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Analog/addressable fire control panel has drift compensation and features two notification appliance circuits that can be programmed for notification outputs or auxiliary power. It also has a built-in, dual-line digital fire communicator, Form C trouble relay and two programmable Form C relays. (IFP-50 by Silent Knight) RS#1 Isolation valve for circulator pumps features a hose thread outlet...


Analog/addressable fire control panel has drift compensation and features two notification appliance circuits that can be programmed for notification outputs or auxiliary power. It also has a built-in, dual-line digital fire communicator, Form C trouble relay and two programmable Form C relays. (IFP-50 by Silent Knight)

Isolation valve for circulator pumps features a hose thread outlet with a drain/purge capability that is operated by a separate quarter turn ball valve. This allows systems to be customized to every need, at a similar cost to less functional methods. It is also said to make service and repair easier for the life of a system. (Isolator by Webstone)

Programmable fieldbus controller features 100Mbits/s Ethernet, IEC-61131-3 and open architecture software interfaces and protocols. With a 32-bit RISC processor, 512 KB program memory, 128 KB data memory and 24 KB retentive memory, the unit stores programs in flash memory to ensure system integrity on recovery from power failure and eliminate the need for periodic battery replacement. (750-841 PFC by Wago)

Control system is available on company's light commercial HVAC systems. One-button network addressing is a bridge between simple thermostat control and high-end BAS. Built-in logic control operates a unit, identifies problems and broadcasts alarm. The unit is also available with wireless capability for remote monitoring. (Simplicity by Luxaire)

Duct silencers use a specially adapted perforated metal baffle that reduces cavitations, minimizes pressure loss and simultaneously filters unwanted noise through a series of highly tuned resonant cavities. Although effective from 31.5 Hz to 8,000 Hz, the product's attenuation is specifically engineered for maximum noise reduction from 125 Hz to 2,000 Hz and achieves peak performance in the 500 Hz octave band. (NF series by Dynasonics)

VAV actuator integrates a controller with open-air damper actuator, offering a compact footprint and single-component mounting. The unit provides precise control of pressure-independent, single-duct VAV/CV zone boxes. Preprogrammed control logic is configurable for cooling or heating, fan, occupancy and lighting. (Predator by SBT)

Waterproof connectors are silicone-filled to provide a dry and safe environment for wire splices exposed to water, condensation, vapors or dust in both interior and exterior applications. Engineered to eliminate pre-twisting, connectors feature one-step installation and are color coded. (DryConn by King Innovation)

Raceway offers wire and cable management for diagnostic imaging machines and similar equipment. A high-capacity raceway for use in walls or ceilings, it can be mounted to the wall surface or installed flush with the wall to meet equipment layout and room designs. The lay-in feature and the removable covers provide convenient cable access in scanning rooms and control rooms. (Walker Wallduct by Wiremold)

Zero voltage closing control can be used with VBM switching package for 15-kV to 69-volt applications to reduce system overvoltages and stress on capacitors caused by high inrush currents. The control mitigates transients associated with bringing the capacitor banks online, eliminating equipment damage and downtime. (Digital ZVC control by Joslyn)

Flexible conduit features a specially formulated outer jacket that makes it ideally suited for extreme temperature ranges. The conduit remains flexible in temperatures ranging from 60

Addressable panels allow an entire system to be auto-programmed. The units feature surface-mount technology panels including automatic detector test capability, drift compensation and maintenance alert. The most advanced model has a built-in communicator, remote site upload/download capability, and selectable strobe synchronization. (MS 9200 UD by Fire-Lite)

Field configuration program is available in a new version for multiprocessor-based, analog addressable fire control panel system. The basic system provides two analog addressable signaling line circuits, each supporting up to 99 analog addressable sensors and up to 98 addressable monitor modules and/or control points. The software enables the control panel to read the specific sensitivity level of each sensor. (FCP-7100 by FCI)

Panel fan is available in diameters from 12 in. to 78 in., with capacities ranging to 100,000 cfm. It has an adjustable pitch impeller for performance matching. A deep-drawn venturi allows for exceptional pressure development. Blades are available in either pressure cast aluminum or glass reinforced polypropylene. (APK by Continental Fan)

Power roof ventilators are for a variety of general exhaust applications where medium and high ranges of air volume and pressure are specified. Features include an aluminum motor-compartment cover, with out-of-air-stream open motors isolated for protection from the exhaust air stream. (PRV by American Coolair)

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