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PROGRAMMABLE LOAD BANK simulates actual operating conditions to test UPS systems, battery banks and other distributed emergency power systems to validate operability and assist with NFPA 70, NFPA 90 and NFPA 110 requirements. System controller can be integrated into a facility's LAN for remote monitoring and control.


PROGRAMMABLE LOAD BANK simulates actual operating conditions to test UPS systems, battery banks and other distributed emergency power systems to validate operability and assist with NFPA 70, NFPA 90 and NFPA 110 requirements. System controller can be integrated into a facility's LAN for remote monitoring and control. Post Glover

AUTOMATIC METER-READING SYSTEM provides time-of-use meter-reading functionality, remote connect/disconnect and load control, and outage detection and notification. Hunt Technologies, Inc.

MODULAR SUBSTATIONS are pre-assembled on a structural base and integrated and tested before shipping. Design flexibility is intended to reduce installation time and cost, in a low-profile package suitable for residential, industrial and commercial sites. Cooper Power Systems

CIRCUIT-BREAKER FINDER designed to help identify and sort electrical circuits. Product features adjustable tracing sensitivity and microprocessor-driven digital-code locator to trace circuits up to 500 ft. Units can be used to match 117-volt breakers to specific outlets, trace specific AC lines behind walls and sort and identify individual circuits through wiring bundles. Wavetek Meterman

HIGH-RATE DISCHARGE BATTERIES are designed for UPS and other applications requiring high space utilization and high energy density. VRLA units feature polypropylene cases and covers for high-temperature performance and vibration resistance. Product line includes five models, ranging from 204 to 506 watts per cell. EnerSys Inc.

CD ROM presents manufacturer's latest product offerings, including product bulletins, instruction manuals and technical resources. Materials are also available on the manufacturer's website. The website also is updated throughout the year with new-product and product-revision information as it is announced. Basler Electric

DC POWER SUPPLIES are DIN-rail mounted and designed in a slim profile package compatible with other control-panel mounted modules. Single- and three-phase models available, from 1.3 to 40 amps. Auto-ranging input allows use of a single power supply to address input voltages of 90-265 volts for single-phase applications, with no installation adjustments needed. Acme Electric Corporation

GENERATORS are designed for quiet operation in 13 models, from 20-406 kVA (16-325 kW). Noise levels measure 68 dB(A) at 23 ft., and all models deliver single- and three-phase power simultaneously. Control panel's power side includes main breaker, two GFCI duplex receptacles and two or three Tempower Twistlock receptacles. Run time at 75% load ranges up to 78 hours on a single tank of fuel. Terex

CHP MODULE incorporates 300-kW lean-burn natural-gas generator, exhaust gas and coolant heat exchangers and associated monitoring and control systems. Units are available for 50-Hz and 60-Hz operation. The 50-Hz models produce 315 kW of electrical energy and 1.58 MBtuh of thermal energy. The 60 Hz models produce 334 kW of electrical energy and 1.92 MBtuh of thermal energy. Internal fan supplies required combustion and ventilation air, and removable canopy attenuates sound to as low as 60 dBA at three ft. Cummins Power Generation

UPS SYSTEMS designed for high-density IT applications are available in 2,200-VA and 320-VA power ranges, and are suitable for use in tower or compact 2U rack configurations. Communication and power management are via USB and serial ports.

Units feature manufacturer's technology for remote rebooting and load shedding. Options include added battery packs, a manual source-transfer switch and communications upgrades. MGE UPS

DATA-LOGGING SYSTEM can measure and record both load power consumption and generator operating parameters, for use with portable field power grids or installed cogen systems. Units record AC voltage, current and power, and up to 26 total power-related parameters, along with temperature, flow, pressure, frequency and any other inputs for standard industrial sensors. Logic Beach Inc.

BATTERY-MONITORING SYSTEM will now be offered by power-factor monitoring company to provide broader product line to utility customers. Modular battery-validation systems cover mission-critical units, measuring impedance and real-time voltage and temperature of individual cells. Polling reports, data analysis and alarm logs are provided, and users are able to monitor and view battery performance during power outages and planned discharges. On-Line Monitoring, Inc.

5-kV INSULATION-RESISTANCE TESTER replaces an earlier model and combines insulation-resistance testing up to 5,000 volts with measurement storage and PC interface software for use in installation testing, preventive maintenance and commissioning. Standard test voltages start at 250 volts, with new programmable voltages also available. Model also features automatic dielectric absorption and polarization index calculation and Windows-downloadable results. High-capacity 12-volt battery powers up to 2,500 tests. Fluke Corporation

POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT features multiple-configuration design and current monitoring in 42- and 70-in. vertical strips, with between 12 and 32 receptacles per unit. Product is designed for rack and electronic cabinet enclosures with high power-density requirements, and can be ordered with either straight blade or locking receptacles and plugs and a choice of 14 voltage and current configurations. Optional EMI/RFI filters help protect connected equipment from electrical noise. Pulizzi Engineering Inc.

PROTECTIVE RELAY TEST SET features built-in test routines, a touch-screen interface and built-in transducer testing. Units designed for manual and semi-automatic testing, with pre-set routines for most manufacturers' relay types. System has constant power output capability of 20-VA current and 150-VA voltage. Units also combine voltage and generator components into a single amplifier package, for flexible delivery of four voltages and four currents, or eight currents. Megger

MODULAR SWITCHGEAR is metal enclosed and available in 15-kV and 25-kV free-standing models. Modules can be joined using bus through-bushings, and source-entrance module switches can be manually or power operated. Switchgear is available with 600-amp continuous-current bus and up to 25-kA short-circuit interrupting capability. Live-front construction features directly accessible fuses and terminal connections. S&C Electric Company

INFRARED IMAGING PRODUCTS help managers monitor electric motors, bearings and other components that move or consume energy, and also allow thermal evaluation of electrical systems. Units also can be used to scan for roof leaks and potential wet interior building elements. Infrared Solutions

SURGE PROTECTOR is also an EMI/RFI filter device providing tight voltage clamping, electrical noise filtering, sine-wave tracking and surge-current handling. Units also include diagnostic monitoring, DIN rail-mount housing and a 20-amp nominal current rating. Phoenix Contact

EXHAUST-SYSTEM SIZING SOFTWARE aids selection of silencers and helps calculate overall acoustic performance for specifiers of diesel and natural-gas engines. Program's database includes major manufacturers and pre-engineered silencers, and software also includes built-in warnings and error checking. Silex Innovations Inc.

HARDWARE INTERFACE provides single "dashboard" for translating energy data from multiple meters, sensors and other inputs. Output data is compatible with industry-standard energy-management and distributed-generation systems, including third-party water, gas and electrical meters, as well as temperature, humidity and other analog sensor inputs. Optional UPS available. E-MON

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