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Starting this month, CSE will be amending the process for retrieving additional product information. Instead of circling the corresponding number on our reader service card, please visit our Reader Service site and enter the corresponding reader service number. Or just click on "Reader Service" from CSE's home page at .

Gas/liquid separator has entrainment removal efficiencies that exceed 99% over the entire range of possible flow velocities. Designed for application in air, steam or gas service, the units remove moisture and free liquid droplets from the passing flow, redirecting them in a circular motion. (Type T by Wright-Austin)

Combination starter with decreased overall dimensions and fewer components can be housed in a smaller enclosure, resulting in lower cost. The starter requires fewer components because its controller combines current-limiting short-circuit protection, class-10 thermal overload protection, load switching and signaling in one device. (CX7 by Sprecher + Schuh)

Vacuum pump booster increases capacity and provides deeper vacuum levels. Available with either a vertical or horizontal flow path, the unit is adaptable to any make of pump. (Versa-Booster by Tuthill Vacuum Systems)

Luminaire with a dual reflector system offers enhanced light output and control with minimal flash on the cross baffles. The 360° rotatable trim design allows job-site alignment of the cross baffles to ensure a uniform ceiling appearance regardless of orientation. (Virtual Baffle by Prescolite)

Automatic transfer switch handles loads in the 5- to 15-kV range and has dual electric interlocks as well as an integral microprocessor-based control. Standard features include power- and control-module isolation, source-availability indication and a NEMA 1 enclosure. A selection of relay, indicator and enclosure options and accessories allows for customization and application flexibility. (ZTS Automatic Transfer Switch line by GE Zenith Controls)

Stainless steel balancing dampers are best for applications such as fume hoods, swimming pool exhausts, food processing and industrial processes, where normal galvanized steel is not sufficient. These units come in 1-in. increments of diameters ranging from 6 to 22 in. (Johnson Controls)

Surge-protection device provides increased safety and performance through metal-oxide varistors that sustain high surge currents. The low impedance surge-suppression platform reduces let-through voltage for ANSI/IEEE-defined surges. Advanced current filtering further enhances performance by providing additional paths for transients. (Clipper Power Series by Cutler-Hammer) RS# 20Dome security camera offers automatic day/night operation, increased zoom speed and enhanced auto focus. Offering a range 64 times greater than conventional video cameras, this unit captures color or black-and-white images under extreme lighting conditions within the same scene. (WV-CS854 by Panasonic)

Luminaire for harsh industrial environments combines borosilicate glass reflector and enclosed optics to minimize light depreciation. Units may be used with a variety of HID lamps and wattages. (Prismpack V by Holophane)

Fuse covers comply with NFPA70E and are made with shields that help protect employees from accidental contact while working near live parts. Voltage ratings include non-indicating 0- to 600-volt AC/DC and indicating 90- to 600-volt AC and 115- to 600-volt DC. Covers are available for fuse ampere rating range of zero to 100 amperes. (SAMI by CooperBussmann)

Engine-management system features control of ignition timing, speed governing and stop/start functions, plus provides diagnostic help and fault logging when requested. The system is designed to put gas-compression and distributed-generation operators in total control of their engines. It can keep an engine running, even if sensors fail. Optimizes spark timing for every speed/load condition. (Engenius ESM by Waukesha Engine)

Fluorescent lamp with 6-in. leg spacing offers all color ranges from 730 to 750 tri-phosphor and 830 to 850 tri-phosphor. It can match the color of linear T8 and includes a cathode guard to prevent end darkening to ensure maximum light output. (Ultra8 U-Bend by Ushio)

Wireless security system output module works by triggering an external siren, backup communicator or lighting control module. Both outputs are "open collector transistor" and can be configured to be normally open or closed. The fire output has the option to be pulsing or steady. (NT9202 by DSC)

Electrical power system design and analysis software offers reliability and battery-discharge analysis, user-defined dynamic modeling, ground grid and panel systems. Enhancements in this edition include load flow, short-circuit harmonics, transient stability and optimal power flow tools. Improved graphics and one-line diagrams aim to simplify the design process. (PowerStation 4.0 by ETAP)

Enclosed drive can be installed on rooftops and other outdoor locations, eliminating installation restrictions that often hamper retrofit situations. Built for extreme environments, the outdoor-rated, adjustable speed drive is best for commercial and industrial HVAC and pump applications. (Class 8839 ECONO-flex Type 3R by Square D)

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