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Power Quality CD-ROM is both a resource library and training tool. Products are arranged in various "applications communities" so that users can click on specific areas of a commercial, industrial or institutional facility to specify required devices. Leviton Circle 454 Digial multimeter can extend capabilities by using an optional PC interface.


Power Quality CD-ROM is both a resource library and training tool. Products are arranged in various "applications communities" so that users can click on specific areas of a commercial, industrial or institutional facility to specify required devices.


Digial multimeter can extend capabilities by using an optional PC interface. The DM-820 offers a range up to 10 amps and 1,000 volts AC and DC. It also measures temperatures up to 1,832

Greenlee Textron

Liquid/air-cooled rotary UPS eliminates the need for dedicated air conditioners, allowing for efficient use of small spaces. Connected to a facility's chilled-water system, the unit is hermetically sealed and unaffected by outside air temperature.

Piller, Inc.

PQ Analyzer is now offered in an upgraded version that includes a faster digital-signal process and 12 megabytes of internal storage. The PA-9Plus has added capabilities for trending power-quality problems, as well as test log features.

AVO International

Paralleling capabilities have been added to a line of modular, standby power systems, allowing end users to generate their own electricity and parallel it with utility power. And two and up to five generators of 400 kW, 500 kW or 600 kW can be combined.

Generac Power Systems

Surge suppressor consumes only 0.75 in. of DIN-rail space and weighs less than 1 lb. Available in 120-volt and 230-volt AC versions, the two-piece units protect all types of single-phase electronic equipment.

Acme Electric Corp.

Generator relay has been enhanced with the addition of Modbus communications protocol, making it easier to retrofit existing digital control systems. The SEL-300G features digital technology such as oscillography and sequence-of-events reporting.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Diesel/gas engines operate in the 12-kW to 45-kW power band and meet all current EU and U.S. EPA Stage II/Tier 2 requirements.


Animated expert on company's web site provides answers to questions about 3-kVA and 5-kVA single-phase double-conversion UPS systems.

Controlled Power

Frequency converters changes single phase to three phase and delivers 1,050 VA of AC power. Unit features a single 19-in. rack-mount chassis and is 7 in. high.


Web site has been redesigned for faster, easier navigation, with more detailed product information. Portal includes the ability to request CAD files for standard parts.

Staco Energy Products

Surge protector guards industrial equipment from transients in telecommunication lines. The UTB-T is suited to applications such as PLCs, SCADA equipment, fire and security alarms, monitoring and control equipment.


Infrared thermometer features a laser beam for measuring temperature of electrically-live objects. Readings are continuously updated and displayed on the backlit LCD screen.


Metal oxide varistors are thermally protected and designed to withstand not only high-surge energy, but also steady-state overvoltages.

Ferraz Shawmut

Switchgear offers an option for applications ranging to 34.5 kV and requiring 16-kA symmetrical short-circuit duty. Equipment includes 600-amp load-interrupter switches and fault interrupters, sealed in a SF6-insulated, elbow-connected tank.

S&C Electric

Breaker racking system allows operators to perform racking procedures from 40 ft. away, rather than directly in front of a cell and within a breaker's flash boundary. Designed to work with most medium-voltage switchgear breakers.

Siemens Energy & Automation

DC Power supply dissipates little heat, has low electromagnetic emission and operates continuously at full-rated output. The AX500 series is designed specifically for manufacturing, laboratory and education applications.

AEMC Instruments

Power correction system uses active filtering to respond to harmonics with cancellation waveforms. The Accusine system also reduces harmonic-related overheating of cables, transformers and switchgears.

Square D

Surge protection system uses a zoned, whole-building approach for power and data quality in three strategic areas and at three voltage ranges.


Wireless monitor keeps plant engineers in constant contact with power

systems via remote technology and the Internet. Devices include programmable alarm conditions and flexible messaging contacts and methods.

Detroit Diesel

Status monitor provides instant verification of control circuits in substations. Continuously monitoring up to eight user-programmed set points, the CCSM alarms locally or via SCADA when an abnormal condition exists.


Rotary UPS gives up to 12 seconds of batteryless ride-through. The STARSINE model is rated from 315 kVA to 2.2 MVA, with nominal voltage from 480 volts AC to 4,160 volts AC.


Circuit monitor enables facility engineers to monitor electrical current usage of each individual branch circuit. Set up as an on-site system or for remote monitoring through the Internet, each module can track as many as 84 branch breakers.


AC inverter is scalable from 3.5 kVA to 21 kVA in an N+1 redundancy configuration. The unit uses hot-swap modules in a rack-mount receiver cabinet. User can select voltages and frequencies.

MGE UPS Systems

Circuit protection catalog is now available on the Web. The 230-page guide has detailed listing for all types of fuses and holders, with a technology training section covering the basics of circuit protection.

Cooper Bussmann

Transformer control technology is designed to simplify maintenance, reduce service time and enhance expandibility. Worldbox wiring layout is organized with wire ducts and offers space for accessibility.

Waukesha Electric Systems

From Pure Power, Summer 2002.

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