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Security lighting is available in an 8-in. housing for metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps and in 12-in. housings for MH, HPS, PSMH and fluorescents. The reflector projects the beam out and away from the fixture, for illuminating small parking lots and areas close to a building. (SE4 series by Ruud) Reader Service RS #1 Wireless alarm panel facilitates fire detection where wiring is ...


Security lighting is available in an 8-in. housing for metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps and in 12-in. housings for MH, HPS, PSMH and fluorescents. The reflector projects the beam out and away from the fixture, for illuminating small parking lots and areas close to a building. (SE4 series by Ruud)

Wireless alarm panel facilitates fire detection where wiring is impractical. The system uses a radio frequency translation device for communication between a control panel and up to 80 wireless detectors. (RFX system by Notifier)

Metering pumps are designed with a stainless steel bearing housing to eliminate corrosion problems. Designed for metering of aggressive chemicals, units are offered in 11 sizes, with a variety of elastomers and seals available. (MD pumps by Seepex)

Micro inverters are now available in 3-, 5- and 10-hp models. The new larger units will allow VFDs to be applied to industrial applications such as centrifugal pumps, fans and blowers, conveyors and process machinery. (CFW-08 by Weg)

Shutoff valve sits in a pan under a tank. When it becomes wet, a paper trigger loses strength and releases a spring-loaded plunger to shut off water or gas. (WAGS by Taco)

High-mast luminaires feature a long and narrow distribution for lighting large areas. The open-glass optical system with metalized reflectors offers high efficiency and low depreciation. (HMSP by Holophane)

Fast-acting fuses are for applications requiring overcurrent protection in a fast-response, smaller footprint package. Designed to withstand 260

Formaldehyde gas monitor uses a patented gas membrane galvanic sensor that never needs replacing. Self-contained units features digital display, recorder output and built-in sample pump. Adjustable audible visual alarm can be set as low as 0.1 ppm. (TG-1900KBP by CEA Instruments)

Telemetry radio for wireless SCADA applications has a range of five miles and enables users to connect RTUs for data collection, system status monitoring, alarm reporting and metering. Programmable features for up to 16 channels. (70 Series by Midland)

Dual-scale flowmeter for wastewater treatment and facility maintenance applications has a detachable, clear 3/16-in. thick polycarbonate front shield that provides protection at a maximum temperature of 200

Smoke-detection system relies on air sampling technology as an alternative to more conventional systems. Air samples are collected through a pipe network and transported to a central detector for analysis. The network can cover up to 20,000 sq. ft. per detector, and can be mounted on ceiling, roof or storage racks. (Vesda by Vision)

Commercial water heater is claimed to be the first to achieve 99% thermal efficiency and boasts a potential two-year payback. The gas-fired model features a 130-gal. tank with 400,000 BTU input. (BTH-400 by A.O. Smith)

Immersible pumps are constructed of corrosion-resistant plastic and feature a fully enclosed impeller. Sealess construction is intended to eliminate leaking and the need for seal replacement. (Webster S series from Hayward)

Thermocouple input modules feature six-channel input and do not require a separate bus coupler. Each unit accepts thermocouple/millivolt inputs for cost-effective monitoring of temperature sensors (965PB by Acromag)

Electronic drive bypass includes run-permissive circuitry. The drive's bypass will signal the damper to open and wait for status confirmation before allowing motor operation. Two additional override modes facilitate shifting the motor to bypass for smoke purge and override both keypad and building automation commands to ensure local operation. (Side-by-Side Electronic Bypass/Drive by ABB Inc.)

R.S. Means Technology Cost Breakdown: UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply/Conditioner Transformers
(Voltage-regulating, isolating transformer with inverter and 10-minute battery pack; 2003 bare costs in U.S. dollars)

Crew Daily Output Labor Hours Unit Matl. Labor Equp. Total Total O & P
For complex & special design systems to meet specific requirements, obtain quote from vendor.
Source: R.S. Means
Notes: The material cost of a UPS system should be obtained from equipment manufacturers as a package. Installation costs should be provided by vendors or contractors. The recommended practice for pricing UPS systems would be to identify: 1. Frequency in Hertz (Hz): for example, 50, 60 and 400/415 Hz. 2. Apparent and real power: for example, 200 kVA/170 kW. 3. Input/output voltage: 120, 208 and 240 volts. 4. Phase: either single- or three-phase. 5. Options and accessories: for example, for extended runtime, more batteries may be required. Other accessories may include battery cabinets and racks, remote control panel, power distribution unit and warranty enhancement plans. Larger systems can be configured by paralleling two or more standard UPS modules. UPS system weights depend on options purchased and their power rating in kVA.
Single Phase, 120 volt, 0.35 kVA1 Electrician2.293.493Ea.9001311,0311,175
0.5 kVA2.04.09451501,0951,275
For additional 55 min. battery, add 0.35 kVA2 Electricians Crew with Foreman & Operator2.293.493530131661780
Add to 0.5 kVA1.147.0185602648241,000
Single Phase, 120 volt, 0.75 kVA0.8010.01,2003751,5751,875
1.0 kVA0.8010.01,7003752,0752,425
1.5 kVA1.1414.0352,9505303,4804,025
2.0 kVA0.8917.9783,2006753,8754,500
3.0 kVA0.6331.7463,8751,1752595,3096,275
5.0 kVA0.4247.6195,6001,7753907,7659,250
7.5 kVA0.3360.6067,1502,2504959,89511,800
10 kVA0.2871.4297,6002,65058510,83512,900
15 kVA0.2290.90910,5003,37574014,61517,500
For options & accessories, add to above, minimum10%

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