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Control module for multi-site small building applications allows facility managers instant access to system controls from remote locations. The system automates functions including HVAC controls, interior and exterior lighting, electrical demand and consumption, signage and security systems and motion detectors.


Control module for multi-site small building applications allows facility managers instant access to system controls from remote locations. The system automates functions including HVAC controls, interior and exterior lighting, electrical demand and consumption, signage and security systems and motion detectors. (Envoi by Novar Controls )

Split-case pump is engineered to move clear water or low-viscosity clear liquids at moderate heads efficiently. It is available in capacities of 50 to over 100,000 gpm, with singe stage heads to 550 ft. and two stage heads to 1,150 ft., as well as in custom sizes. (Type A Horizontal Split Case Pump by Patterson Pump Co. )

Seal-less pump is magnetic-coupled and designed for applications requiring maximum pressure with minimum flow. Maximum flow is 12 gpm, and maximum head is 68 ft. The other maximum ratings are operating temperature of 190 March Manufacturing )

Light fixtures include floodlights, industrial lighting, surface-mounted fixtures and landscape lighting for the industrial, institutional and commercial markets. They are also available with compact fluorescent options. (Complement Series by Stingray )

Control software integrates key functions of motion control, I/O handling, communications, networking and operator interface into a single programming language. Using the latest compiler technology, the software is pre-compiled before it is stored on the control and has full, on-line dynamic syntax checking. (MintMT by Baldor Electric Co. )

Luminaire has extruded anodized end caps that can be custom painted to match other interior elements. The twin edges capture reflected light from the ceiling and also form tracks for attachments, power management and suspension of components. (Lightedge by Peerless )

Burner control features an isolated 10-amp relay-alarm contact, pilot-test mode, and selectable trial for ignition times. It also offers selectable interrupted or intermittent pilot, recycle or non-recycle modes and a high immunity to electrical noise. (Quanta-Flame 5004 from GN Electronics, Inc. )

Scroll air compressor delivers a 12-cfm shot of air at 13 psig using a 144-mm-long brushless DC motor. The unit itself is 9-in. x 9.4-in. x 12.3-in. (P18H36 by Air Squared, Inc. )

Registers and diffusers are constructed of lightweight polymers. They are available in configurations of three-way deflection ceiling diffuser, double-deflection sidewall diffuser, two-way floor register, modular core T-Bar and louvered T-Bar. (REZZIN series by Hart & Cooley, Inc. )

Surveillance software detects, tracks and alerts against intruders throughout a perimeter on a round-the-clock basis. It can also alert on- and off-site security personnel with real time data and video. (GuardianWATCH by Guardian Solutions )

Flow control valves feature grooved inlets and outlets, can be installed vertically or horizontally and come in 4-, 6- and 8-in. nominal sizes. A grooved 165-mm O.D. version is also available for international use. (Valves by Viking Corporation )

UVC protection system combines an oscillating parabolic reflector with a pathogen inactivating high-output UVC lamp. The reflector concentrates the UVC into a beam that continuously sweeps across a surface such as an air filter or coil. (Sterile Sweep by Environmental Dynamics Group )

Electric switch is available with maintained, momentary, slip or lateral contacts. All are silver-plated for low resistance. It has a continuous rating of 20A at 600 volts and is available with interrupt ratings of 5-50A at 120-600 volts AC or 8A at 125 volts DC). (Westinghouse Type W by Electroswitch )

Snow shield prevents clogged air filters and diminished air flow into buildings. A "deep pocket" design lowers face velocity, provides maximum constant drainage, prevents refreezing and eliminates stagnant water pools. Panel sizes range from 3,000 to 30,000 cfm. (Max-Vee by Conserv-A-Therm)

Relative humidity meter incorporates thin-film capacitive RH and temperature sensors. It can also display dewpoint and wet-bulb temperature, specific humidity and absolute humidity. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide sensors are optional add-ons. (DirectSense RH by GrayWolf )

Gas/electric HVAC unit has a 91,000-BTUh cooling capacity and a 160,000-BTUh heating capacity. The 7.5-ton unit is available in various models. The unit is capable of high-efficiency heating in the 81% range and 10 SEER cooling. (PFG 7.5-ton by Tempstar )

Video motion detector has adaptive image processing that automatically compensates for typical changes in the camera's view, including light changes and moving foliage. Users can also specify size and perspective of moving objects across a designated portion of the camera's field of view. (SAVE.SENS V8101N by Radionics )

Pump controller can receive sensor inputs, stage pumps, control AFD speed and monitor motor performance. It also combines PID functions, setpoint modification and system and component status into a single unit. (Technologic 5500 by Bell & Gossett )

