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Packaged fire-sprinkler pumping system is pretrimmed for convenience. The assembly includes a tapped butterfly valve for system shut-off and a drain connection. (Vic-Quick Riser by Victaulic)Circle 1Pre-programmed controllers manage terminal applications such as VAV, water-source heat pumps, fan coils and packaged AHUs.


Packaged fire-sprinkler pumping system is pretrimmed for convenience. The assembly includes a tapped butterfly valve for system shut-off and a drain connection. (Vic-Quick Riser by Victaulic)

Pre-programmed controllers manage terminal applications such as VAV, water-source heat pumps, fan coils and packaged AHUs. These Ethernet-enabled devices also include configurable controllers for specialized applications such as built-up air handlers and mechanical rooms. (ASI Controls)

Access-control software supports up to 128 card readers, 4,000 cardholders and four fully functional workstations. Running under Microsoft Windows '98, Windows NT or Windows 2000, the software has a photo capture tool to control and manipulate the photos as they come in. The system also enables the user to specify the information printed on the badges and any other information about the cardholder. (SAPPHIRE by Siemens Building Technologies)

Data-management system delivers advanced I/O quality with built-in communications facilities. The system employs constant measurement techniques with dedicated circuitry for each channel and incorporates Ethernet communications facilities as standard, allowing it to function remotely or within a networked environment. (5100e Data Management System by Eurotherm Chessell)

Electric water heater for commercial, industrial and institutional installations is available in capacities from 6 to 120 gallons. The heavy-duty, glass-lined tanks are certified to operate at 150 psi working pressure and include a magnesium tank-saver anode rod for extended tank life. (HI-POWER by Lochinvar)

Fiber-optic cableassemblies for the frame and workstation are available in both single-mode and multi-mode fiber. The cable assemblies come in a variety of connector configurations, including standard and hybrid combinations, as well as a variety of lengths. (Leviton)

Chiller offers enhanced tubes for higher heat transfer capability and greater compact chiller sizes. These units are available as standard single or dual-circuit in sizes 5 to 300 normal tons refrigeration. Features include removable heads for servicing, mounting legs, lifting brackets and insulation. (CHIL-CON by Henry Technologies, Inc.)

Fuse features a dual-port wire-management system for multiple loads connected to a single branch circuit. The unit's compact size saves valuable panel space and its "finger safe" design protects workers from direct or indirect contact with live parts. (Safety J Fuse by Cooper Bussman)

Four-way cabling splitter provides access to each individual pair in a 4-pair modular outlet. The splitter converts a single 4-pair outlet to four individual 1-pair, 6-position outlets, enabling four connections. (Siemon)

Water-powered chemical-feed pump dispenses fertilizers, disinfectants, chlorine, acids, soaps, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements in a wide range of settings. Pump design improves wear resistance by reducing the coefficient of friction in moving components. (Fluoroguard by RTP Co.)

Vortex centrifugal pumps eliminate clogging problems like sludges or slurries containing large solids, entrained air and fibrous material. Spherical solids up to 10 inches (254mm) pass easily through the pump, which also features a recessed, non-clog impeller and a back pullout design for easy access. Pump offers capacities up to 7,000 gpm. (Goulds Pumps)

Lamp/Ballast system yields up to 11% energy savings as compared to a standard T8 without sacrificing lamp life or light. This high-efficiency ballast operates standard or high-efficiency T8 lamps. Total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 10%, and lamps are available with a 0.78 or 0.88 ballast factor. (Universal Lighting Technologies)

Air-velocity probe, compatible with a pocket PC, is designed for commercial airspeed and volume flow measurement applications such as air-handling system balancing and indoor-air-quality surveys. Thermal sensor is mounted on a 34-in. telescoping probe that incorporates patent-pending technology to eliminate internal cabling. The probe connects to the palm-held computer, where airspeed, temperature and volume flow are displayed and logged. (DirectSense by GrayWolf Sensing Solutions)

Valve accomplishes longer-lasting tight shutoffs, good flow characteristics and a long service life with its disc design. With a bubble-tight, all-polymeric seating, the valve has backup seals and butterfly valve design advantages such as light weight, low maintenance, low cost of ownership and ease of actuation. The valve is self-lubricating and stainless steel. (Wafer-Sphere by Metso Automation)

Gas monitor offers an integral sensor or optional remote sensor on a 6-foot cable. The single-point monitor includes a digital display, audio/visual alarm and always comes standard with an AC line cord for simple installation and easy relocation if needed. (Enguard 97D by Enmet Corp.)

White HPS lamp offers a crisp white light with a CRI of 90. The color rendering can be accredited to the bulb's ceramic arc-tube technology, which combines the white light of metal halide. (MasterColor by Philips Lighting)

Monitoring system allows users to set an alarm point, giving an audible, visual or panel meter warning before reading reaches critical levels. The system can also be used for power consumption measurement and subdividing utility or equipment usage costs. It serves to prevent overloading of busway or plug-in units, which could cause the overcurrent device to trip and could result in a power outage. (Starline Track Busway by Universal Electric)

Small 120-volt halogen lamp measures 2.1 inches by 0.5 inches, half the length of an ordinary incandescent lamp. It is more energy efficient and lasts up to twice as long as others its size. Its high color temperature (2,900K) results in a white light ideal for reading, task lighting or highlighting objects like paintings. (Capsylite G9 by Sylvania)

Steam-fired water heater has a high capacity output using steam or hot water as the heating source. Units are compact, allowing them to pass through most doorways, and are offered in both vertical and horizontal constructions. The system is pre-piped and mounted prior to shipment for immediate use. Options include double-wall tubing and stainless steel construction. (LES Series by Leslie Controls, Inc.)

Aerosol monitors and data logger use an attachable pump module or separate sampling pump to selectively measure partial size ranges. Providing real-time of concentrations of airborne dust, smoke, mists and fumes, the monitor is best for respirable, thoracic monitoring. With optional inlet accessories, it also provides ambient air measurements in variable wind or high humidity functions. It is lightweight, easy to use and one of the smallest and compact of its kind. (pDR-1200 by Thermo MIE Corp.)

Fluorescent lamps available in both 57- and 70-watt versions offer high lumen output, long life, amalgam technology and end-of-life protection. With its wide operating temperature range and long life (12,000 hours), the products work in applications including high-bay industrial, retail ceilings and sporting facilities. With a high luminous output and a compact size, the four-tube shape gives off good circular light distribution. (Biax CFL by GE Lighting).

Luminaires provide glare-free high performance for applications. These lamps comes in two sizes and four ballast styles—remote, surface, integral and electronic. (LUMASTAR Series by ExceLine)

Security system controls the user's access within operating systems, menus and screans. User privileges and functional definitions are defined by each user's secure profile and can be independent of workstations. Information is stored in database for use any time. (Diamond II by Info Graphic Systems)

Propeller fan includes motor mounts that allow for a wide range of motor types. Integral safety guard permits motor wiring without removal and propellers are available with a choice of five or 10 blades of either glass-reinforced polypropylene or pressure cast aluminum. The fan is available in four different configurations and in seven sizes, ranging from 12 in. to 27 in., which deliver airflows of up to 10,500 CFM. (Aerofan by Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.)

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