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Vertical axis windmill captures wind from any direction at speeds from 5 to 100 mph. Capable of generating 1.2 million kW of clean power annually. Windfall Energy Circle 454 Hand-held controller can remotely control the Pulsar relay test system. The user can perform front-panel functions to enable closer observation of the relay device being tested.


Vertical axis windmill captures wind from any direction at speeds from 5 to 100 mph. Capable of generating 1.2 million kW of clean power annually.

Windfall Energy

Hand-held controller can remotely control the Pulsar relay test system. The user can perform front-panel functions to enable closer observation of the relay device being tested.


Clamp meters are designed for the way electrical and HVAC professionals actually work. The 330 series is said to be the first made with a custom-designed integrated circuit and software system.


Pulsar-source transfer switch automatically and instantaneously transfers up to 1,400 VA of load power from a preferred to an alternate source in the event of a primary source failure.

MGE UPS Systems

Power purifiers for commercial use are single-phase power conditioning units that come in 250 VA to 25 kVA sizes.

Controlled Power

Test software is said to be the first commercially available software program for test forms used by those involved in electrical testing and maintenance.

Service Automation Technologies

Rugged UPS is designed for quick delivery times for use in industrial, petrochemical and utility applications. Available in 10 to 30 kVA models.


Midrange UPS is modular and scalable. Powerware 9170 is available in the 3- to 18-kVA range. A unit purchased at the smaller size can be expanded to the larger size without significant footprint gain.


Gas-engine generator in sizes from 334 kW to 1.75 mW, offers improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions for peaking or prime power applications.

Cummins Power

Mission critical PDUs have extended power redundancy using standard features such as dual input, redundant transformers, static transfer switches and flexible output distribution systems.

United Power

Modbus meter offers master communications capability for Web-enabled ION 7500T and 7600T energy and power quality meters, extending meter reach across factory floor, throughout a commercial facility or in a substation.

Power Measurement Ltd.

Solid state relays include "superior surge survival," a three-tier approach to factory hardening that includes attenuation, high noise immunity and fast response.

Continental Industries

Power meter has been newly redesigned to monitor waveforms and harmonics, sag and swell disturbances, trends and data.


Power software enables end-user power management and provides for safe system shutdown.

American Power Conversion

Modular gen sets in 400, 500 and 600 kW are combined with switchgear and cover a power range from 800 to 2,000 kW.

Generac Power Systems

On-site controller offers increased communications capability that enables it to capture and transform system data into usable business and operating information.

Kohler Power

Socket-based revenue meter offers advanced power quality recording, data logging and advanced communications. Accuracy to 0.08% watt per hour.

Electro Industries

DC surge unit protects up to 15 amps of continuous DC load current. It installs at or within equipment such as DC fire alarm, telecom and datacom systems.

MCG Surge Protection

Digital multimeter line of five handheld models is said to feature moderately priced tools backed with an instant warranty that eliminates shipping, claim forms and waiting.


Motor starter offers reduced installation time, enhanced safety features and decreased panel space. Controls motors up to 20 hp at 480 volts and communicates with networked systems.

Square D/Schneider

Compact UPS is ideal for protecting space-constrained rack enterprise environments and provides up to 33% more true power—measured in watts—than other units with a similar VA rating.

Compaq Computer

Single-phase converters deliver 4,500 to 9,000 VA of clean, regulated AC power in a 19-inch rack mount that is only 15.75 inches high. The BL4500, BL5100 and BL9200 produce low harmonic distortion and offer innovative protection circuitry for voltage foldback during overloads to maintain undistorted waveforms.


Surge protective receptacles are industrial and hospital grade, featuring back and side wiring options for fast and flexible installation.

Leviton Manufacturing

Control circuit monitor tracks control circuits in substations, providing instant verification of the status of the circuit. Up to eight user-programmed set points are monitored.


Three-phase UPS features a double conversion design that isolates and conditions power coming into the unit. Front panel gives 15 critical measurements and 33 different alarms.

Staco Energy

From Pure Power, Winter 2001.

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