Security system is geared toward energy savings as well. Designed for hotels, the system is also suitable for offices, hospitals, labs, schools and stores. When an occupant leaves a room, a card key activates security and sets the HVAC on economy setting. (Energy Saving Security by Energy Technologies Group, LLC )

Fire-alarm control panel is designed for small buildings. Available in 3-, 5-, and 10-zone models, it comes with a number of features designed for new and retrofit projects. (FireShield by Edwards Systems Technology )

Dewatering pump is designed for demanding conditions within confined spaces and can facilitate the dewatering and drainage of a manhole down to 65 ft. deep. Available in power capacities from 2.5 to 12 HP, the unit is capable of moving a range of heads up to 125 ft. and flows up to 375 gpm. (SP Series by Pumpex )

Slide chart summarizes Ethernet and TCP/IP information on a pocket-sized reference tool. It outlines the most widely used types of Ethernet and defines common acronyms. (Chart by Contemporary Controls )

Motor brochure summarizes how change-outs of motors and other electrical equipment should be handled to meet NFPA 70E and NEC guidelines. It also provides technical information on electrical plugs and receptacles. (Motor Plug Brochure by Meltric Corporation )

Serial data media converters support the extension of RS-232 unbalanced or RS-422/485 balanced line serial data channels up to 2,000 meters using multimode fiber-optic cable, and up to 20 kilometers using single-mode fiber-optic cable. (065-1162 & 065-1164 Series by Signamax Connectivity Systems )

Dual-zone controller provides solutions for climate and lighting control in one or two zones. It offers a configuration for controlling heating/cooling, constant light and lamp actuators, and monitoring room occupancy. (TAC Xenta 110 by TAC )

Connector plug kits are available in both simplex and duplex for 900 Tyco Electronics )

Energy-management service helps building owners monitor and reduce energy costs and emissions. The on-line service uses Internet technology for its monitoring and is available in English, German, Danish, French and Dutch. (Utility Information Services by Siemens Building Technologies )

Push-pull locking connector is capable of 1,000 or more mating cycles. Operating temperature ranges from -40 ODU-USA, Inc. )

Web-based call center is compatible with Windows 98/NT/ 2000/XP and provides instant access to current alarm data. Incoming alarms from ASI controllers can be monitored locally through serial ports and remotely via modem and Ethernet. (ASI Monitor.NET by ASI Controls )

Linear fabric duct is designed for manufacturing and plants, warehouses, athletic facilities, office buildings and restaurants. Perforations measuring 3/16-in. in diameter run the length of the duct in an infinite number of customized patterns geared toward airflow, sound, static pressure and distribution requirements. (Sonic Vent by DuctSox )

Fan and blower catalog is Windows-based and available on one disk. A fan-selection program corrects for altitude and temperature. The software also adjusts safe speed for temperature and generates performance curves. Comprehensive product literature, guide specifications and installation information are included. ( New York Blower )

Lamp Choices (Bi-Level Operation)
Power use and resulting Lumen Output when operated at a LOW level

Wattage of Lamp (Watts) Lamp Type Power Use (watts) HIGH Power Use LOW Lumen Output LOW Mounting Height (Minimum)
Other considerations:
High pressure sodium usually provides best payback.
When higher color rendition is needed, choose metal-halide lamps.
When client prefers metal-halide, use metal-halide.
Set time delay to switch to LOW level after 2 to 10 minutes of inactivity.
175Metal-Halide Pulse Start20860%35%12
200Metal-Halide Pulse Start23260%35%16
250Metal-Halide Pulse Start28854%35%16
320Metal-Halide Pulse Start36557%32%20
350Metal-Halide Pulse Start38650%30%22
400Metal-Halide Pulse Start45853%33%25
150High Pressure Sodium18835%14%12
250High Pressure Sodium30029%10%20
400High Pressure Sodium46534%15%25
1,000High Pressure Sodium1,10037%22%35

Quick Hit: Warehouse Lighting (Metal-Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lamp Sources)

Warehouses often operate on a 24/7 basis. And many areas within these facilities are active to the degree that they require full-light output on a continuous basis. Depending on client needs, warehouse lighting levels are usually in the range of 20 to 50 horizontal foot-candles. Individual warehouse aisles are not as active. Product is moved in and out of aisles where it is stored or is retrieved from racks. Standard occupancy controls (on-and-off operation) would not be appropriate, since the warm-up time of these lamps is two to five minutes.

Bi-level lighting controls are now available and have been successfully applied to many million square feet of warehouse aisle areas. These controls automatically reduce the light output of the lamps after a set time of inactivity. When activity is sensed, the lamps in that particular aisle very quickly ramp up to full output. When no activity is sensed for a period of time, the lamps are automatically reduced to low output. Payback of these systems is often less than one year. The savings are significant and offer credits on lighting energy calculations. The table lists data for bi-level lighting.

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