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Networking PC cabinet can house remote computers and peripherals used for data entry or LAN or WAN access. It features welded steel construction, a flush-mounted safety glass window and flush doors and is divided into three lockable sections for controlled access. A 6-in. exhaust fan is optional. (Type 1 by Hoffman) RS #1 Radiant heating system uses warm water to transfer heat from its prod...


Networking PC cabinet can house remote computers and peripherals used for data entry or LAN or WAN access. It features welded steel construction, a flush-mounted safety glass window and flush doors and is divided into three lockable sections for controlled access. A 6-in. exhaust fan is optional. (Type 1 by Hoffman)

Radiant heating system uses warm water to transfer heat from its production point to areas of need. It employs cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing and can be installed in walls, ceilings and floors. It controls the mean radiant temperature, raising the temperature of objects in a room by means of radiation, convection and conduction. (Radiant Heating System by Zurn Plumbing Products Group)

Induced-draft gas water heater can be vented up to 75 ft. horizontally or vertically using 3-in. PVC, ABS or CPVC pipe. With 2-in. plastic pipe, the venting distance can be extended to 32 ft. Available in 40- and 50-gal. models with inputs of 40,000 BTU/hr., the heater obtains energy efficiency ratings of .64 and .65, respectively. Both models use 2.5-in.-thick R-20 foam insulation to reduce heat loss. (PowerVent 2 by Rheem)

CD-ROM approval guide lists more than 45,000 fire-protection, electrical, and building equipment materials and services, including thousands of new and revised listings. Products are listed by their trade name and include the manufacturer's name and address, catalog numbers and application and use information. The guide is also available in printed format. (2003 Approval Guide by FM Approvals)

Radio frequency modem enables wireless communication between remote I/O devices. It can operate as a master, slave or repeater and support RS-232/4232/485 communication. Data rates of up to 115.2 Kbps can be achieved with full-duplex asynchronous communication, and half-duplex is also supported. An assortment of antennae, cables and other accessories are available. (BusWorks OS2400-485 by Acromag, Inc.)

Hubs offer USB 2.0 speed and connectivity to existing USB 1.0 and 1.1 devices. They come with drivers, USB cables and power supplies and can be daisy-chained to connect up to 127 USB devices. (USBH 3204 by CyberResearch, Inc.)

Stagger strip lighting fixtures are adjustable and feature integral ballasts. They expand by 50% of their length, and once they are installed, a locking mechanism keeps the sliding section secure. The fixtures are available in standard 2-, 3- and 4-ft. lengths, a 2.7-in. width and in either T5 or T8 lamp sizes. Optional symmetrical or asymmetrical reflectors are also available. (AST Series by LaMar Lighting)

Desiccant dehumidifier is designed for several applications, including prevention of condensation, bacterial growth, corrosion and moisture regain, as well as product drying. Features include round collar duct connections at all inlets and outlets, an extruded anodized aluminum frame, large diameter and inorganic desiccant media rotors, and backward-inclined motorized impellers. (Dry3Compact Series by Bry-Air)

Lighting fixtures for health-care facilities provide four separate indirect and direct lighting functions—room ambient, patient reading, physician exam and optional nurse's night light. Constructed from 20-gauge cold-rolled steel and coated with a 90% reflectance finish, the fixture's illumination is provided by six 40-watt biax lamps. (Multi-Med by Alkco)

Mechanical interlock devices combine a pin-and-sleeve receptacle with a safety disconnect switch into a single unit. All models include a factory-installed auxiliary contact for remote line management and power monitoring. Space is also provided for an additional auxiliary contact. The units feature wiring space for drip loops and are supplied with a pre-winded grounding plate connected to the liquid-tight hub. (IEC 309-1 and 302-2 PowerSwitch by Leviton)

Fire alarm control panel features auto-programming capabilities and includes an integral remote upload/download communicator, which allows for reporting of all system activity to a remote monitoring location. (MS-9200UD by Fire-Lite Alarms)

Variable refrigerant flow zoning (VRFZ) system features inverter technology and simultaneous heating and cooling. A proprietary control system ties together the outdoor unit, branch circuit controller, indoor units, and remote and central controllers. Two outdoor models are offered: an 80,000-BTU/h unit with up to 15 connectable indoor units; and a 100,000-BTU/h unit with up to 16 connectable indoor units. Both models can be ducted or ductless. Indoor models are available in wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed and concealed-ducted models. (CITY MULTI R2 Series by Mitsubishi Electric)

Cabling system is rated at 600V. The rating offers installers the ability to route both trunk (thick) and drop (thin) cabling adjacent to 600V-rated power cabling for tray or raceway use. Various connectors can be configured using this cable option, including male and female connectors and receptacles. (Brad Harrison DeviceNet by Woodhead Connectivity)

Corrections: In CSE 01/03 p.51, a photo depicting SE4 Series security lighting from Ruud Lighting appeared upside down. Also, in CSE 02/03 p. 58, product photos were inadvertently switched. The top photo on the page shows SpecMate L from Wiremold. The middle photo is a flexible wire duct from Panduit. We regret the errors.

R.S. Means Technology Cost Breakdown: Chillers

Rating (Tons) Daily Crew Output Labor Hours Unit Matl. Labor Equp. Total
Source: R.S. Means
Absorption Water Chillers
Steam or hot water, water-cooled1000.13240Ea.115,5008,600124,100
For two-stage unit, add:80%25%
Gas-fired, air-cooled31.3012.36,0254156,440
Water-cooled duplex1000.13246122,0008,825130,825
1,0000.08421631,00015, 100646,100
Centrifugal/Screw/Reciprocal Water Chillers
Centrifugal liquid chiller, water-cooled not including water tower, open drive2,0000.07477521,50017,100538,600
Screw, liquid chiller, air-cooled, insul. evaporator1300.1422858,5008,20066,700
Packaged unit, water-cooled, not incl. tower800.1422333,0008,02541,025
Centrifugal, packaged unit, water-cooled, not including tower4000.11283118,50010,200128,700
Reciprocating, packaged with integral air-cooled200.3494.9527,3003,40030,700

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