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UPS SYSTEMS are additions to the manufacturer's product offerings for high-density rack and server applications. Modular 700-VA, 1,000-VA and 1,500-VA models feature hot-swappable batteries and incorporate online double-conversion topology and built-in automatic bypass. Users can add extended battery packs or fuel-cell modules for multi-hour backup.


UPS SYSTEMS are additions to the manufacturer's product offerings for high-density rack and server applications. Modular 700-VA, 1,000-VA and 1,500-VA models feature hot-swappable batteries and incorporate online double-conversion topology and built-in automatic bypass. Users can add extended battery packs or fuel-cell modules for multi-hour backup. Units include a 15-amp NEMA input plug and eight standard receptacles. USB and serial-port connections are also included for communication and power management.

MGE UPS Systems, Inc.

GENERATOR SET is now offered in 2.8-MW model, operational at both 1,800 and 1,500 rpm for 60 Hz and 50 Hz operation. Units comply with EPA Tier 1 emissions requirements and are UL 2200 listed. All injection parameters influencing combustion can be specified. With optional cleaning system, oil changes are only necessary every 1,000 hours.

Detroit Diesel/MTU

STATIC TRANSFER SWITCH is a low-voltage, digital model that has been updated to increase mean time between downing events to 10 million hours. Features include expanded diagnostic event log, enhanced graphical user interface and communications, guided breaker bypass operation and reduced footprint.

Danaher Power Solutions

CONTROL INDICATOR MODULE contains SCADA interface for remote control and monitoring of power circuit breakers and reclosers, with switches to allow manual control when needed. An RS-485 interface allows DNP 3.0, Modbus or other communication protocols, with a simple 8-bit parallel interface also available. Units can control and monitor up to three power circuit-breaker trip coils and can be used online with up to 32 separate computer workstations/printers. Models come in horizontal or vertical configurations and use less than 13 sq. in. of panel space.


TOWER UPS offers six outlets and provides up to 500 watts of real power. The temperature-compensated battery-charging system offers redundant overcharge protection, and batteries are hot-swappable to ease service needs. Related software performs automatic, unattended system shutdown, along with diagnostic and remote-management features.


CONSOLE SWITCHES enable remote access to keyboard, video and mouse functions of attached servers, allowing data-center staff to work outside local server facilities. Technicians can view all server operations through a LAN/WAN connection to monitor activities and perform diagnostics. Attached servers can be running any operating system.


GENERATORS are offered with outputs ranging from 1 kW to 2,000 kW. Models are available for a range of applications, including industrial portable, towable, automatic emergency standby and prime power/peak shaving. All offerings are designed to NEMA, NFPA, IIO, CSA and UL standards.

Baldor Electric Company

RACK-MOUNT UPS are available in 5-kVA and 6-kVA models, with 220 volts and 230 volts AC input and output. Units are sized for limited rack space and batteries are separately housed, allowing hot swapping and easier repair. Standard features include a regenerative online design with input power-factor correction, tight voltage regulation, auto restart and built-in surge protection, along with standard RS-232 port and optional SNMP/HTTP board with TCP/IP addressable Ethernet connection.

Falcon Electric, Inc.

TRANSFORMER LEAK-REPAIR KIT is designed to allow maintenance personnel to repair transformer gas and oil leaks. The kit comes complete with special formulas of alumina-filled epoxy and urethane, as well as nontrichlorethane-based degreaser to aid repair of tap changers, gasket areas and cooling fins.

ITW Devcon

TVSS PRODUCT LINE is designed for use at service entrances, sub panels and individual equipment-disconnect locations. Peak surge-current levels are available from 90 kA per phase and in all voltage configurations up to 600 volts.

Surge Suppression Inc.

OVERHEAD COOLING is designed to eliminate hot spots that can occur in and around racks with loads exceeding 3 kW each. Units mount above the cold aisle and draw in hot air for above racks while supplying cold air down into aisle where equipment air inlets are located. Modules are water-free, using a coolant fluid that is a gas at atmospheric pressure.


UPS SYSTEM is designed for telecom, medical, networking and industrial applications in 125-kVA and 150-kVA sizes. Units offer online, double-conversion design, and can operate with input voltages +15%/-25% of nominal ratings and an input power factor of up to .92. Up to eight modules can be paralleled.

Chloride Power Protection

SWITCHES now feature a wildlife-protection feature for units in upright mounting configurations to prevent animals from making phase-to-ground contact. Angled discs now cover the bases of support insulators, blocking access to energized and grounded areas. Durable, flexible, UV-stabilized polycarbonate discs snap together without tools and feature a sloped design to prevent animal footholds and shed ice and rain.

S&C Electric Company

AUTOMATIC POWER TRANSFER system is suitable for light commercial single-phase applications up to 30 kW and manages up to 16 circuits based on user's parameters. Models offer smart start-up and shutdown, flexible programming, a built-in battery charger and simplified installation. Systems can be used with natural gas, propane or diesel-power stationary generators as well as with gas-powered engines with automatic choke and electric-start capability.

Gen-Tran Corporation

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