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Humidity control unit recycles waste energy from cooling components for a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to control humidity and temperature. The compact, packaged unit treats 100% make-up air and can work alone or in conjunction with existing air conditioning or energy recovery ventilator units.


Humidity control unit recycles waste energy from cooling components for a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to control humidity and temperature. The compact, packaged unit treats 100% make-up air and can work alone or in conjunction with existing air conditioning or energy recovery ventilator units. The unit is available in gas or electric configurations (HCU 3000 by Munters)

Rotating cabinet allows cables to be installed in its front or rear sections without threading through any opening. Ideal for plug-and-play installations, the cabinet has locking access doors for additional security. Thermal management provides climate control for various switches and power supplies. An optional slack manager allows user to standardize to a single patch cord length, while keeping the cabinet organized and manageable during installation and maintenance. (CableAccess by Panduit)

Ductless fume enclosure eliminates the need for expensive ductwork and saves on operational costs by conserving heated or air-conditioned air. Custom carbon filters are utilized to capture chemical fumes and odors. All models plug into a standard 110-volt outlet. (Ductless Fume Enclosures by Misonix)

Cross-linked polyethylene pipe is said to resist corrosion better than copper, and is not prone to clog in hard or acidic water conditions. Combined with corresponding nickel-plated brass fittings, the joint is maintenance-free, making it ideal for hard-to-reach places. (PEXa by RAUPEX)

Branch circuit monitoring can now be retrofitted to existing equipment in the field. The technology enables the individual current monitoring of branch circuit breakers in electrical panelboards. Typical uses include monitoring individual loads for billing use or alarming overloaded circuits. (Branch circuit monitoring system by Power Distribution Inc.)

Video surveillance system delivers digital HDTV imagery at video rates across local area networks. It is a cost-competitive alternative to mainstream NTSC-based video surveillance and industrial monitoring systems. (AV2000 by Arecont Vision)

Drive features a control panel that has the feel of a mobile phone, featuring two soft keys, the functions of which change according to the operating state of the panel. A built-in help button and a real-time clock assist in drive set-up and fault diagnostics. Start-up assistant software is built in as a standard tool and provides guided start-up. (ACH500 AC Drive by ABB)

Multivariable mass flow meter for energy monitoring applications calculates energy consumption, delivers a real-time output signal of the facility's consumed energy over a period of time and is suitable for water, steam heating and cooling applications. The meter provides selectable energy units of BTU, Joules, Calories, Giga Calories, watt-hr., MW-hr., and HP-hr. (Innova-Mass Model 240 Energy Monitoring System by Sierra Instruments)

VDC power supplies feature high-efficiency electronics, can be used for battery charger applications and are compact. The 24-volt DC single-phase supply features an auto-ranging input and wide operating temperature range, while the 3-phase supply features protection from short circuit, overload and over-temperature along with an adjustable output. (DIN Rail Power Supplies by ASI)

Brushless servo motors , including standard and low inertia models, have been expanded to include a 2,500-ppr encoder. The standard holding brake is +24-volt DC with selective servo motors up to continuous stall torques of 300 lb. Applications include packaging, material handling, registration, labeling, flying shears, capping, form/fill/seal and factory automation. (BSM-series servomotors by Baldor Electric Co.)

Twist-wire connectors reduce wiring time up to 50% because no twisting or taping is required. Transparent housing allows for visual confirmation of the connection, ensuring reliability and reduction in troubleshooting and warranty work. Additionally, each connector has a port for continuity testing without re-insertion, is touch-proof and rated to 105 C. (Wall-nuts by Wago Corp.)

Uninterruptible power supply comes in a single-rack enclosure for data centers needing a compact structure with cooling, power and management supply in one location. With inherent redundancy, the supply increases availability for server consolidation and high density, as well as verticals including health-care and professional services. (InfraStruXure 20kW by APC)

Dehumidifier and air conditioner for active humidity control in large comfort conditioning and commercial building applications is designed to operate jointly with packaged make-up air or air-handling units and can provide variable latent and sensible load reduction, with a capacity of 5,000 cfm of 100% outdoor air. (UDT-14 by DryKor)

Air purification system developed by the Sandia and the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratories uses a six-stage process to purify indoor air. Electronic sensors monitor air quality and automatically increase air performance to combat air contamination. Warning lights signal the presence of toxic chemicals and fumes before they reach dangerous levels, while built-in electronic service lights indicate when to change filters and UV lamps. (TAPS by Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.)

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