New Products for Electrical Power


PoE power supply has integrated 24-port Power-over-Ethernet injection specifically for switch and PBX applications. The unit provides 12-volt DC output for switch and 50-volt DC output voltage per port in PoE, and can implement eight- to 24-ports in a PoE system, making it suitable for applications such as 10/100 Base T Ethernet switches, security systems, VoIP phone systems and blade servers. For more about PSM275-909 from Phihong, click here .

Power Distribution Unit offers current monitoring and remote control for power outlets in data centers, server farms, ISPs and collocation facilities. The units incorporate amp metering that allow network administrators to conveniently turn on and off up to 16 outlets, reboot individual equipment and monitor current and voltage all from a remote location. For more information about Switched PDUs from MGE, click here .

Web-enabled unit substation is equipped with an Ethernet interface and web server, to provide access to power system information, including transformer coil temperatures, using a standard Web browser. The pre-engineered equipment ships in standard lead-times and connects to a customer's existing Ethernet LAN much like adding a PC or printer. For more about web-enabled products from Square D, click here .

Insulation testers are capable of delivering multiple test voltages and are designed to provide rugged reliability and ease of operation for a wide range of troubleshooting, commissioning and preventive maintenance applications.

One model features automatic one-button calculation of polarization index and dielectric absorption ratio, and also has a compare (pass/fail) function designed to ease repetitive testing. For more about 1507 and 1503 meters from Fluke, click here .

High Density Power UPS offers a suite of on-line features in a compact package. The unit combines 6 kVA power capacity, flexible output voltage, internal batteries and an integrated maintenance bypass switch. Consisting of two 3-kVA 120-volt inverters, its dual inverter engineering permits flexible output voltages to meet mixed load voltage requirements. For more about S4K4U from Sola/Hevi-Duty, click here .

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