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Dimmer features full-range dimming and on/off preset switching with a built-in arrow rocker that controls brightness levels even when lights are turned off. This device is available for incandescent, magnetic low-voltage and fluorescent loads that employ specialized ballasts. (Mural L/S by Leviton) Circle 1

Sink pump system is ideal for pumping waste-drain water from laundries, wet bars and utility sinks. This completely assembled system can also be used for transferring drain water from dehumidifiers or air-conditioning units. The submersible pump is driven by an oil-cooled, high-torque, 1/3-hp, 115V motor. (SPSD system by Sta-Rite) Circle 2

Chime strobes provide field-selectable single-stroke or vibrating operation with sound levels adjustable up to 83 dBA and tone-adjustable from 800 to 1200 Hz. Also includes field-selectable candela settings for 15, 30, 75 or 110 cd. (CH70 by Wheelock, Inc.) Circle 3

Rooftop units feature two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits that are charged with HCFC-22. These units are available in cooling only, cooling with electric heat, and cooling with gas heat and heat pump configurations. (DL/DU Series by Coleman) Circle 4

Modular power system is designed to supply electricity to the transmission or distribution grid when demand for electricity is at its highest. This reciprocating engine offers 3-1/2 to 4-cents-per-kW operating costs, in 10 to 50 megawatt modular sizes. (PeakingPlus by Wartsila North America) Circle 5

Web-enabled recorder has Ethernet connectivity that allows real-time process data to be monitored from an Internet-enabled PC. This unit also features e-mail alarm notification and can support up to 12 universal input channels. (4100G by Eurotherm Chessell) Circle 6

Recessed lighting fixture for grid ceilings accommodates any standard drop-ceiling grid with 2-ft. x 2-ft. or 4-ft. x 4-ft. apertures. The fixture provides a uniform indirect downward glow for illuminating a variety of office and commercial applications. (Domelite by LAM Lighting Systems) Circle 7

comprise both fusible and nonfusible varieties and are rated 600 volts with a range of 16 to 1,200 amperes. This line of switches also features double-break and visible contacts. (Socomec Line by Ferraz Shawmut) Circle 8

eliminates the need for flanges and permits installation or repairs without expanding the pipeline. Ranging in sizes from 1/2 in. to 4 in., the valve offers a pressure rating of up to 230 psi. (Type 21 by Asahi/America) Circle 9

Enclosure-cooling catalog outlines an extensive offering of cooling equipment, including compressor-based and thermoelectric air conditioners, air-to-air heat exchangers and accessories. Complete with specifications, dimensional drawings and application notes. ("Cooling for Enclosures" by Melcor) Circle 10

Fiber-optic network for LonWorks uses a new 40-MHz neuron chip. LonWorks-based control networks can benefit from the increased bandwidth of fiber optics and achieve data rates 400 percent faster than those for copper-based networks. (CBL Systems) Circle 11

Gas monitor is a wall-mounted unit that allows for simple, one-button addition of sensors. Ideal applications include wastewater treatment plants, enclosed garages, gas bunkers, warehouses, semiconductor manufacturing and the utility and telecommunications industries. This device can be configured for one to eight sensors. (Model 128 by Gas Tech, Inc.) Circle 12

Lighting control system manages line-side energy for lighting loads by simultaneously reducing voltage and amperage. This system is a series of microprocessor-controlled coil transformers and contactors that can be programmed to automatically adjust lighting output as a function of available incoming daylight. (EnergySaver by Electric City) Circle 13

Check valve is designed to be inserted inside a storm sewer interceptor line to protect manholes from backflow. Valve can be installed where the invert of a pipe is flush with the floor of a manhole. (Tideflex by Red Valve) Circle 14

Planning/estimating literature offers a resource for accurately costing and managing historic renovation and preservation projects. This all-in-one publication serves the needs of engineers, owners, developers and anyone else involved in the preservation, restoration, conservation or rehabilitation of historic property. (R.S. Means) Circle 15

Patch cord allows the user to upgrade computer networks without high-cost active component replacements. This cord meets all Category 5e specifications and incorporates patent-pending 23-gauge stranded conductors. (Instant Upgrade by Krone) Circle 16

Three-phase switch is the first distribution-class sidebreak switch with reverse-loop contacts. The switch offers factory-unitized gang operation with full-ANSI rating for all distribution voltage classes through 38 kV. (M-Force by Cooper Power Systems) Circle 17

