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Digital video recorder is single-channel and non-PC-based, and offers remote viewing and control though LAN, ADSL and other network types. It features image compression, digital watermarking, multiple recording modes, advanced search modes, selectable playback speeds, power-loss protection and two hard drives.


Digital video recorder is single-channel and non-PC-based, and offers remote viewing and control though LAN, ADSL and other network types. It features image compression, digital watermarking, multiple recording modes, advanced search modes, selectable playback speeds, power-loss protection and two hard drives. The unit can store up to 500 GB of video. (DGR201 by Digimerge Technologies)

Remote monitoring system detects changes in critical conditions 24 hrs. per day, monitoring HVAC systems, refrigeration units, chillers and other untended operating equipment. It tracks temperature changes, power failures and surges, pressure, timers, alarms, excess humidity, water seepage, floods and intrusion. (2000 by Sensaphone)

Access control system includes a patented quad-split screen alarm window with graphics and live video. It offers photo ID badging, visitor and vehicle track, auto-configure and auto-populate, with fully intelligent two- and four-door reader controllers. (Safeaxis by Compass Technologies)

Static switch is single-phase and available in either a rack- or wall-mount configuration with sizes ranging from 25-300 amps. An aftermarket upgrade kit is available that can be retrofitted into an existing unit. (Quickswitch by PDI)

Rolling ring drive provides automatic reversal without programming or electronics while traveling at linear speeds up to 0.6 m/sec. The three-ring version offers 94.42 lbs. of axial thrust, and the four-ring version design is capable of 188.85 lbs. of thrust. Both are identical in length, width and height. They weigh 9.70 lbs. and 11.68 lbs., respectively. (RG-40 mm by Uhing Company)

Surge protection for industrial, institutional and commercial applications has a footprint of 8 x 2.25 in. current ratings from 80 kA to 240 kA. It provides line-to-neutral, line-to-ground, line-to-line and neutral-to-ground protection. The unit also offers comprehensive status indication via LED and communicates problems via a built-in audible alarm. (ZoneDefender Pro by Atlantic Scientific)

Manometer is designed for one-hand operation and is accurate within 2.5% of rdg. It offers multiple units of measurement including mmH 2 O, kPa, inWg, mbar and mmHg; can measure positive, negative and differential pressure; and can display two parameters simultaneously. (Mini Pressure Pro - MP50 by E Instruments Group)

Uninterruptible power supply system is said to be optimized for maximum reliability and longer backup times for applications such as digital editing, finishing and compositing. The unit, available in 2,200-VA and 3,200-VA power ranges, is suitable for use in tower or compact 2U rack configurations. (Pulsar EX RT by MGE UPS Systems)

Raceway for low-voltage power cable applications provides a pathway for wires and cables in applications where cable tray is traditionally used. Specially designed U-Hooks and double J-Hooks have large-diameter, rounded support surfaces and edges to avoid over-bending and kinking of cables. The U-Hooks are available in a range of sizes for different cable capacity needs. (Caddy Cablecat CAT-CM by Erico)

Sprinkler protects combustible concealed spaces of up to 12 ft. x 12 ft. and can be used with wet-pipe systems using steel or any listed CPVC pipe, as well as with dry-pipe systems using galvanized steel. It has as 4.2 K-factor and a starting pressure of 11.8 psi at its maximum spacing. (Coin by the Viking Corporation)

Building automation system communicates remotely with one to 80 rooftop units, splits or zones. The Windows-based system provides Internet access with every thermostat or modulating zone in the system. In addition, signage, parking lot lights, exhaust fans or other devices can be controlled and scheduled remotely or on site. Return and discharge air temperatures are also viewed remotely. (ZonexCommander by Zonex Systems)

Pump probe for manufacturer's multi-gas detector features an optional powered sampling pump that can be used with up to 50 ft. of tubing for remote sampling applications. The unit includes an extensive filtering system to keep out liquid and particulate contaminants, as well as audible and visual alarms for low flow and low battery warnings; the battery run time is 22 hr. (Universal Pump Probe for the Solaris Mutigas Detector by MSA Instrument Division)

Telecom module for telecom test system includes a protection coordination test capability to 2 kV, which will become a requirement under Telcordia Technologies GR-1089-CORE, Issue 3. As part of the system, peak voltage and current monitors provide readings from the module to the front panel or computer controller. (KeyTek Model E518 by Thermo Electron)

Airflow sensors for HVAC control now include the BACnet open network protocol as a field-selectable option. The units provide sensor accuracies within 2% of reading for airflow and within 0.15°F for temperature; permanent calibration at the factory; insignificant drift potential; and flexible mounting options and model configurations. (GTN116, GTE116 by Ebtron)

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