magnetic low voltage, fluorescent and compact fluorescent loads. There is no minimum load requirement, and each sensor accommodates as large as an 800 watt load.


Vacancy sensors meet California Title 24 energy code standards and offer an option in achieving lighting efficiency. The devices handle incandescent, electronic low voltage, magnetic low voltage, fluorescent and compact fluorescent loads. There is no minimum load requirement, and each sensor accommodates as large as an 800 watt load. (Vacancy sensors by Cooper Wiring Devices) Input #1 at

Ballast for 3-lamp applications is available in 120 volts to 277 volts. It reduces inventory and saves 5% in energy costs over standard electronic ballasts, the manufacturer says. In addition, it is designed for high-lumen fluorescent applications and features high-bay fluorescent fixtures. Theballast is compatible with standard F32T8 lamps and 30-, 28- and 25-watt energy saving T8 lamps.(B332IUNVHEH-A high ballast by Universal Lighting Technologies) #2

Integrated fire and gas detection system offers NFPA 72 compliance for its controller, hardware configuration and software. The system operates in a network as large as 25 kilometers in length, and offers as many as 13 local gas and fire alarm panels. An optional feature includes a coaxial cable or fiber optic fault tolerant communication network. (HazardWatch by General Monitors) #3

Humidity indicator measures actual wall surface humidity by LED and manages critical surface humidity. In addition, the indicator prevents moisture-related problems in poorly insulated buildings, saves heating costs and prevents damage to walls. (DampGuard by Rotronic) #4

Disk array platforms are available for high-capacity digital video storage. It provides for the demands of the closed circuit television surveillance market for high-speed recording, high-performance playback and reliability. The premium models provide as many as 7.5 terabytes of video storage. As many as eight or 16 SATA drive channels may be routed to the lockable drive strays installed on the model's front panel. The design does not contain any cables. (Digital Video Storage Array Premium series by Bosch Security Systems) #5

Connector housings provide interconnect and cross-connect capabilities between outside plant, riser or distribution cables to the optoelectronicssystems. These connector housings also secure plug-and-play system modules, and are available in two, four, six or 12 panels. (Pretium Wall-Mountable Hardware Family by Corning Cable Systems) #6

Wide range infrared thermometer offers Type K output and stores as many as 20 readings. It measures both non-contact and contact temperatures. The model delivers a temperature range from -58°F to 1,472°F as well as Type K thermocouple measurements from -58°F to 2,498°F. The thermometer is ideal for measuring the surface temperatures of objects that are difficult to reach or unsafe to touch. It also includes a laser pointer for aim and accuracy, and an auto-hold that activates when the measurement trigger is released. (42515 Wide Range InfraRed Thermometer by Extech Instruments) #7

Software for access control systems recently has been enhanced to allow selective and time-controlled alarm information to transmit via e-mail and text messages to cell phones. The software offers communication encryption options, including Triple DES, AES 128 and RC 2. In addition, audit operator logging allows system administrators to review operators' actions and any changes made to the databases.(6e version 2.1 software by Compass Technologies) #8

Air movement catalog showcases a selection of equipment and accessories that are in stock and ready to ship in 24 hours. The catalog features sizing and performance data on more than 125 product models. The edition also offers an introduction to fan selection, and explains terminology and calculations. (2007 Quick Delivery Catalog by Greenheck) #9

Venting systems feature many components. These include B-Vent, in diameters from 3 in. to 48 in.; L-vent; flexible B-vent components; and chimneys, caps and housings. The manufacturer says installation is easy, as engineers align the seams of each piece and push them together, resulting in a snap sound. The male end of each section offers a rolled or rounded edge, which adds rigidity and prevents damage in shipping. (AirJet by Continental Industries) #10

Tankless electric water heaters features microprocessor controls that ensures precise water temperatures that will not deviate from the set point. Temperatures are set by knob and digital display on the front cover of the heater. Stand-by heat losses are eliminated because the model heats water as it flows through, and water heating bills are reduced by 15% to 20%, the manufacturer says. The heater contains all copper piping. In addition, there is an industry leading 3-year warranty on all of the manufacturer's tankless, electric water heaters. (Tempra Tankless Electric Water Heaters by Stiebel Eltron Inc.) #11

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