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SUPPRESSORS move from high-end users to smaller electronic applications. The 2R5 series offers two "always on" receptacles, and reportedly can handle a typical computing system.Zero SurgeCircle 455BATTERY TESTER uses enhanced filtering to stabilize readings and allow the measurement of extremely low resistance.


SUPPRESSORS move from high-end users to smaller electronic applications. The 2R5 series offers two "always on" receptacles, and reportedly can handle a typical computing system.

Zero Surge

Circle 455

BATTERY TESTER uses enhanced filtering to stabilize readings and allow the measurement of extremely low resistance. The 3551 HiTester is said to make possible for the first time accurate testing of batteries in UPS systems.

Hioki USA

Circle 456

RACEWAY MODULE offers surge protection for perimeter raceway installations. The Quick Fit surge protection module reportedly protects multiple "downstream" outlets in a room.


Circle 457

ON-LINE TOPOLOGY UPS with "true sine-wave generation" is said to provide power protection combined with constant power conditioning. The UPStation S3 is a three-phase unit with microprocessor switching technology.


Circle 458

LINE CONDITIONERS incorporate patented technology that is said to eliminate system lockups and crashes. The SpikeShield units are designed to eliminate noise and interference and remove harmful ground spikes.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

Circle 459

SMALL-PACKAGE UPS units offer high-frequency switching technology. The Pulsar Ellipse line is said to provide low-cost back-up power for PCs and workstations in packages up to 50 percent smaller and lighter than comparable UPS units in the class.


Circle 460

AC DRIVE offers a three-contact bypass option. Design advances are said to use both input and output drive contactors to provide an additional degree of protection when drive isolation is desired.

MagneTek Drives & Systems

Circle 461

SINGLE-PHASE UPS comes in ratings of 4 kVA to 18 kVA. The Synthesis line reportedly combines maximum security with minimum life-cycle costs.

Chloride Power Electronics

Circle 462

UPS SYSTEM is available in ratings from 380 V to 34.5 kV and offers 30 seconds of back-up power. The PureWave UPS System eliminates, it is claimed, 98 percent of voltage disturbances.

S & C Electric

Circle 463

CURRENT ARRESTER uses a patented arc-chopping principle. Flashtrab unit is intended to protect facilities from lightning damage.

Phoenix Contact

Circle 464

SINGLE-PHASE MONITORING instrument, the Power Platform 4300, is said to be a response to user requests for an "entry-level portable instrument."


Circle 465

POWER METER is reported to combine power-quality and high-accuracy features. The 7500 ION three-phase digital power meter provides waveform recording, sag/swell monitoring and individual harmonics measurement.

Power Measurement Ltd.

Circle 466

TRANSFORMER MONITOR detects aging components, mechanical malfunction and overloading inside high-voltage transformers before they lead to problems.

Siemens Energy & Automation

Circle 467

MOTORS AND GENERATORS feature an external rotor that spins around an internal stator-inverted version of a standard motor-with power quality said to be the result.


Circle 468

BATTERY-FREE continuous power is said to be offered by the Triblock CP. The unit's heart is the Powerbridge, a flywheel energy-storage module.

Piller, Inc.

Circle 469

SMART BYPASS CONTROLLER is designed to cut VFD-harmonic distortion. The unit is said to

control harmonics produced by variable-frequency drives during peak loads and to improve VFD efficiency by as much as 5 percent.


Circle 470

HARDWIRED POWER CONDITIONERS range in capacity from 10 kVA to 150 kVA, and reportedly can protect equipment from voltage sags, swells and spikes; switching transients; lightning; and induced surges.


Circle 471

POWER MODULE fits in a standard 19-inch rack enclosure. It operates as a full-time, stand-alone power conditioner, providing regulated output voltage and frequency and harmonic filtration.


Circle 472

TRANSFER SYSTEM is designed to offer seamless load transfer between two power sources. The Soft Load Transfer System for 7000 series automatic switches is said to accomplish transfer without voltage or frequency transients.


Circle 473

HIGH-EFFICIENCY UPS is designed specifically for Internet-based applications. The Powerware 9330 features a double conversion on-line design, patented hot-sync paralleling, pulse-width modulation, intelligent communications and a complete battery-management system.

Powerware Corp., Invensys Power Systems Div.

Circle 474

POWER METER is compact-4 in. wide by 2 in. deep-but offers a range of metering options. The 6200 ION features plug-in packs for upgrade such as communications, data logging and input/output options.

Power Measurement Ltd.

Circle 475

TVSS designed for service-entrance applications, as well as distribution systems that provide power to critical equipment. The Model SDX has continuous current ratings of up to 4,000 amps, voltage ratings up to 600 VAC and superior noise filtering.

United Power

Circle 476

BATTERY-FREE UPS SYSTEM uses flywheel technology instead of lead-acid batteries. The system is said to offer fast recharge, temperature tolerance, minimal heat rejection, genset compatibility and high overload capability.

