New Products for Power Quality and Reliability

Lightning strike protectors, power converter troubleshooting and twin genset for a megawatt of power.


Lightning strike counter is designed to monitor occurrences of lightning strikes to structures and outdoor equipment. At any moment, there are almost two-thousand thunderstorms in progress all over the world. About 100 lightning bolts strike the Earth every second, and each instance poses the prospect of damage to sensitive electronic equipment, facilities, and people. The ability to automatically count and record these strikes provides valuable information to enhance lightning protection security and supplements inspection and maintenance procedures. For more about ASC-6X from Alltec, click here .

Troubleshooting Switching Power Converters presents practical knowledge the author acquired rather painfully, while working "in the trenches" for several years in major engineering companies scattered across several continents. This is intended to be the mythical senior engineer's "bag of tricks," finally made available in the form of an easy-to-read book on your shelf. This book will make life for the ambitious power supply engineer much simpler—besides reducing significantly, the rigorous requirement of having to be a senior engineer's protege for years on end, just to gain a small measure of real success in this field. For more information, click here .

Twin Pack genset has a rating of 1,000 kilowatts—1 MW. Using onboard paralleling technology, power is produced by two 500-kilowatt gensets operating within a single, sound attenuated enclosure. The new model takes the place of the company’s 600- and 750-kW Gemini gensets that were introduced in 2002. For more information about the Gemini Twin Pack from Generac, click here .

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