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Stainless steel motors are available in 0.5-hp through 10-hp models. In addition to stainless steel housing, features include a conduit box welded to the motor, conduit box cover, shaft, base, fan cover and slinger. The motors are impervious to rust and deterioration caused by frequent high-pressure caustic sanitizing.


Stainless steel motors are available in 0.5-hp through 10-hp models. In addition to stainless steel housing, features include a conduit box welded to the motor, conduit box cover, shaft, base, fan cover and slinger. The motors are impervious to rust and deterioration caused by frequent high-pressure caustic sanitizing. They also feature encapsulated windings and a conduit box lead entry hole with effusion epoxy encapsulation that prevents moisture from reaching the windings. (Super-E by Baldor)

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Ductless split air conditioning exceeds 13-SEER requirements, with ratings ranging from 16.5 to 19.0 SEER. All systems also feature R410A refrigerant. Multi-zone systems include dual-, tri- and quad-zone configurations with advanced inverter technology that allows a single outdoor condensing unit to provide precise cooling capacity for up to four individually controlled indoor units. (2006 ductless by Friedrich) #2

BTU Meter is an inline flow meter/integral BTU computer combination designed for smaller systems (0.8 to 38 gpm). The device provides thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems. An optional communications interface—available for BACnet MS/TP, LonWorks, Johnson Controls N2 and Siemens P1-FLN—provides complete energy, flow and temperature data to the control system through a single network connection. (System-30 by Onicon) #3

Round access floor module is shaped to fit in the same size hole used for standard air-handling devices. With three compartments to accommodate power and data devices, the device is designed to simplify the fitting process by fitting into the same size hole as a standard air diffuser. The module fits holes from 8-1/4 in. to 8-3/4 in. in diameter. Two thumbscrews secure it firmly in place but allow easy removal for reconfiguration of office spaces. A minimum raised-floor depth of 6 1/2 in. is required. (AFM-4R by Thomas & Betts) #4

Fuel economizers for forced-air heating systems are claimed to cut fuel consumption from 10% to 30%. Patented microprocessor-based technology optimizes system performance through real-time load-demand analysis and control. The control determines the best burner cycle while the unit is in operation and makes adjustments automatically as conditions change. (IntelliCon by Intellidyne) #5

Addressable control panel combines the capabilities of a fire alarm control panel (FACP) and digital alarm communicator/transmitter (DACT) into one circuit board. The integral DACT transmits system status—alarms, troubles, AC loss—to a central station via the public switched telephone network. The panel supports up to 50 intelligent devices of any kind, and the power supply and electronics are contained on a single circuit board housed in a metal cabinet. (MS-9050UD by Fire-Lite) #6

Corrosion protection system is designed to extend the life of critical components on the manufacturer's cooling towers. The system is said to be resistant to all water chemistries, water treatment chemicals and high chloride levels, and is backed by a five-year leak and corrosion warranty. (Tri-Armor by Baltimore Air Coil) #7

Tri-generation system consists of a double-effect absorption chiller/heater driven directly by exhaust from either a reciprocating engine or microturbine. The modular design allows scaling of the system to meet specific needs. Prime movers are fueled with natural gas, and the various models are said to achieve 90% energy efficiency, producing up to 360 kW of power and 469 kW of heat. (PureComfort by UTC Power) #8

Fire suppression system is designed for use with 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid. Cylinder valves are of a pressure-seated high-flow rate design, with a brass body and a brass piston with resilient seat. Other features include a pressure-releasing pilot check, a safety disc assembly, a pressure gauge and an electronic solenoid valve. (Sevo 1230 by Sevo Systems) #9

Fire alarm system is designed for economy and ease of installations and troubleshooting. It contains an interface for a single SLC, two built-in notification appliance circuits (NACs) and three on-board relay outputs (alarm, trouble and supervisory alarm). An auto-learn feature enables users to quickly configure a system, and additional system configuration can be done completely through the annunciator or with an optional PC interface. (Agent P110 by Harrington Signal) #10

Wireless mesh BAS is Zigbee-ready and based on the ASHRAE BACnet, standard. Based on the manufacturers existing family of controllers, the system is designed to enable new control applications, especially in hard-to-wire areas or challenging structures such as museums, hotels, large retail spaces and constantly changing office layouts. The mesh networking topology is self-configuring and self-healing. (Andover Continuum by TAC) #11

FTP cable is designed for high-performance applications that require additional signal isolation. The Category 6 FTP cable is claimed to feature the first ETL-verified product of its kind that fully supports the recently ratified 802.3an 10GBASE-T standard. (LANmark by Berk-Tek) #12

Natatorium air conditioner and dehumidifier uses dry outside air, when conditions allow, to control the indoor environment. The system uses air-to-air energy recovery to reduce supplemental heating and cooling requirements and to provide pre-cooling and re-heating of supply air during periods requiring mechanical dehumidification. By recovering energy from the exhaust air using the heat exchanger, the amount of time that the space can be conditioned with outdoor only—that is, with no supplemental heating or cooling—is increased substantially. Wringer 2000 by Des Champs) #13

Variable frequency drives simplify programming, start-up and operation. Improvements include strengthened internal components and connections, a protective coating on internal circuit boards, and a type RS-485 protective circuit. (SED2 by SBT)

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