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Power delivery lighting system eliminates conduit, wire, whip, J-box and other fixture components, and converts Class 1 line voltage into Class 3 power limited. The power supply coverts low frequency (60 Hz) into high frequency (50,000 Hz). (ModuLight by Juno Lighting) RS#1 Network protocol converters communicate over standard TCP/IP Ethernet networks, consolidate multiple control protocols...


Power delivery lighting system eliminates conduit, wire, whip, J-box and other fixture components, and converts Class 1 line voltage into Class 3 power limited. The power supply coverts low frequency (60 Hz) into high frequency (50,000 Hz). (ModuLight by Juno Lighting)

Network protocol converters communicate over standard TCP/IP Ethernet networks, consolidate multiple control protocols into a single, cohesive control network and offer signal routing and management functions for handheld remote and video signal applications, depending upon the model. (NPC by Leviton Lighting Control Division)

Condensation detector is designed for early detection and alarm of condensation on ducts and plain surfaces. The sensing element and electronics are protected against pollution by a special coating. If the measured relative humidity exceeds 90%, the unit's switch output will trigger adjustments such as water temperature in the cooled ceiling, air-conditioning setup and heater temperatures in order to reduce relative humidity and avoid condensation. (EE45 by E+E Elektronik)

Underfloor HVAC system is said to be virtually immune to changes and reconfigurations that happen above floor. The system's underfloor plenum series fan-powered boxes, perimeter fan coils, swirl floor diffusers and linear floor diffuser plenum units all reside below removable floor panels. (Axis Underfloor by Carrier)

Luminaire is specifically designed for use in hospitals or assisted-living environments and features four-way light distribution. The unit is available in 36 or 48 in., in 39- or 54-watt T5HO fluorescent lamps for indirect/direct illumination, one 24-watt T5HO fluorescent lamp for direct illumination and one 7-watt incandescent lamp for night lighting. (Amadea Medical by Waldmann Lighting)

Pump flanges are designed to isolate circulator pumps to facilitate pump replacement or repairs and are available in 1/2-in. to 2-in. sizes with threaded end connections and 1/2-in. to 1-in. with sweat end connections. They fit most circulator pumps and install directly to the circulator pump flange. (Series IPF by Watts Regulator)

Industrial PC integrates standard PC functions, including network and fieldbus interfaces, with industrial/ process automation and IT. Specifications include a 266 MHz Pentium processor, 32 MB of memory, 128KB PLC SRAM battery backup and RealTime Linux or Microsoft Windows CE embedded operating system. (758 Series by WAGO)

Tube axial fan is available in diameters from 12 in. to 78 in., with capacities ranging to 100,000 Cfm. It includes an airfoil adjustable pitch impeller, computerized fan selection program, all-aluminum design and fully reversible airflow option. (AID by Continental Fan)

Fittings are engineered to prevent corrosion in gas piping system connections for the life of the structure in which they are installed. They can bend around joists, ductwork and other structural obstacles, reducing the number of required connections. The fittings are available in seven sizes from 3/8-in. to 2 in. (XR Series by Gastite)

Uniterruptible power system features a double conversion design that completely isolates output power from all input power anomalies and is said to deliver perfect sine-wave output. Up to eight UPS modules can be paralleled for capacity and redundancy, providing a total power capacity of 1,280 kVA. (9390 by Powerware)

Voltage measurement tool is capable of accurately measuring voltage and frequency on adjustable speed motor drive systems. The unit is equipped with a built-in thermometer and features larger display digits and a bright white backlight for easier reading in low-light environments. Additionally, it is engineered to withstand voltage spikes of 8 kilovolts and help protect users against the hazards of arc flash. (87V DMM by Fluke)

Photocontrol is rated for 1,000-watt tungsten, 1,800-VA lamp load and over 105-285 volts AC. The control has a three-prong locking-type plug base which is used in a standard matching NEMA receptacle for street lighting. It is designed for applications where outside lights are not required to be on at all times, such as signage, parking lots, billboards, ornamental and landscape lighting. (ESC Series by Precision Multiple Controls)

Power distribution units offer output cords that are fixed to the PDU extension bar so that there is one less possible point of accidental disconnection. Each output cord is 13 in. long, and there are seven output cords per extension bar. They are available either with a modular PDU core and extension bar sticks or the extension bar sticks only. (Fixed Cord by Hewlett-Packard)

Signal lights are PLC-compatible and less than four in. tall. The lights are available in Xenon strobe flashing and steady incandescent models, feature a NEMA 4X enclosure and ship with a shatter-resistant, polycarbonate lens. (Compaxx by Edwards Signaling & Security Systems)

Boiler is designed to react to changes in air or flue flow-from any cause by reducing its input while maintaining high combustion quality and constant CO 2 with reduced CO. The unit provides 1 million BTU/hr. input in a condensing design with efficiencies of up to 93%. (KN-10 by HydroTherm)

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