Active Power

Circle 477

POWER SYSTEMS WEBSITE provides information to help design power generation systems for 35 different market segments-from mining to agriculture and warehousing to residential buildings. The site provides links to specific model spec sheets and dealer locations.

Caterpillar Inc.

Circle 478

LIGHT INVERTERS are centralized emergency-lighting systems that provide transfer to emergency backup power. The 1.5- to 18-kW single-phase EL series inverters feature maintenance-free, 15-year-warranty batteries.

Controlled Power Co.

Circle 479

POWER MONITORING instrument can measure 23 selectable RMS electrical values, showing the results on three LED displays with four digits per line. The Integra 1000 series is available in three standard ANSI case configurations.

Crompton Instruments, Inc.

Circle 480

GENSET system has more than 200 diagnostic monitoring functions as well as plug-and-play interoperability with most building automation and electric utility SCADA systems. PowerCommand offers synchronization of multiple gensets and precise load sharing.

Cummins Onan Corp.

Circle 481

INTEGRATION TOOL and operating system manages sites over the Internet. The LNS3 network operating system and LonMaker integration tool creates peer-to-peer Internet-based networks, and offers scalability.

Echelon Corp.

Circle 482

TOUCH-SCREEN DISPLAY provides real-time readings, harmonics, waveforms and phasors. The Nexus 1250 power monitor gives 0.04 percent revenue-class power readings and power quality recording.

Electro Industries/GaugeTech

Circle 483

SWITCHES AND RESISTORS have bolted pressure-contact switches that handle crane rail isolation, rectifier disconnect, battery systems, UPS systems and other applications.

Filnor Inc.

Circle 484

STICK MULTIMETER features interchangeable snap-on heads for diagnostics and troubleshooting tasks, including DC voltage, AC voltage, temperature, frequency, resistance, continuity testing, capacitance, diode testing, AC current, true RMS and humidity measurements.

Ideal Industries, Inc.

Circle 485

HARMONICS MITIGATION device is mounted at the transformer. SysteMax and SysteMax-Plus are said to reduce heat up to 77 percent throughout the electrical distribution system.

Harmonics Ltd.

Circle 486

DYNAMIC BRAKING RESISTORS are fan-cooled for applications where minimal temperature rise is a requirement. They offer low surface temperature, no heat damage to nearby equipment and extra duty-cycle time.

Post Glover Resistors, Inc.

Circle 487

ETHERNET BUSCOUPLER has been introduced for the Wago I/O System to avoid the pitfalls of proprietary Ethernet data transmissions.

Wago Corp.

Circle 488

UPS-ENHANCING SOFTWARE can access data from any location and in different formats on any of the company's UPS hardware systems. Its SNMP client/agent structure enables a network manager to monitor and control local or remote UPS systems.

IMV Energy Systems

Circle 489

ENERGY MANAGEMENT program helps non-residential building owners manage cost, quality and reliability of power commodities and utility services. The ESM program gathers and analyzes data about factors such as energy usage, budgeting, purchasing and payables administration.

Johnson Controls, Inc.

Circle 490

TVSS PROTECTION MODULES provide surge suppression and filtering against transient energies induced on AC power lines. RPM series modules have a 25 kA RMS symmetrical-fault current rating.

Meter-Treater, Inc.

Circle 491

POWER RECORDER provides a full range of power quality and energy measurements in a completely self-contained package. The InSite recorder is said to apply an adaptive technique that eliminates inaccurate setting for power quality event thresholds.

Reliable Power

MetersCircle 492

TRACKING SOFTWARE is a Web-based data analysis system that enables facility managers to track energy usage. UtilityVision is said to be ideal for multi-building health-care facilities, schools, housing projects and manufacturing and commercial facilities.

CMS Energy Corp.

Circle 493

DIGITAL POWER METER provides information for documenting and tracking energy consumption for electrical usage load profiling and activity-based accounting. The Powermonitor 3000 meter monitors energy usage information in industrial process applications with high electrical demands.

Rockwell Automation

Circle 494

HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE(HMI) helps small and large distribution substations monitor, control and protect equipment as well as improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Schweitzer Engineering

Laboratories, Inc.

Circle 495

VOLTAGE SAG MITIGATION system protects smaller electrical loads from voltage disturbances such as sags and swells by sensing the incoming voltage supply and instantly reacting to provide what is "missing" when a distortion is detected.

Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc.

Circle 496

UPS SYSTEMS are scalable from 4 to 16kVA. The Nfinity UPS System is said to offer a patent-pending current-sharing technology that provides equal distribution of power among all modules, ensuring a constant source of quality power and a seamless transition among power modules in the event that one is taken offline.

Liebert Corporation

Circle 497

UPS BROCHURE includes features and benefits, field solutions and a model selection guide. MD series UPS systems are designed for use with linear and nonlinear load applications including LAN/WAN, telecommunications, industrial controls and medical labs.

Controlled Power Co.

Circle 498

WIRELESS ORDERING SYSTEM allows orders to be placed for electrical products direct from the job site. WESLink returns order confirmations in minutes.


Circle 499

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