Sprinkler is an upright early-suppression fast-response fixture that may be installed above certain cross bracing in warehouses. The upright model is equipped with a fast-response fusible link, a K-factor of 14 and a deflector that directs water downward into the fire plume. (Model A-4 by Viking) Circle 18

Security grille is designed specifically for prison application where inmate suicide is a concern. This steel-face grille offers a 40-percent-free area perforated with 3/16-in. holes on staggered centers. (SG-SD by Titus) Circle 19

S-Video connector transmits over standard Category 5, 5e or 6 UTP cabling. Flexible UTP wiring allows the connectors to adapt to business and educational environments that have frequent adds, moves and changes. (Quickport by Leviton) Circle 20

Raintight cover for 15- and 20-amp inlets and outlets is suitable for wet locations. Ideal for power-in and power-take-off panels on industrial machinery. (WP1 by Marinco) Circle 21

Radio-frequency ID tags come in multiple varieties, each designed for a specific application, such as asset or personnel control. These devices are battery-powered, with options available for harsh environments. (ActiveTag by Axcess, Inc.) Circle 22

Steam-trap monitoring system uses radio waves to gather instantaneous information from up to 2,000 steam traps. This system consists of a transmitter which is threaded into the base of an inverted bucket or float and thermostatic steam trap, a receiver and a personal computer. (SteamEye by Armstrong) Circle 23

Plumbing manifold replaces conventional main and branch piping systems, reducing the number of fittings required behind a wall. The device is available in preassembled five- or ten-port configurations, complete with shut-off valves and outlet and end caps. (Qickport by Qest) Circle 24

Electronic diesel engine provides 205 to 250 kW, rated at 1,800 to 2,200 rpm, for industrial applications. This six-cylinder, air-to-air aftercooled engine offers an electronic control system. (C-9 by Caterpillar) Circle 25

PVC fittings provide direction and connection for PVC conduit runs in commercial applications. This line of fittings includes couplings, male adapters, female adapters, elbows, conduit bodies and various other accessories. (Thomas and Betts) Circle 26

Exit sign/emergency light is designed specifically for applications requiring both a battery-backup emergency light and an exit sign. This device is available with red or green letters indirectly lighted with high-intensity LEDs. The emergency lights are two 6V, 5W MR16 halogen lamps. (EMX Series by Ruud Lighting) Circle 27

Embedded data server offers a compact design, a small footprint and powerful data processing. With this device, users can gather information from motor drives, valve controllers, annunciators or any other type of instrumentation anywhere in the world and deliver it to the people or machines that need it. (DS-2000 by Nimble Microsystems) Circle 28

Vandal-resistant lighting is a narrow indirect beam, high-output, linear fluorescent fixture with sharp cutoff. Specifically designed for indoor and outdoor applications in demanding high-traffic environments, the fixture features a rectangular housing that presents a low profile. (NIB by Morlite System, Inc.) Circle 29

Financial survey for A/E firms reviews more than 200 professional service firms and indicates a strong year for many of the firms. This survey, in its 20thedition, includes detailed information on over 20 different financial variables. (Wind2 Software) Circle 30

Expansion joint provides seismic protection to fire-sprinkler systems. This joint is capable of movement in all directions, and can be installed anywhere building or pipe movement is expected. The 180° return bend of the loop is supported with a spring hanger to allow the entire pipe segment to move freely. (Fireloop by Metraloop) Circle 31

Nonmetallic raceway offers extra capacity for large power, data and telecommunications cable-distribution applications. This system features box fittings that come in single-, two- and three-gang sizes that allow devices to be mounted in the standard vertical position. (BaseTrak by Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems) Circle 32

Gasketed sewer fitting is constructed from one-piece molded PVC and has a diameter of 6 in. The shape of the fitting provides smooth-flowing sanitary sweeps and facilitates the insertion of a sewer snake for either direction. (G Series by Plastic Trends, Inc.) Circle 33

Condensate pump and steam-trap handbook provides comprehensive capacity tables and application drawings that illustrate most nonelectric pump installations. Also included is information on selecting, sizing and specifying general-use steam traps. (Spence Engineering) Circle 34

Fabric duct system can be custom engineered to design requirements in diameters ranging from 8 in. to 80 in. This round polyester duct offers a lightweight alternative to metal duct and can be applied in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. (FabricAir, Inc.) Circle 35

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