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TVSS module is now available in a 40mm version that can be easily integrated inside panelboards, cabinets and switchgear equipment. The fuseless design enables direct installation on busbars on the load side of a circuit breaker, eliminating the need to install additional interconnection wires or circuit breakers or fuses.


TVSS module is now available in a 40mm version that can be easily integrated inside panelboards, cabinets and switchgear equipment. The fuseless design enables direct installation on busbars on the load side of a circuit breaker, eliminating the need to install additional interconnection wires or circuit breakers or fuses. Housed in a 2.5-in.-dia., 3.72-in.-high hermetic aluminum package, the module meets the requirements of the UL 1449, 2nd edition.

Raycap Circle 451

Relay panels now feature an enhanced operator interface that provides new ways to integrate many control and indication components into the relay. The panels integrate breaker control switches, local operator controls and status indication into one piece of equipment to simplify installation and improve reliability. The field-configurable operator interface simplifies relay use. Operator pushbuttons allow users to control relay functions with a single button push. With target LEDs, operators can view status and alarms on the relay display. Built-in breaker control switches include arc-suppressed trip/close pushbuttons for reliable, independent breaker control.

Schweitzer Engineering Labs Circle 452

Power Supply is available in a wide input range from 120 to 230 volts AC, 110 volts DC, and adjustable 24 volts DC. This 10-amp switching power supply is available in a parallel version and is suited for both SELV and PELV circuitry. The unit is designed and developed for industrial uses where safety, ease of use, and reliability are essential to the task. As such, this unit is set to comply with all parameters set by the Low voltage Directive and EMI standards.

ASI Circle 453

Vacuum recloser has the ability to be programmed for 3-phase trip / 3-phase lockout, 3-phase trip / single-phase lockout, or single-phase trip / single-phase lockout. The device incorporates solid dielectric insulation and is rated for 10,000 maintenance free operations, up to 16 kA of current interruption, and up to 800 amps of continuous load duty.

Joslyn Hi-Voltage Circle 454

Clamp meter combines the functionality of a power quality meter, oscilloscope and data logger in a single, handheld tool. Designed for servicing and commissioning electronic switching loads including variable frequency drives, electronic lighting and UPS systems, the meter features a clamp-on design and color display for viewing measurements in real time, and can log data to memory for analysis with the included software.

Fluke Circle 455

Energy management system is designed to optimize power utilization and availability for all levels of power distribution systems in data centers, including real-time metering at the branch-circuit level. The system continuously measures current on all breaker levels and warns users of impending trouble so that a proactive approach can be taken to prevent overloads, optimize power distribution, and when applicable, allocate energy cost among internal departments.

Eaton Electrical Circle 456

Electromagnetic transients program simulates power systems and is said by its developer to be suited to a wide variety of power system studies, whether related to project design and engineering, or to solving problems and unexplained failures. The system offers general purpose circuit analysis; simulation and analysis of power system transients; detailed simulation and analysis of large scale (unlimited size) electrical systems; and network analysis.

CEA Technologies Circle 457

Motor circuit protectors offer a solution for motor branch short circuit protection that simplifies both product selection and necessary adjustments to ensure the MCP is set to the correct in-rush characteristics of the motor in compliance with NEC requirements. The device has instantaneous trip points that align with the motor and NEC requirements to ensure the installation works properly.

Schneider Electric/Square D Circle 458

DC power supply/charger is said to be the industry's first on-board battery check system, monitoring backup battery health and alerting operators to potential failure. Built-in intelligence allows easy charger configuration in all site conditions, reducing installation errors and improving productivity. Its built-in battery check system automatically tests battery performance without disrupting application operation. Black box data recording helps spot previously hidden problems and directs preventive maintenance.

SENS Circle 459

Medium-voltage ATS is 5-kV, 400 and 600 amp contactor-type, and is UL listed and labeled. The high-speed, electromagnetically actuated contactor assembly is designed to assure reliable, trouble-free closing and holds contactors in closed position. Proprietary arc suppression minimizes the effects of arcing. Sealed, epoxy resin enclosure houses active components, providing resistance to electromagnetic stress and superior dielectric strength. A standard SCADA control for use with any Windows operating system, including Windows 95, is available for systems control and data acquisition.

Russelectric Circle 460

Plug-and-play infrastructure is pre-configured, fully assembled and tested for wiring closets and small IT rooms, including branch offices. The systems have been developed to increase the speed of the design process by fully integrating UPS, rack and power distribution in a single part number. The systems offer UPS ranging from 1.5 kVA to 16.0 kVA (1.0 kW to 12.8 kW).

American Power Conversion Circle 461

UPS systems are being offered in 3- ,5- and 6-kVA models and are intended to give IT and facility managers N+1 redundancy by connecting two to four UPS systems together. Users unpack the unit and roll it next to the alpha unit. The small footprint allows the paralleling of two, three or four units to achieve 6-kVA, 12-kVA or 18-kVA N+1 redundancy (or increments of 3kVA or 5kVA) without the hassle of buying and populating a full-size rack enclosure.

Falcon Electric Circle 462

Surge protection devices are offered in a variety of application-specific voltages and packaging configurations, the new devices prevent transient voltages from interrupting data streams or damaging vulnerable electronic equipment. Utilizing multi-stage hybrid circuitry based on gas tubes, silicon avalanche components, and reset PTC fuses, the devices address overvoltage transients to provide high-speed, high-energy protection to network signal lines entering or leaving control panels, such as PLCs and universal remote I/O.

Sola/Hevi-Duty Circle 463

Soft start/stop motor controllers are available in two sizes with basic rotary or advanced push button controls. With a capacity range from 1.5 hp at 220 volts AC to 40 hp at 600 volts AC, the controllers enable the starting and stopping of 3-phase asynchronous motors with a simple three-wire connection, and are also said to provide improved starting conditions over conventional star-delta starters by suppressing in-rush currents during motor starting by gradually increasing the torque from a user preset level to a 100% level.

Carlo Gavazzi Circle 464

Tower UPS are designed to provide advanced power protection with increased uptime for servers, storage, computer equipment and network environments. In addition, with increased power rating, intuitive front panel display, enhanced battery management, prioritized shut-down and hot-swappable batteries, these UPS are said to be ideal for non-rack-based IT equipment in SMB and corporate remote offices.

Hewlett Packard Circle 465

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